June 17: Australians pioneer teleportation

May 27: Aussies help Mars mission

April 29: Phone call spies busy - Big Brother alive in Australia

April 14: Space countdown for Woomera

April 2: Australia used for secret tests of UK ballistic missile

March 26: Three silver spheres seen over Melbourne

February 17: Australian Dish finds star

January 11: Nuke leak at Australian uranium mine

January 10: Aussie scientists help develop Mars probe robots


December 31: Documents reveal 1950's Oz nerve gas tests.

December 30: UFO landing evidence in southern Victoria? (BELOW)?

December 18: Protestors raid Australian nuclear reactor - Lucas Heights

December 4. US experts to check Australian UFO film

November 6: Twenty crop circles have appeared on the property of farmer Don White at his property in Victoria, Australia (BELOW)

November 1, 2001. UFO's spotted over Brisbane

October 31, 2001: Twenty crop circles have appeared on the property of farmer Don White at his property in Victoria, Australia

October 30, 2001. Faster than sound: scramjet testing in Australia

October 4, 2001: An Australian woman claimed to have been abducted by a UFO from the Northern Queensland town of Gundiah.

July 21, 2001: A triangular UFO was seen and filmed over Melbourne

Belconnen: A Secret NATO Base in Australia?

The 1998 Guyra "crash"

The Kelly Cahill Encounter
Cahill's encounter occurred in 1993 when she was driving past a strip of grassy land in Melbourne.

Peter Khoury Bill Chalker and alien DNA

Pine Gap


The Tully saucer nest

Fred Valentich

UFO's in Victoria

The 1999 Victorian UFO flap

The Westall High School Encounter:
Melbourne 1966

Woomera Rocket Range


Until recently the very existence of the once fabled Area 51 at Nellis Air Force Base, was denied by the U.S. Government.
The area, eighty miles north-east of Las Vegas in the Nevada Dessert, was originally named 'Watertown'area51.1.htm">MORE











Scientists believe a type of dinosaur would have developed to appear similar to your "common alien grey"


Bruce Cathie

Allen Hynek
Dr Hynek, an astronomer and Chairman of the Department of Astronomy at Northwestern University, served as a specialist on UFO's in the USAF investigation of the phenomena.
Early 1948: He became a member of military UFO study group, Project Sign while director of Ohio State University's Macmillan Observatory.

Bob Lazar

Stanton Friedman

Born in London in 1942, Good first became interested in UFOs in 1955 when his passion for aviation and space led him to read a book by Major Donald Keyhoe, The Flying Saucers Are Real, which detailed sightings by highly qualified observers such as military and civilian pilots.
Since then he has traveled worldwide interviewing key witnesses and amassing a wealth of evidence, including several thousand declassified intelligence documents detailed in the two books Above Top Secret and Alien Contact.

Peter Paget

Nick Pope

Laurence Rockefeller

Wendelle Stevenss

Paul Stonehill

Peter Sturrock

Derbyshire 2001 (UK)

The Linda Napolitano "abduction" (NYC)

Rendelsham (UK)

Roswell (USA)

Travis Walton "abduction" (USA)














Zecharia Sitchen

Nikola Tessla

Phillip Schneider

HAARP Technology

The Tunguska Explosion - 1908

Particle Beams

Soviet flying saucer development

German flying Saucer development

British flying saucer development






Photos show odd images near shuttle

By David Perlman

A San Francisco amateur astronomer who photographs the space shuttles whenever their orbits carry them over the Bay Area has captured five strange and provocative images of the shuttle Columbia just as it was re-entering the Earth's atmosphere before dawn Saturday.

The pictures, taken with a Nikon 8 camera on a tripod, reveal what appear to be bright electrical phenomena flashing around the track of the shuttle's passage, but the photographer, who asked not to be identified, will not make them public immediately.

"They clearly record an electrical discharge like a lightning bolt flashing past, and I was snapping the pictures almost exactly . . . when the Columbia may have begun breaking up during re-entry," he said.

The photographer invited The Chronicle to view the photos on his computer screen Saturday night, and they are indeed puzzling.

They show a bright scraggly flash of orange light, tinged with pale purple, and shaped somewhat like a deformed L. The flash appears to cross the Columbia's dim contrail, and at that precise point, the contrail abruptly brightens and appears thicker and somewhat twisted as if it were wobbling.

"I couldn't see the discharge with own eyes, but it showed up clear and bright on the film when I developed it," the photographer said. "But I'm not going to speculate about what it might be."

E-mail David Perlman at dperlman@sfchronicle.com

January 15, 2003: Neptune's moonlight sonata

Astronomers have found three previously unknown moons around Neptune, bringing the total for the distant giant planet to 11, the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics reported yesterday.

The moons are the first to be discovered around Neptune since the NASA Voyager II fly-by in 1989, and the first discovered with a ground-based telescope since 1949, the centre said in a statement.

The three new moons were difficult to detect, because they are only about 30 to 40 km in diameter and their distance from the sun means they are about 100 million times fainter than anything that can be seen with unaided eyes from Earth.

Before this, Neptune was known to have eight moons.

The two largest, Triton, discovered in 1846, and Nereid, discovered in 1949, are also the irregular ones.

Source: Herald Sun (Melbourne)


At 11:10 p.m., two people spotted a trio of red-orange UFOs over Sydney, the largest city in Australia.

Paul Van Komen, who lives in the suburbs west of Sydney's Central Business District, reported, "Dominika went outside to move the garden sprinkler. Walking back, she looked up to absorb a clear view of the Moon and Orion's Belt in a gap in the clouds when she noticed three spheres below the clouds to the east of us and called out to me."

"I joined her outside," Paul added, "It was immediately apparent that this was not normal air traffic. They glowed orange-red, made no sound and travelled slowly in a westerly direction."

"The first sphere was larger and maintained a steady speed and luminosity. The other two stopped occasionally and dimmed and brightened. They took a couple of minutes to get about 10 kilometers (6 miles) west of us, then faded and disappeared. They were several times larger than airplanes. Normal air traffic was absent for another half-hour after."

Paul estimated the UFOs' speed as "about 100 kilometers per hour" (60 miles per hour--J.T.) (Email Form Report)


More on Australia

January 11, 2003: Gravity clocked: Science catches up with Einstein - 87 years later

Einstein was right: the speed of gravity matches that of light.

Astronomers took advantage of a rare planetary alignment to measure one of the fundamental forces of nature.

They used a powerful telescope to measure the change in position of a deep-space bright radio quasar as Jupiter passed in front of it.

Because scientists know the exact mass and orbit of Jupiter, thanks to fly-bys of NASA spacecraft, they were able to measure the gravity when the planet moved in front of a strong light source.

Quasars are caused by outbursts of energy from a black hole in the centre of a galaxy.

The findings, by Edward B. Fomalout, of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, and Sergei Kopeikin, of the University of Missouri, are published in this week's edition of New Scientist.

Albert Einstein, who formulated basic theories about space, time and relativity, assumed in 1915 that gravity moved with the speed of light, about 299,274km a second, but until now, no one had measured it. Said Dr Fomalout: "Einstein was right, of course."

The measurement is one of the last fundamental constants in physics to be established and Dr Fomalout admitted, "gravity is not well understood".

The researchers used 10 radio telescopes from Hawaii to Germany to measure the change. Dr Fomalout compared the required precision to being able to measure the size of a dollar sitting on the moon's surface, or measuring the width of a human hair from 400km.

The results were accurate within about 20 per cent.

Knowing the precise speed of gravity is important to physicists testing such modern ideas as the superstring, which holds that fundamental particles in the universe are made up of small vibrating loops or strings. It also affects some basic space-time theories.

ith AP

January 7, 2003: Aussie scientist kills Mars dream

New research shows dreams of liquid water on Mars are just a fairytale, a Melbourne University scientist has claimed.

His findings question NASA's ambitions to send an expedition to Mars to search for life.

Planet scientist Dr Nick Hoffman has studied a frozen patch of the Red Planet and found grooves in the ground could not have been made by flowing water.

Instead, carbon dioxide eroded the surface to form Mars' famous gullies, Dr Hoffman said in a paper to be published in the journal Astrobiology.

He said his view was held by a minority of scientists worldwide.

