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Cattle Mutilations









Cattle Mutilations






Rendelsham Forest Encounter








Rendelsham Forest Encounter




Use our files below to view either short mpegs or to watch streaming video. You can download Real Player by clicking here.

UFOs on the Radio and TV:

The Cosmic Connection
Since 1993, the Cosmic Connection television program has investigated UFO's and related phenomena. Past episodes can be viewed now for free on the internet by going to http://www.extranettv.com Some of our featured guests have been ( Stanton T.Friedman, Dr.David Jacobs, Mrs Betty Hill). Also be sure to check in at our website http://ufotv.tripod.com/COSMICCONNECTION for pictorials and documents pertaining to the shows past programing.

The Jerry Pippin Show
This show features the UFO-Files program each Friday night from 10-11:30 PM CT


21st Century Radio Website
The newly revised and expanded website of Hieronimus & Company, producers of "21st Century Radio" and "The Zoh Show", two of our favorites here at UFOcity.com. Both programs heard on the Liberty Works Radio Network explore such diverse issues and topics as the UFO-cover-up and other suppressed information, ancient mysteries, alternative health, alternative energy, popular culture and music, and much, much more!

The Art Bell Web Site
The website for radio's most popular UFO-related talkshow

AUFON is the American UFO News, newswire/weekly newspaper UFO Hotline and talkshow.

The Hickman Report
Home of The Hickman Report and website of respected UFO researcher Jim Hickman. Has breaking news, many articles, free UFO update mailing, sighting report, fact sheet and links.

The Laura Lee Show Website
Features Real Audio broadcasts, radio listings, and stories on UFOs, crop circles, ancient mysteries, and the paranormal.

Jeff Rense's Sightings on the Radio
Site of Jeff Rense's Live coast to coast radio show. Jeff is an outstanding broadcast journalist who specializes in interviewing well-known UFO researchers and writers. Sites contains much archival as well as current information.

The SciZone Talk Show
Where mainstream media has failed, they explore the important stories that don't make the headlines - mysteries, conspiracies, UFOs scientific discoveries and breakthroughs...stories and people that are kept from the public eye.

Website of Profiles in UFOlogy," a television series of very in-depth one-on-one video interviews with leading contemporary UFOlogists. Each program focuses primarily upon the interviewee's own body of work and unique contributions to the field of UFOlogy.

Streaming Video Files of UFO footage and Documentaries.


62 schoolchildren witness ET craft land in Ruwa, Zimbabwe

Update on the Ruwa, Zimbabwe sighting by 62 schoolchildren


On Wednesday December 8 1999 flattened reeds of approximately 15 metres long by six metres wide, apparently caused by an object plunging into the Guyra Water Supply Dam, were discovered by an employee carrying out maintenance tasks at about 9 am. The projectile slammed into the Guyra dam at the outskirts of the town, (population 2020, elevation 1300m)  about 236 miles (377 kilometers) north of Sydney.

See CNN video report


The 1989-1990 Belgian UFO flap


The Brazilian "Roswell" - 1996 crash by crippled ET craft at Varginha draws front page headlines from the Wall Street Journal.  Live ETs recovered and covert US forces on the scene.

1947 Maury Island UFO explosion


Nazi UFOs
Researcher Henry Stevens claims first piloted Nazi saucer flew in 1934.  Project "Silverbug" muddies the trail of imported German technologies.


1976 Iran mass UFO encounter involved top level Iranian and US govt. officials. Documents and satellite readout confirm incident.
Part 1
Part 2


Video report - intelligent Martian radio signals received in 1924

Video of 1962 Mars landing from purported secret US-Soviet unmanned probe in 1962
from the defunct TV show "Strange Universe" (1998)
This appears to be the same footage that was first shown on Anglia TV in the UK at 9pm on June 20th, 1977 in "Alternative 3".  Anglia subsequently claimed it was a hoax, but the authors of the show continue to claim it as factual.

Cydonia Part 1 - UPN Channel 13 News Investigative Report

Cydonia Part 2 - UPN Channel 13 News Investigative Report
UPN visits NASA (CalTech's) JPL looking for answers


Alleged UFO filmed downtown Mexico City, 6 Aug 1997
(Real Player - 28.8)

CSETI team in Mexico vector in UFO live on TV
RMIT of Dr. Greer, Shari Adamiak, Trudy Guyker and Bob Hargreave on location nr. Mt. Popocatapetl are filmed for special for The Learning Channel in 1997
Running Time - 4 mins

The Moon

The Moon Anomalies
UPN News Channel 13 Investigative Report
NASA Ames refuses to discuss on camera after initially agreeing to do so.


Top Russians knew that UFOs were from somewhere else since Day 1 of the Space Race, and knew that the US knew that too.

