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In January 1981, a disc landed in a farmhouse yard in Trans-En-Provence in the Var region of southeastern France. It left massive markings. A UFO research team and agricultural agencies showed grass in the area had been exposed to what appeared to be very high levels of nuclear radiation.

The owner of farmhouse, Renalto Nicolai, reported seeing the object land on his property. "My attention was drawn to a small noise, a kind of little whistling. I turned around and saw in the air a ship the size of a pine tree at the edge of my property. The ship was descending towards the ground. I only heard a slight whistling, I saw no flames, neither underneath or around the ship," he said.

Nikolai said that the ship was in the form of two saucers upside down, one against the other. It was about 1.5 metres high and the colour of lead.

"While the ship was descending, I went closer to it and got a better vantage point on a roof. From there I coluld clearly see the ship sitting on the ground. At that point the ship began to emit another, constant whistling. The ship kicked up a little dust as it lifted off. The ship accelerated rapidly and disappeared over a row of trees."

Nicolai then proceeded to the exact spot of the landing, about 30 metres from his vantage point. He noticed circles two circles about two metres in diameter.

Physical traces left on the ground were taken by the police within twenty-four hours and later analyzed in several French government laboratories. Microscopic analyses revealed anomalous bio-chemical and electro-magnetic effects on the soil and vegetation.

There were still traces left of the presence of peculiar electronic and chemical readings forty days after the encounter.

French Air Force UFO Report 1999:
In July 1999, a document entitled "Les Ovnis et la Defence: A quoi doit-on se prepare" (UFO's and Defence: For what we should prepare?) was published in France. The ninety page report was put together by a team from the Higher Studies for National Defence and scientists from several fields. These included Air Force Generals, Admirals from the navy, the Director of Aeronautical Studies and even a Doctor of political science. The credentials of the panel were extraordinary. Presented to President Jaques Chirac before its publication, the report is said to be the closest any Government has come to acknowledging the security threat that UFO's pose. Like the 'Briefing Document', released throughout the US in 1992, the French report addresses what UFO's are, how they function, and what might be the motives of their occupants. It is at this point that security issues are raised. It is noted that numerous instances exist of UFO's flying over nuclear missile sites, and reference is made to a quite amazing, multiple-witness case at a Russian missile base, which is also covered in the Briefing Document.

October 2001: 
There was a considerable upswing in UFO activity in Belgium and France, including the elusive black triangles. In mid-October a young lady reported a strange UFO in the Avioth area of northern France. She described it as being a very dark, square shaped UFO with four lights, one at each corner. Further reports of the object or similar objects came in from Charleroi, Belgium, just across the border.