"Without water, we cannot have life," Dr Hoffman said. "Despite recent reports of more and more ice on the Red Planet, NASA has yet to find liquid water.

"People at NASA don't want to hear that there's no water on Mars. They want it to be 'Mars is a wet planet, we'll just go there and dig up some fossils and bring them back'.

"If these findings are generally accepted it will impact on NASA's mission. They'll no longer focus on the gullies, they'll have to find somewhere else."

Dr Hoffman studied pictures taken over time by the Mars Global Surveyor in orbit.

The pictures showed something flowing down the gullies of Mars' craters and pits.

These pictures are thought to be the first showing the active flow of fluid on Mars.

Scientists had thought this flowing substance might be liquid water.

But Dr Hoffman found the substance flowed at minus 130C -- far too cold to be flowing water.

Instead, the flow was carbon dioxide vapour, or dry ice.

"Everybody would love there to be water on Mars and it is a wonderful fairy story that has been kicking around for 100 years," Dr Hoffman said.

He said people still hoped there was water flow on Mars and therefore the possibility of life.

"There is actually very little evidence for liquid water (on Mars) and every time we look into it, it is not there," he said.

Dr Hoffman said the flows were of gaseous carbon dioxide, which explained why the furrows were found near the south pole, where it was too cold for water to flow.

Dr Hoffman said there was a lot of water ice on Mars but it was buried up to 40cm underground, too far from any midsummer warmth to unfreeze the water.

"If it finally warms up, any water that was there would melt, but at the time of the year when we do see the flow it is simply too cold for it to be liquid water," he said.

More on Mars

January 6, 2003 : Force of darkness scatters universe

Our universe is getting more and more mysterious.

It is not only older than previously thought, according to a study, but it is apparently growing faster than ever.

British and American researchers have reported in the latest issue of Science that the universe is at least 11.2 billion years old, up from the previous estimate of 10 billion years.

This confirms that the "big bang", which gave birth to the universe and sent galaxies flying into the void, isn't petering out but accelerating.

Astronomers believe a mysterious force called dark energy, first mooted by Albert Einstein in 1917, is the culprit.

"This finding provides strong support for a universe which is dominated by a kind of energy we've never directly observed," said a researcher, Brian Chaboyer of Dartmouth College in the US.

"Observations... have suggested for a few years that dark energy dominates the universe, and our finding provides independent evidence that the universe is dominated by this type of energy we do not understand."

According to the Science article, Assistant Professor Chaboyer and his American colleague Lawrence Krauss are almost certain the universe is at least 11.2 billion years old and possibly as old as 20 billion. If so, the universe is not only expanding, but doing so more quickly than ever. In 1929, American astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered that galaxies were moving away from each other - the universe was growing.

By retracing the movements of galaxies, astronomers could calculate when the big bang happened, putting the universe's age at nine billion years.

But many stars seem far older than this, a fact that has worried astronomers for decades. Estimates in 1996 and 1997 of the age of the oldest stars were barely compatible with the universe's supposed age.

In their latest research, Professors Chaboyer and Krauss have worked out that groups of stars in our own galaxy called globular clusters are at least 10.4 billion years old.

Allowing for the time it takes to form a star, the universe has to be at least 11.2 billion years old - a lot older than nine billion years.

The only way to explain the discrepancy is to reason that the universe once expended more slowly than it does now. And what is causing the universe to enlarge more quickly now? Dark energy.

Professors Chaboyer and Krauss noted in Science that "the three fundamental observables in cosmology" - the age, distance, and geometry of the universe - "now independently support the case for a dark-energy dominated universe".

While no one knows exactly what dark energy is, many physicists believe it is linked to the vacuum found in space.

"Determining the specific nature of this exotic energy that dominates the universe will require much observational and theoretical effort," the pair write in Science.

By Stephen Cauchi
The Age (Melbourne)

December 30, 2002: Fox News reports on Rendelsham information

Fox News Channel's John Gibson today presented a story regarding the famous encounter in Rendelsham Forrest, near the Suffolk military, facility in England in 1980.

Joining Gibson was the co-author of "Left at East Gate", Peter Robbins. Robbin's partner in the publication was Larry Warren, an eyewitness to the incident.