The Russian "Roswell" - UFO crash at Hill 611, Dalnegorsk in 1986

Official Soviet News Agency Tass endorses witness accounts of 1989 landing of craft and nine foot ETs in Voronezh.

Termination of 1989 Soviet Phobos 2 probe

UFO crash - 1969 March - Sverdlovsky, USSR
Computer simulation of crash (RealPlayer)

UFO crash - 1969 March - Sverdlovsky, USSR
Computer reconstruction of ET from autopsy (RealPlayer)

Astronaut and Cosmonaut UFO sightings


Spanish Government de-classifies all UFO files - video report

United Kingdom

Report on the Bentwaters U.K. landing.  Includes interview with Col. Halt and playback of contemporaneous tape recording.

Lt. Col. Charles Halt and Sgt. Jim Penniston describe pyramid shaped UFO that landed at Bentwaters AFB in 1980 which Penniston was able to touch

ET probe flies round "Concorde" during test flight

Larger picture (best with high-speed connections)

United States

The 1952 Washington DC UFO flap

Eisenhower era White House military staffer confirms during CSETI Congressional Briefing  President Eisenhower's deep concern over the loss of control of the UFO issue to the military-industrial complex.

The 1967 Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia UFO crash Part I

The "Big Wow" signal that was received at the Ohio State University radio telescope facility on August 15th, 1977

NORAD radio communication with America West Flight 564 Boeing 757 confirms tracking large UFO  on May 26, 1995 over New Mexico at 30,000 ft.  "Length unbelievable"

Ailing witness to 1965 Kecksburg, Penn. crash of ET craft draws pictures of recovered craft and ET body he saw at Wright Patterson AFB

1994 Colorado UFO crash is confirmed by satellite.  NORAD has local Sheriffs go and investigate, then sends them to a decoy location

US seconds away from nuclear obliteration in 1983

Comedian Jay Leno on NASA and the loss of the Mars Missions

Idaho UFO triggers local seismometer.  Bears many hallmarks of scalar EM weapons testing, which are known to be hidden in the area.

Area 51, Nevada

See the "Sightings" show of the Nellis Range UFO Intruder

Watch "The UFO Coverup" - Larry King Live from Area 51
in RealVideo

October 1st, 1994 - this was Larry King's highest rated show ever at the time.
Featured guest include Dr. Steven Greer, Stanton Friedman and Kevin Randle.

The complete show with no commercials (runs about 1 1/2 hours)

Watch First Half Hour (First & Second Segments) (28.8 Kbs modem)
Third Segment
Fourth Segment
Fifth Segment
Sixth Segment
Seventh Segment

The Astronauts

Now Available - James Fox' Award Winning Documentary, UFO's- 50 years of denial

Includes on camera interviews with the late Col. Phillip Corso and Jesse Marcel Sr.

"The information contained in this documentary needs to be heard...."

Edgar Mitchell Apollo 14 Astronaut. Preview

Gemini Astronaut Gordon Cooper describes how he and his crew filmed a UFO that landed at Edwards AFB in the early 1950's.

Astronaut and Cosmonaut UFO sightings

Astronaut Catherine "Cady" Coleman alerts Mission Control about a UFO on Shuttle Mission STS-73

Apollo 16 Moon Mission UFOs described by ex-NASA scientist
Note:  ALL photographic material from the Apollo Missions and NASA should be treated with great circumspection.

The Military

Video of UFO crash in the desert (White Sands, NM?)

The 1965 Edwards AFB UFO incident - CSETI Congressional witness  recounts all-night monitoring of base by up to 12 UFOs on declassified control tower tapes

Col. Wendelle Stevens (ret.) describes USAF gun camera UFO footage from Alaska that has never been released.

Aircraft Carrier "Franklin Delano Roosevelt"
"UFO Magnet" - shipmates describe the sightings.

Retired Director of Army Acquisition says: "Next helicopter may be anti-gravity"

"B2 Bomber seems to qualify as an electrogravitic craft"

UFOs "more highly classified than the H-Bomb"
says Canadian scientist Wilburt Smith and top US scientist Robert Sarbacher, plus saucers and ET bodies recovered.

US Air Force Academy used to teach this course about ET craft

U.S. Navy explains mystery of the Flying Saucer

McGill AFB, Florida, 1967.  Publisher of base newspaper sees 4 flying saucers parked in restricted area on the base, is told by base Adjutant General that "this particular aircraft can go fast enough and high enough to achieve space flight."

UFO monitors missile launch at Vandenberg AFB
Interview with Dr. Robert Jacobs on "Sightings" re. November 1964 incident
Running Time - 7.5 mins

UFO re-programs nuclear missiles at Malmstrom AFB
Military witnesses discuss this seminal incident during which a UFO shut down and restarted a dozen nuclear missiles at two bases on March 16th, 1967
Running Time - 8.5 mins

Secrets of Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson AFB

Col. Corso on video
"Give this information to the young people of the world and this country."

