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March 3, 2002: UFOs or earthquake lights? Debate rages in Turkey.

By Joseph Trainor, UFO Roundup Volume 7. http://ufoinfo.com/roundup/v07/rnd0708.shtml

"A powerful earthquake toppled scores of buildings in central Turkey on Sunday," February 3, 2002, "killing at least 42 people, injuring more than 150 and sending terrified residents running from their houses."

The quake came one week after five mysterious lights appeared in the night sky over Adiyaman, a city 300 kilometers (180 miles) southeast of Ankara. The hovering lights were videotaped for nearly six hours by the Turkish Security Directorate. Their presence a week before the big earthquake in Afyun has triggered a sharp debate in Turkey's UFO community.

According to Erol Erkmen of the Turkey UFO and Paranormal Events Research Group (the Turkish acronym is TUVPO--J.T.), "The lights, which are supposed to be alien/UFOs by some New Age groups, were also recorded on video cameras. Scientific studies indicated that some very similar events have been experienced in the region and all of them had the same characteristics."

"All of the places where the lights were observed were located along the active fault line," Erkmen pointed out, "It is proved that the lights, which were first thought to be (the planet) Jupiter, were earthquake lights, or anomalous light phenomena (ALP)."

However, Turkey's Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center stands by its assertion that the mysterious lights were unidentified flying objects. The group stated, "We repeat that the lights observed in Adiyaman skies could not have been earthquake lights or any other kind of plasma formation created by ionized electrically-charged particles. There is not a single sample of this kind of event in world chronicles, in which earthquake lights were recorded for so long." (About six hours--J.T.)

The center argued that, if the Adiyaman lights seen on the night of January 26 and 27, 2002 were indeed earthquake lights, "this dreadful event (the earthquake) would have occurred in Adiyaman and not in Afyun which is located 700 kilometers (420 miles) away." (Many thanks to Erol Erkmen of TUVPO for the news clips.)


August 6, 2001: Turkish Air Force Pilots Encounter Encounter a UFO

Turkish army pilots encountered a UFO while flying over the Agean town of Izmir-Candarli.
First Lieutenant Ilker Dincer and Lieutenant Arda Gunyer from Turkish Air Force took off with a T-37 jet at 12:30 p.m. from 2nd Jet Base Commandery located in Izmir for a training flight.

While they were flying over Candarli on a routine training flight off the Turkish Aegean coastal town of Candarli, First Lieutenant Ilker Dincer and Lieutenant Arda Gunyer encountered a pyramid-cone shaped, luminous object which was approaching them at high speed.

Dincer immediately called the control tower and Regional War Alert Center and asked them to detect the unusual shape object on their radars. All this time the object kept flying along the T-37 jet. But the War Alert Center reported that they couldn't detect a second object different than Dincer's jet.

As the object approached T-37's wings Dincer's words of "Object is approaching our wings. Now it is behind us. I'll have it in the front by tono... Now it's in front of us, this thing is literaly dog fighting with us" were heard on the radio. The UFO made maneuvers around the plane for about 15 minutes. Then it suddenly disappeared with tremendous speed.

After the pilots returned to their home base in Izmir-Cigli, they reported the incident to the Air Force. The Air Force announced that the object that the pilots had encountered was a herd of birds or a meteorology balloon.

Journalists and TV reporters have contacted Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center located in Istanbul-Turkey and made interviews about this incident. The Center told "It is impossible for a balloon or a bird herd to dogfight with a jet at such high speed. Nor could the two army pilots could have been hallusinating at the same time. Also Turkish Air Force pilots are well trained and are capable of differentiating a disk shaped object from a meteorology ballon or birds. However the meteorology have reported that they didn't have any balloons over the area at that date. And if it was a balloon why couldn't the radars detect anything? We definetely don't find the Air Force's explanation satisfying at all and this is just another cover-up story."


Text below from the Turkish Daily Hurriyet.