Text as follows:

Earlier in December, the British government finally released 180 pages of secret files on the Rendelsham encounters. These were a series of events which occurred over three nights in the rural area of Suffolk, England around Christmas. They culminated in the appearance of an unearthly object on the out-skirts of a military facility. Witnesses to the encounters included high ranking base personnel.

According to Robbins, "the files contained no smoking gun but an awful lot of smoke."

"I'm holding several of the documents in my hand and it underscores the seriousness with which Her Majesty's Ministry of Defence took the subject.

"The documents show that "unknowns" were picked up by radar by one of the largest facilities in the area and that they were confiscated shortly after by the Americans"''

''They also show that the deputy base commander actually tape recorded some of his men commenting on the object."

"What about the Big Bird Theory?'', asked Gibson.

''This involves Big Bird 16 and a U.S. Air Force low altitude spy satellite which was designed to eject a canister containing film and a parachute system that brings the film canister down to earth.

Robbins replied by recounting the documented evidence, saying ''The object was metallic in appearance and triangular in shape.....it had a pulsing red-light....it goes on from there but I think we can safely say it wasn't an ejected canister.''

''The object was described as being me military technology.''

''the thing is that the sand in the soil where the thing landed had turned to glass.

Again, we don't know what it was, but it does not seem to be something that originated here.

More on Rendelsham


"Is it a bra, is it some panties...no, it's an unidentified flying object."

"Cardona's 'bra fence' has attracted worldwide attention since it hit the headlines same time a year ago, but a photograph taken last month (December 2002) has some people questioning whether word has spread even further."

"Dunedin man Tom Ueyama noticed an odd sight in a photograph he took of the fence on (Friday) December 27 (2002)."

"The photo clearly shows 'something' in the sky, which, to the untrained eye, resembles the shape of a flying saucer."

"'I don't believe in aliens and extraterrestrial beings, but there's something in this photo that's not right,' Mr. Ueyama said."

"He did not notice the object when he was taking the photograph and claims the image has not been tampered with. Inspection of the photograph and negative did not show any signs of doctoring."

"Carters Observatory senior astronomer Brian Carter said he had doubts about its authenticity."

"'I suggest the photo has been doctored, but I'm no expert with photographs.'"

"'If it is genuine, then I have no idea what it is or could be,' Mr. Carter said."

"University of Otago optics technician and amateur astronomer Robin Gledhill could also not reach a conclusion but did not believe the image had been doctored."

"'As an astronomer, I don't believe in UFOs, but I can't honestly say what it is. It doesn't appear to be moving, whatever it is, and it's definitely not cloud.'"

Dunedin is on the east coast of New Zealand's South Island, located about 160 miles (256 kilometers) south- southwest of Christchurch. (See the Otago Daily Times for January 14, 2003, "UFO over the bra fence?" Merci beaucoup a Robert Fischer pour cette article de journal.)

(Editor's Note: The Otago region around Dunedin has long been a major UFO hotspot in New Zealand. It was the site of a major "airship" flap way back in July 1909.)


More on New Zealand

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December 27, 2002: Three UFO's sighted in New South Wales

A family reunion turned into a startling UFO encounter in Australia's state of New South Wales.

David M. reports, "I had travelled from Sydney for a traditional Christmas Day gathering with my family in Wellington, New South Wales."

Two days after Christmas, on Friday, December 27, 2002, David decided to go fishing with his cousin, D.G., and his uncle, B.G., and the trio "headed for an exclusive location along the Macquarie River near Terrabella and Ponto, west of Geurie, N.S.W.," about 300 kilometers (180 miles) northwest of Sydney.

(Editor's Note: Right now it's midsummer in Australia and the other countries of the southern hemisphere.)

"With my cousin, D.G., and my uncle, B.G., I'd been moving up and down the river in a small boat, from about 2 p.m. to about midnight. The stars became our natural light on the river that night. We couldn't see the moon; therefore the stars were very bright."

"Around 10 p.m., I started to do some star-watching" and saw "a moving star. This moving star was heading south at the time. But I thought to myself...Just another satellite...and I didn't make much of it."