NBC's "Dateline" interviews Col. Corso

The Presidents

See President Eisenhower's historic farewell address to the Nation, during which he warns of this danger.

Lyndon Johnson's 1964 Election Campaign Commercial
A sign of the times (Real Player)


3 August 2001 NBC Today Show. Katie talks Roswell (Use the sites link to view report)

M. Sgt. Frank Kaufman, in his first filmed interview, describes tracking the Roswell craft and explosion on radar, finding the wreckage and discovering the bodies.  Also shown are his contemporaneous sketches of the craft and bodies.

Jim Ragsdale, in a video shot in hospital five days before his death in July 1995, describes how a second craft almost crashed on top of him and his girlfriend at a different location near Boy Scout Mountain, and how he entered the craft and inspected the ET bodies and the craft's interior.


The Welsh "Roswell" - 1974 crash of UFO at Llandrillo, Wales


The Experts

Peter Sturrock

The Sturrock UFO Report
UPN News Channel 13 Investigative Report

Related Phenomena

Tessla and Free Energy

Interview with Lt. Col. Tom Bearden (ret) on Free Energy and the new Tesla Electromagnetics

The 1908 Tunguska explosion
Note that this may have also been a weapons test by Nikola Tesla


Project Disclosure -CSETI (Dr Steven Greer)

Internet Video Webcast

Campaign for Disclosure Witnesses Panel

Originally Broadcast Live on Wednesday, May 9, 2001

On Wednesday, May 9th, over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses came forward at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to establish the reality of UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles, extraterrestrial life forms, and resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies. The weight of this first-hand testimony, along with supporting government documentation and other evidence, will establish without any doubt the reality of these phenomena, according to Dr. Steven M. Greer, director of the Disclosure Project which hosted the event.

View a low resolution internet version of this press conference from the box at the bottom of this page, or for a high resolution viewing experience, you can purchase a high quality VHS video tape box set of this history making event.

(Modem Speed Version):
VIEW Part One
VIEW Part Two

"Extraterrestrial Contact - The Evidence and Implications" Preview

Steven Greer of Project Disclosure discusses the possibility that we are in possession of extraordinarily advanced technology but have been forbidden to use it. Is it possible that powerful alien races have put a 'quarantine on Earth, banning us from using many of our new found technologies? Is this the poor record we have of using technologies in the worst and most violent ways?

"Would you like a cabal who were the descendants of Hitler and Mengle controlling the space over your house?

CSETI trailer - High-Speed Connection Big-Screen Version

CSETI has put together the best new evidence, irrefutable in a court of law, regarding to the existence of UOO's and their influence on the future on humanity.

"What is the air force hiding....are UFO's real?"

Preview - UFOs, 50 years of Denial

Woolsey, Monroe, and much, much more. Why a CIA Director was found floating face down in the Potomac River
Broadcast Quality Video - Dr. Greer's Oct. 1st 1999 UCSB lecture

Dr. Greer calls for open Congressional Hearings on UFO subject
Excerpt from The Learning Channel - "UFOs Above and Beyond"

UPN KCOP TV News Investigative Report about CSETI and Dr. Greer (features Witness Testimony)

Playback TV report of CSETI DC Press Briefing

SETI founder Frank Drake admits he could be part of the UFO coverup

"Extraterrestrial Contact - The Evidence and Implications"



Mpeg Files of UFO footage.

UFO hovering off a Florida beach 1993 (mpeg)

Famous footage of a missile being fired at UFO's (mpeg)

Space Shuttle Discovery September 15,
1991. A UFO appears just above the Earth's atmosphere and does a sharp angle turn when something appears to be shooting at it. This clip is the most famous of all NASA UFO video and broke the story of what's going on with these NASA videos. This is a good one! NASA tried to say these are dust particle or waste particles.  After this video was captured, public transmissions during shuttle flights was terminated.

More footage of missile fire on UFO's (mpeg)

UFO footage from STS-48 mission again, taken aboard the  Space Shuttle Discovery  in September 1991. A dramatic piece of shuttle footage. Several UFOs are seen moving about the atmosphere at great speed and what appears to be weapons fire, is seemingly directed toward  them. One even appears to be hit in some of the better generation video tapes of this event. Is this a secret Star Wars test?

An object crashes to the ground, bounces, and then crashes again in a blaze of sparks (mpeg)

Area 51 (mpeg)

Military cameras show the mysterious object to change shape and move around erratically. At one point, the object is seen to cover 13 miles in just 6 seconds, making extensive changes in velocity and performing maneuvers that no aircraft, that we know of on this planet, are capable of doing even with today's technology.