Name of Turkish Air Force Pilot: Second Lieutenant Ilker Dincer
Name of Second Turkish Air Force Pilot: n.a.
Type of the aircraft: T-37 Training Jet (122nd Squadron)
Date: 6 August 2001
Time: 12:30 hours Turkish time
Place: Izmir, Candarli, Turkey
Duration of Encounter: 30 minutes

Dincer: "We are facing an unusual situation. We see an object shaped like a cross between a cone and a disc, with support legs, extremely luminous and high speed".

Dincer reports the incident both to the Ground Control and to the Combat Operations Center (COC) and asks for radar confirmation.

COC:    "Negative. We detect a high rate of maneuvering in your aircraft but no detection of a second object around."

Dincer moves the T-37 closer towards the object and according to Dincer, the object also moves closer towards the T-37.

Dincer: "The object is now coming closer to my wings, now its behind us, Ill get it in front of myself, now its in front of us, hey this is certainly going for a dog fight with us."

The object gyrated around the T-37 for about a half hour. The object and the T-37 maneuvered around each other during the encounter until the object disappeared at an incredibly high speed.

The incident is under investigation by the Turkish Air Force and there is a great deal of concern and shock among the Air Force officials. The incident will be reported to the relevant international institutions, especially NASA.

Other Turkish UFO Stories:

June 13th, 2001: The Turkish department of religion takes a position in UFO discussion.
Following reports of alien visits in Turkey the Department of Religion has taken position in the current UFO discussion. According to the Islam religion there were not only beings on earth but also in space, the Turkish newspaper 'Sabah' cited the head of the Department of Religion. UFOs could be real, it was said. The past few days several people had contacted the department reporting aliens which they had seen in West Anatolia.

Visit the webpage of the Turkish UFO research organization TUVPR at: http://www.tuvpo.com/deprem.html

June 4, 2001:Turkish Government seals off field where alleged alien life was spotted.
field in Turkey was sealed off and scientists called in to investigate claims that an extra-terrestrial alien was spotted there. Ayhan Cevik, the Governor of Usak province, said he doubted the claim, but nevertheless cordoned off an area near Narli village.
Hakan Akdogan, the head of Turkish UFO research group Sirius, said a team was traveling to the area to check radiation levels and analyze the soil. Fevzi Cam, along with his wife and another woman, said they spotted an alien while they were riding on a tractor to a tobacco field.

Cam said he threw stones at the creature whom he described as wearing a shiny, yellow-gray outfit which had a yellow light projecting from the front of it. He told Associated Press reporters the being was 60cm/24in tall with a wide, round head, and wide eyes.

Cam said: "It didn’t have wings or propellers but it could fly upward."

Other villagers said they saw strange lights in the area.

On 28 August, 1915 during the final days of severe fighting at Hill 60, Suvla bay, during the Gallipoli campaign, in which the Australians were participating, a most extraordinary event took place.

August 28 was a beautiful clear day, but it was observed that six or eight loaf of bread clouds all alike were hovering over Hill 60. These clouds despite a strong breeze did not move. A British regiment, The First Fourth Norfolk, of several hundred men was seen marching up a sunken road towards Hill 60, but one of these clouds was hovering over the road. The regimeent marched into the cloud but did not come out to deploy and fight at Hill 60. After the last file had disappeared into the cloud it unobtrusively moved away and so did the other clouds.

The regiment was posted as missing or wiped out and on Turkey surrendering in 1918 the first thing Britain demanded of Turkey was the return of this regiment. Turkey replied that she had neither captured this regiment nor made contact with it and did not know it existed. A British regiment in 1914-18 consisted of any number between 800 and 4000 men. This is one of the most remarkable and unexplained mysteries of modern times. Was a whole British regiment taken up by a huge UFO hovering in a cloud above the sunken road near Hill 60? If so this must be one of the cases where those taken up in a cloud UFO have not returned.