"But about 10:30 p.m. that night, my star-watching became more of a mystery. I saw three moving stars together." Soon David was "grabbing the attention of my cousin and uncle with screams of 'Look! Look up there! What is that!?'"

"Together we watched three fast-moving stars travelling from the southwest heading northeast for approximately one minute. They formed a perfect triangle, two travelling in front and one travelling behind. The last moving star then pulled back from the leaders, whilst one of the leaders also pulled back into the middle position. This new positioning happened during a five-second time frame; then the moving stars went back to their original triangle position."

"We chatted amongst ourselves about what we just saw, and we don't have any explanation for the event other than a UFO sighting. They were constantly changing colour from a white to an orange-red. They were about four times as fast as a Boeing 747." (Estimated speed: 1,800 miles per hour) www.ufoifo.com

December 4, 2002: Russians aim for Mars moon soil

Russia's space agency could retrieve the first soil sample from a Mars moon within five years, one of its scientist said.

Valery Timofeev, first deputy of the designer-general at the Lavochkin Association, said funding would determine how quickly the goal could be achieved.

After a string of Soviet failures relating to Mars missions, he emphasised the careful planning that had already gone into the mission.

"At the moment we have finished the preliminary project and the Russian Science Acadamy is searching for the money," he said while launching "To Mars and Beyond" at the Melbourne Museum.

The exhibition runs until April 27. (Herald Sun - Melbourne)

December 2, 2002: More UFO's over Melbourne

Callers to Melbourne radio station 3AW reported seeing an orange saucer over the city in the early hours of the morning. One young caller described seeing the UFO at 3.00am. He described it as an orange, disk-shaped, object with blue lights flashing around it's perimeter. More details soon. More on Melbourne

November 17, 2002: ET calls in on Lilydale

Melbourne's Herald Sun newspaper has reported that lights in the Lilydale skies have Wayne Winter and Adin Monks convinced we are not alone.

Late on Friday night, the teenagers saw a group of yellow lights above Chirnside Park Hill and are now questioning whether or not stargazer theories are just science-fiction fodder.

"The lights were bigger than normal stars, they were moving, and in a perfect triangle," Adin, 15, said. "We followed them for a while and then they all disappeared."

They tracked them for 20 minutes, first on foot, then in a car, before the lights vanished.

Wayne, 19, said planes often flew over the area, but the lights they saw were too closely grouped to be aircraft, and were moving in the wrong direction.

He and his friend are not Star Trek groupies or UFO hunters, but after the encounter, they could be converted.

"It was just a joke to begin with when we saw the lights and said, 'Yeah, UFO', but then it became too real," he said.

"We weren't out there stargazing or anything, we just saw it by coincidence.

"We don't know what it was and there's no explanation for it."

Lilydale is a long way from Area 51, the root of all alien conspiracy theories, but Mr Winter says that means nothing, because these little green guys can go anywhere they want.

And so with "evidence" at hand, the question has to be asked: "Is the truth out there, in Lilydale?"

Story by Russell Gould - Herald Sun More on Melbourne

November 6, 2002: Object crashes near Melbourne

A caller to Melbourne talk-back radio station 3AW reported that an object crashed to the ground near Cheltenham to the south of the city.

The man said that he saw what appeared to be a comet giving of welding torch-like sparks plummeting toward the earth at about 9.00pm. More on Melbourne

November 5, 2002: U.S shoots down targets with laser beam 

Fox News reported that the U.S military had successfully tested a "laser cannon" which shot down several dummy targets.

More on Particle Beams and HAARP

See our page on Nikola Tessla

November 3, 2002: Rumours of underground tunnels and military facilities in Australia 

Melbourne's Herald Sun newspaper reported that Melbourne could be sitting on a network of military tunnels, part of a system stretching to Townsville.

But it's what they contain that is exciting researchers, Chris Tinkler wrote.

Click here for this and other stories about the secrets of the 'Australian Underground.'

October 31, 2002: Australia's radar plane deal a bargain-Boeing

Seattle - Australia's Air Force scored a sweet deal on four advanced surveillance jets from Boeing Co. (BA) at a total price of A$2.7 billion, or US$1.3 billion, the company and a top government official said on Thursday.

At a ceremony marking the roll-out of the first of as many as seven Project Wedgetail jets, Boeing 737-700 narrowbody jetliners to be fitted with sophisticated communications gear, the manufacturer conceded the Australians got a bargain.

"They got a very attractive price," said Patrick Gill, vice president for Boeing's Airborne Early Warning & Control program, at the company's narrowbody jet plant in Renton, Washington.

The deal currently includes two extra sets of radar gear plus spares and two simulators, Australian Defence Minister Robert Hill told Reuters.

He declined to say whether the extra gear signaled Australia would exercise two additional AEW&C options at the same price. The Royal Australian Air Force also has an option for a seventh plane at a price to be negotiated. Decisions on those options will be made by next June.

The planes will each carry 10 crew members monitoring high-tech workstations compiling and transmitting surveillance data. The Australian government has about 50 people working with Boeing on the project in the Seattle area.

While the basic aircraft is complete, it will take four years to add on the military features, including extra fuel tanks, fuselage reinforcement and radar equipment. Flight tests are slated for late 2003.

Boeing estimates a total market for 50 AEW&C type planes over the next 10 to 15 years. Other current potential customers include Turkey, Italy and South Korea.

European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co. (EADS) (EAD) (EAD) offers a competing product based on the A320 narrowbody made by Airbus SAS, of which EADS owns 80 percent.

A cheaper alternative is also being developed by Brazilian regional jet maker Embraer (EMBR4), with communications equipment supplied by Ericsson (ERICb), Gill said.

By Chris Stetkiewicz - Reuters

October 29, 2002: Satellite debris injures boy

October 28, 2002: Missile-like UFO filmed - Fox News

Object Filmed: Sunday October 20.

At 6.50pm PT, Fox News Channel showed film of what looked "suspiciously like a missile" (according to the anchor) hurtling through the sky at dazzling speed. In the foreground of the footage is an aircraft taking off from Albany International Airport at Albany NY.

Videographer Brandon Mowry was shooting background for weather shots for a local TV station and when his film of a plane leaving the air-strip was analyzed, the "bogey" became apparent.

Mowry wasn't looking at the viewfinder when he recorded the 30 frame, second long film. He was shocked when upon returning to his office and checking the "stillness" of his shots, he noticed the rocket-like craft.

After more (unrelated) filming, Mowry once again returned to the studio to find the FBI had been called in and studied the footage at slow-speed using the TV station's facilities. The tape was then spirited away to Washington for further analysis.

The stills show what looks like...well Thunderbird 3.... It's flying at God-Speed, appears to have taken off in sync with the air-craft Mowry was recording.

He points out that the flight path of the object, which he says was "hundreds of feet in length", took it above the clouds. "They are at least 5000 feet in the air. There are only 7 frames at 30 frames a second".

Brandon Mowry said he'd been told there is an Air Force Base 25 miles away.

He also said that some have suggested it is a "thing called a R.O.D...biological creatures that live in the upper atmosphere that move so fast we can't see them!!!???". He said "a guy called Jose Esquamilla has been researching them for years (we'll look into it - more soon here it is www.roswellrods.com.

Mowry discounted it was a "kit -rocket saying, "this ting was huge."

The channel Mowry works for, it should be noted, is FOX 23. It should also be noted that Fox 8 showed their new UFO special the following Saturday night.

Archive: The Westall High School Encounter

Melbourne, Australia 1966

The Roswell incident of 1947, when a UFO allegedly crashed into the New Mexican desert, is perhaps the most famous of all UFO legends.

But is it possible that in April 1966 an even more amazing occurrence took place in a suburb in Melbourne, Australia? And this time with a host of reliable witnesses? MORE

Local Gippsland News - Oct 2002 - Go to the page in question


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UFO's are man-made! - The British Saucer Project

In 1973 British Rail was granted a patent for a 'Space Vehicle', which explains in detail how to construct a nuclear powered flying-saucer seating 22 passengers.

The proposed space craft works on the basic principle of nuclear fusion. The jet of fuel - which could be types of hydrogen - is fired through a nozzle at the bottom of the saucer.

Click here for more on the British saucer project and our theory on the origins and purposes of the disks, the Real UFO's.