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The Westall High School Encounter

Melbourne, Australia 1966:

The Roswell incident of 1947, when a UFO allegedly crashed into the New Mexican desert, is perhaps the most famous of all UFO legends.

But is it possible that in April 1966 an even more amazing occurrence took place in a suburb in Melbourne, Australia? And this time with a host of reliable witnesses?

1966 was certainly a busy year for those taking an interest in by what now was a phenomenon.

The UFO flap of1966 began in Northern Australia.

At 9.00pm on January 19, farmer George Pedley of Tully, North Queensland, witnessed an object which emitted a hissing sound like air escaping from a tyre.

It was a fast spinning disk, measuring some 30 feet across, and Pedley watched in amazement as it slowly rose from a clearing.

The disk ascended at an angle of 45 degrees and moved over trees disappearing to the south west.

Cattle and other animals in surrounding paddocks and were sent into a frenzy.

A huge rounded area of swamp grass was discovered where the disk had landed.

It was a watery area and the image of a flying saucers underside had become imprinted by way of floating and squashed reeds.

The reeds displayed a clock wise, vortex formation and at a diameter of thirty feet it formed a swimming pool with the floor being flattened and perfectly smooth. MORE

The UFO flap of April 1966 hit Melbourne early in the month.

On April 2nd a Polaroid photograph was taken over Balwyn, an Eastern Suburb of Melbourne of an object estimated to be 6-7metres across and 40 metres up in the air .

It resembled a huge mushroom complete with stork.

The photo is a classic and part of international UFO folklore.

Two nights after the Balwyn photo was snapped, a strange column of light was observed by a man at Burke's Flat, central Victoria.

At about 8.00pm Ron Sullivan, a steel construction contractor, was driving a car along a straight section of road, near Burkes Flat.

The man was startled to see his car headlights veer hard right for no reason at all.

He pulled up, and in the middle of a paddock saw and ice-cream cone shaped column of light on the ground.

At first it appeared to be a brilliant oval white light on the ground, approximately 15 feet in diameter.

It seemed to open up with another oval of light 30 feet above it, and apparently 20 feet in diameter.

The two ovals appeared to make up a cone shape display, within which were numerous tubes of coloured light (covering the spectrum), apparently going up and down. The top appeared to close with the bottom, until the bottom sphere of light began to get smaller.

The whole display then vanished.

While observing this extraordinary phenomenon, Sullivan became again became aware that his headlight beams were bending towards the strange light display in the field.

The bending of the headlights beams became more acute as the car drew closer to the object in the field.

Fearing that in fact he was driving off the road towards the phenomenon, Sullivan turned his car in the opposite direction, almost colliding with a tree on the side of the road opposite to where the light display was situated.

The car's headlights returned to normal.

He continued driving totally mystified by what he had experienced.

Sullivan eventually reported his experience and found out that a young man, Gary Taylor, had been killed at Burkes Flat on April 6th, when his car collided with a tree - the same tree Sullivan himself narrowly avoided colliding with, when he tried to compensate for the extraordinary "bending" of his car's headlight beams.

A motorist travelling behind him said that he saw no reason for the youth to have swerved.

(Maryborough Advertiser - April 15, 1966. AFSR VIC no. 5 p12 - A story by Bill Chalker)

Westall High School is located in Clayton South, the south-eastern suburb of Melbourne.

It is 30 minutes from the Melbourne City Business District.

On April 6, 1966, witnesses claim that a UFO crash landed there before flying away. 

John Pinkney's, The Paranormal Files alleges burn-off occurred hours after the school's staff and most of the student population stood watching a dazzling domed craft descend, apparently to land briefly on the grass.

The case of the Westall High landing made news internationally.

Above: Westall 2001 - Houses not paddocks these days. Landing allegedly occurred in area at top right of image.

The UFO was first seen at morning recess by the school's science teacher, Andrew Greenwood.

Round, silver-grey, flat- based and domed, it rose up from behind pine trees.

Mr Greenwood would later describe the object as being a thin light-beam that seemed to thicken occasionally, like a disk tilting to show its under-side.

The disk disappeared from sight as it seemed to descend behind a row of pine trees, reappearing shortly after.

