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Celebrities and UFO's.
Dan Akroyd, Richard Belzer, Jackie Gleason, Larry King, Jay Leno, Marilyn Munro, Olivia Newton-John,

Dan Akroyd: January 4, 2002: Aykroyd To Explore Paranormal

Dan Aykroyd (Ghostbusters) will take an entertaining look at the paranormal as host of Dan Aykroyd's Out There, The SCI FI Channel's upcoming late-night interactive talk show. Aykroyd, a self-described "believer" and lifelong paranormal enthusiast, will host the half-hour five-day-a-week series that just began production in New York City. Out There is scheduled to launch during the second quarter of 2002.

The Channel described the show as a cross between CNN's Larry King and PBS' Charlie Rose. It will act as a companion series to SCI FI's popular Crossing Over With John Edward. Guests will include Aykroyd's celebrity friends, professionals and members of the public who will discuss unexplainable phenomena. The series will also invite viewers to weigh in on the show's topics through SCIFI.COM, via e-mail and by phone.

Robert K. Weiss (Sliders), Aykroyd and his brother, Peter Aykroyd, will executive produce the series.


Richard Belzer
The US actor who has played John Munch in Homicide; Life on the street, Special Victims unit and also Law and Order and the X-Files, said in late 2001 that he was working on a book, UFO's, JFK and Elvis; Conspiracies You Don't Have To Be Crazy to believe.

As with his on-screen alter-ego, Beltzer just loves a good conspiracy. "I have been obsessed with the Kennedy assassination for many years, and also UFO's," he says. "If I start talking about Kennedy, people are interested, but if I move to UFO's, people look at me like I'm crazy. So I decided to write a book showing my sources.

"The thing I found is that you don't have to make anything up. Reality is so unbelievable. In the Kennedy murder, there is so much information around that is true. That's my favourite thing - to reveal truths that are not generally known.

"With Kennedy, there were elements within various aspects of the government that detested him so much. The question is not who killed Kennedy, but who did not kill him."

So does he think the truth will ever be revealed about the Kennedy assassination?

"You know, what is so frustrating is that the truth is already out. In 1998, our government released 1,100,000 documents to no fanfare. There is tonnes of information that is out there if you are crazy like me, or if you are an actor and have plenty of downtime."

Jackie Gleason
Gleason, who died in 1987, had a serious interest in UFO's. According to Beverley McKittrick, his second wife, her husband came home one night in 1973, visibly shaken. He told his wife that he had just returned from a visit to Homestead AFB, Florida, where, thanks to his friend President Nixon, who arranged the trip, he was shown a top secret repository where the bodies of aliens where stored. The visit was conducted under extremely tight security.

Larry King
October 1st, 1994 - this was Larry King's highest rated show ever at the time.
Featured guest include Dr. Steven Greer, Stanton Friedman and Kevin Randle.
Watch "The UFO Coverup" - Larry King Live from Area 51
in Real Video.

The complete show with no commercials (runs about 1 1/2 hours)

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Jay Leno
Click to download streaming video of Jay Leno on NASA and the loss of the Mars Missions

Marilyn Munro
For years Marilyn Munro was romantically linked to both John F. and Robert Kennedy. In 1994, Los Angeles private investigator Milo Spiraglio, who wrote three books about Munroe's controversial death, obtained a poorly reproduced copy of what appeared to be a CIA report dated August 3, 1962 - just two days after the actress died of a reported overdose. The report stated that, through a phone tap, agents had listened in on a conversation between renowned reporter Dorothy Killagen and a close friend in Hollywood. The friend talked about a break-up between Munroe and the Kennedy's and said the actress was attending parties hosted by Hollywood's "inner circle" where she was threatening to hold a press conference and reveal "secrets" she had learned from both John and Robert Kennedy.

According to the report, these secrets included her knowledge of "bases" in Cuba-perhaps a reference to the Soviet missile sites that led to the crisis a few months later-and Kennedy's plan to kill Fidel Castro.

But the first listed "secret" was a "visit by the President at a secret air base for the purpose of inspecting things from outer space." Killagen did not seem shocked by this statement . In fact, according to the CIA report, she replied that she might know the source of such a visit- a crash in New Mexico in the late 1940's. She stated that in the mid-1950's, she had learned from a British government official about a secret effort to identify the origin of the crashed space-craft and dead bodies. (Alien Agenda)

For more on Marilyn and Killgallen go to our Conspiracy Theory Page.

Olivia Newton- John

The Australian singer and actress encountered a UFO in 1964. "A friend and I had driven out of Melbourne to attend a car rally," she says in John Pinkney's Paranormal Files

"We were on a deserted road with no other vehicles in sight. Suddenly, I had the weird sensation that something was nearby. It was a prickling feeling, rather like static electricity. I looked around and couldn't see anything - then something I can't explain made me look up into the cloudless sky."

"I was stunned by what I saw. The object seemed fairly small at first, but increased in size with amazing speed. It was brilliant silver, yet seemed occasionally to glow with a halo of different colours. It moved at terrific pace and seemed able to change direction very quickly. It would hover motionless for a while like a bright star, before moving across the sky again. The shape changed as I watched. First it was triangular, then it formed in to a ball.

"My friend and I just stood there looking at the thing - hoping someone else would come along to share the experience with us. But no one did."

"Before that incident I'd have shrugged off any talk of flying saucers. But today I have a totally different view.
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