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January 23, 2002: Massachusetts Senator talks new energy

In Let's hope they're friendly, a review of the filming of an object by a news crew over New Zealand in 1978, the author, former TV news reporter, Quentin Forarty, recalls an article published by Air New Zealand pilot Bruce Cathie who was also one of the countries leading UFO experts.

He went to print with the claim that UFO's sighted in recent years (pre-1978) were Earth-based, the product of a world-wide group of scientists who have combined their research into one major experiment.

Cathie also believes some of the objects are from outer space and that earth scientists have studied these craft, learned their secrets and come up with some of their own designs.

He claims details of this research have been kept from the public because it is so advanced it makes everything else obsolete.

Cathie also believes that the UFO's draw their energy source from a grid system which criss-crosses the earth.

He claims the system is also used as a navigational aid by visitors from outer space.

UFO's are man-made!

The British Saucer Project

In 1973 British Rail was granted a patent for a 'Space Vehicle', which explains in detail how to construct a nuclear powered flying-saucer seating 22 passengers.

The proposed space craft works on the basic principle of nuclear fusion. The jet of fuel - which could be types of hydrogen - is fired through a nozzle at the bottom of the saucer.

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