Suddenly a fleet of small planes flew towards the object.

For twenty minutes, more than 200 students and staff watched, thunderstruck as the first one plane, then five (most of them Cessna's) chased the darting object around the sky.

As the aircraft approached, witnesses said that the disk "tilted on about a 45-degree angle and started to move into the distance, gradually gaining height."

The planes increased their speed and began to follow it, but the object streaked away leaving the planes far behind.

Behind the trees where the disk had descended, students found a perfect circle in flattened grass.

It was an area of about 8-10metres (25 to 30 feet) in diameter.

Shortly after the incident, the area was apparently swarming with Air Force personnel.

The army was seen checking the site with a metal detector and when this task had been completed it is alleged that an order was given to the officers to "scuff up" the tell-tale circle with their army boots.

Former students have claimed they observed the destruction of the landing evidence as they crouched under a pine tree, but say they couldn't see what the men were kicking at.

When the army officers left, the onlookers approached a "saucer nest" left by the mystery craft.

A flattened circle was obvious and the army boot work had been futile.

(A Paranormal File - An Australian Investigator's Casebook. By John Pinkney. Five Mile Press 2000)

Witnesses reported that the grass clung together and that the circle was too big to hide.

One has said that he stood in the middle of the indentation with his sister.

John Pinkney, author of "A Paranormal file - An Australian Investigators Handbook, wrote that he has discussed the Westall case with Victorian UFO Research Society (VUFORS) committee member Ray Fischer.

Mr Fischer, a maths teacher, said he had evidence that the army had burned the paddock where the UFO reportedly landed.

"Our first informant was a local man who went to the paddock to look for the circular patch," said Ray.

"The place was swarming with military personnel He returned shortly later to find the paddock completely burnt out.

It was then that the school became aware of the imminent invasion of the media.

Everyone was understandably excited.

But later in the morning students were told that if they reported the event to a TV network, they would be punished with detention. RAAF men were insistent to students and bystanders that they not tell anyone of what they'd seen. The mood had changed.

Student Marilyn Eastwood defied the order and got herself on T.V.

She described the UFO as being "round, with a hump on top and round things underneath."

(Source: A Paranormal File - An Australian Investigator's Casebook - By John Pinkney - Five Mile Press 2000)

Another female student aged 15, whose account Mr Greenwood released to investigators, wrote:

"I was in class when a disturbance occurred outside. I didn't take any notice, and when the bell went for morning recess my classmates and I went to our lockers and walked into the yard."

"We noticed that all the girls who were doing physical education were gathered right down the end of the playing field."

"Suddenly, the school came alive with excitement. Everybody began running down to where the girls were. I was among the surging mob."

"I had seen something that looked very unusual in the sky.

As I looked up, I saw a dazzling, silvery object around some pine trees which grew on a ridge about a quarter mile directly behind the school."

"It then flew across some open paddocks, also behind the school, an returned to the pines."

"On the other side of the ridge there is small field. I then lost sight of it because of the pines."

"As the thing went out of site, I began to notice several private aircraft flying towards the pines."

"It was then that the thing reappeared and rose o the level of the approaching aircraft."

"This enabled me to get a rough idea of its size. It was a silvery object about as long as the planes, but very thin."

"As the aircraft approached, the thing tilted on a 45-degree angle and started to move into the distance, gradually gaining height."

"The planes increased their speed and began to follow it, but the object streaked away, leaving the planes far behind."

Source: A Paranormal File - An Australian Investigator's Casebook - By John Pinkney - Five Mile Press 2000

Mr Greenwood also appeared but issued a no-comment statement, seemingly trying to put an end to the reporters questions as quickly as he could.

It has been claimed that when a reporter went to Moorabbin Airport, he received a firm "no-comment".

Another student, who described Mr Greenwood as "intelligent and well balanced", wrote:

"After school, two friends and I went to the field where the object had descended. In a few minutes, we were crawling under a barbed wire fence which surrounded the field at a height of about a metre."

"We waded through the waist high grass making a gap in it."

"Suddenly we were there."

"We found ourselves standing at a spot where the grass had been utterly crushed against the earth.

"Cows could not have done it because the fence was barbed. 

Also, there were no tracks in the grass around the circle."

