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December 27, 1980.  Rendelsham Forest UK / August 1956 Brentwaters encounter.

Several UFO incidents, including multiple witness sightings by military personnel and ground traces with above-normal radioactive readings were reported in late December 1980 at the Rendalsham Forest in Sufolk, England. The forest is close to two US Air Force Bases; RAF Brentwaters and RAF Woodbridge. The direct involvement of more than 60 witnesses - not civilians, but highly trained military personnel - adds further credence to the story.

The Rendelsham Forest incident of 1980 was one two UFO encounters (the other being Roswell 1947) to receive official recognition from the government and the military. 

Not only have the British and American Police, Military and Defence Dept personnel acknowledged the landing, official documentation was released and USAF witnesses, including Jim Penniston (left), have talked openly about the incident.

Lt Col. Charles Halt, was the deputy commander of the RAF/USAF/NATO airbase where reports had several personnel and civilians seeing strange lights near the installations.

A memo written by Halt emerged in 1994. On Official letterhead and paper, he describes three patrolmen entering  the forest after strange lights had been reported by nearby RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk. The patrolmen investigating the lights had asked for permission to go outside the grounds fearing a plane had crashed or been forced down.

The three patrolmen were, Airmen First Class John Burroughs (left), