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Thanks to Mr Williams for his report on an October 2001 sighting in Benalla, here in Victoria, Australia.

Thanks to all at www.rense.com, one of the nets great, and most referred to, paranormal sites. (Yes guys...we've changed your link!)

Thanks to James Neff from Portugal. A mirror would be great!

Thanks to Xander Mahony of alien-ufos.com

The guys emailing me with requests for link exchanges have got really excellent sites and I am pleased to channel traffic between ours and other great sites.

Alien-UFOs.com is devoted to the study of the existence UFOs (UFOlogy) and extraterrestrial life as well as any contact they have had with the US government and military. Designed and maintained by online UFO researcher Xander Mahony. Alien-UFOs.com includes UFO photographs and pictures, original text files relating to UFOs, conspiracy theories including how NASA faked the moon landing (Apollo Hoax), The X Files, extraterrestrials (EBEs), aliens, flying saucers, paranormal activity, a list of UFO, government and military links and a forum for discussing UFOs.

Thanks to Larry who particularly enjoyed the video's we have catalogued here. Great to receive your encouraging note Larry. Our Videos page is now updated and easier to navigate.

Thanks to Prashant Solomon for his recent mail and his information about the Phoenix Lights incident on

He is the webmaster and editor of www.ufoindia.org, the first site reporting UFO's over India. They publish articles and news as well as cases occurring out of India such as one we have posted (here) with his kind permission.

Prashant believes the 'Phoenix Lights' incident was perhaps the most credible UFO sighting so far. He has done a feature on his site.(www.ufoindia.org).

'Let us keep in touch. It is very important for people from all over the world studying this subject to be in touch,' wrote Prashant. We at UFO TODAY agree whole heartedly. Thanks again for you e-mail.

More on the Phoenix Lights

Thanks to Danny Flynn from the UK. After we here at UFO TODAY in Melbourne initially posted our contact page, Danny was the first to write in. And it was a great first letter to get.

Danny is an established Illustrator of SF & Fantasy and is currently making a children's CG animated TV series, LUNARTICS!

Danny wrote; "I had not realised there was so much mystery surrounding the Moon, nor of a school of thought believing the Moon may be hollow. This is great to hear, as the premise behind the show is that the Moon is in fact hollow!

For more about Lunartics and the moon go to : www.lunartics.co.uk  and www.dannyflynn.com

Thanks also to Ted Rice from Cosmic Connection. Ted produces the Net-TV broadcast which you can watch at: http://www.extranettv.com/

Ted had a personal sighting in Las Vegas that started his investigations in the field and to his TV shows. See Ted's Area 51 Road Trip episode at http://www.extranettv.com/.