(A Paranormal File - An Australian Investigator's Casebook. By John Pinkney. Five Mile Press 2000)

But who gave the orders for the media gag?

Who did the school ring? Did they only contact the media, or did they contact the aviation and government authorities?

One witness believes that the Cessna pilot may have reported the downing of a UFO, hence the hasty arrival of investigators.

It would be interesting to contact a pilot who was flying out of *Moorabbin during 1966...what did they see...what were they told to (and not to) say regarding Westall April 6?

The Westall landing was headlined internationally.

*It should be noted that it was from Moorabbin that trainee pilot, Frederick Valentich took off from before disappearing 12 years later. Shortly before Moorabbin lost contact with Valentich, he reported seeing a strange object hovering above him and that it was effecting his plane's electronics. Contact with Valentich's Cessna ended with air-traffic controllers heard a strange metallic noise before the crackle of static interference took over their frequency. No trace of Fredrick Valentich , or his aircraft, have ever found.

It has been theorised that the disappearance was the result of secret military testing in the area.

Several have expressed deep regrets not taking any type of measurement of the area at the time, especially seeing the site was destroyed by a fire started.

A man who went to look at the apparent UFO landing evidence was turned away by military security men and returned shortly later to find the paddock completely burned out.

John Pinkney's The Paranormal Files, claims that the fire was started by army officers several hours after they arrived to investigate the sighting and landing area. 

(A Paranormal File - An Australian Investigator's Casebook. By John Pinkney. Five Mile Press 2000)

The timing of the burn-off has been disputed however with most witnesses saying that it must have occurred the following day as landing evidence from the mysterious craft was clearly visible on April 7th.

A member of a family involved with the school believes the "landing area" was not burnt out until at least the next day.

He says that on the day of the sighting, he returned from work to his family home very close to the school. The man's sister, a student at Westall, was "doing her block" about something" and he gleaned that it was about a detention she had received earlier in the day.

The school-girl had been punished about speaking to the media.

"About what?", the man asked his sister. The rest is history.

"My sister took me to the school late that afternoon," the witness has informed us.

"The air force had finally left and we could take our time examining the circle. I had not brought anything with which to record what I was seeing so I had to use the powers of my memory. Images of that evening are still clear today."

"We didn't know about the circle. I took my sister back to the school to show me where the events took place."

"The thought that I had was if the UFO went down behind the pines then whatever it is might still be there (I didn't know at the time that the reported UFO had taken off and left earlier)."

"We went out the back of the school and turned right. My sister and I walked until we  were at the pines, (putting the pines between us and the school)."

"My memory now becomes hazy."

But as for the fire being lit on the night of the "landing", when the man and his sister left for home for the school it was getting dark and night fell while they were there. It would have been a strange time to be lighting fires.

There were also many acres of extremely dry grass adjacent to the scene and with no water-tanker present, to put a match to the tinderbox would have been extremely risky.

John Pinkney wrote in his Paranormal Files, that in 1987, 21 years after the Westall High incident, he received a letter from a woman who witnessed chase and the landing - and three of whose friends had been punished for publicly speaking about it.

Mrs B.A of Reservoir wrote.

"I was fascinated by your recent article about the flying saucer chased by planes over Westall High. I was one of the many students and teachers on the ground when that silvery disc rose from behind the pine trees."

"But the full story of this remarkable sighting has never been told.

One teacher was so angry at the three students who described their sighting to a Channel Nine news crew that he gave them a detention."

"The UFO was no student prank. After the sighting went into a paddock next to the school and saw two large circles in the dry grass."

"Next day, representatives of all three armed services called at my parents house to ask if I could take them to the landing spot. But I heard on RAAF man say there must have been extreme heat because the earth was burned. The cow in that paddock was in such a distressed state it had to be destroyed."

"The RAAF men were very insistent that we said nothing of what we'd seen, but I don't' suppose it matters now. Houses have been built over that paddock."

"My main memory of the Westall incident is how angry we all were that that particular master wouldn't believe a UFO had hovered over our school."

"But it was he who was in error. How could so many kids and a handful of teachers - as well as the pilots of five pursuit planes -all be wrong?"


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Date Sent: 09-23-1986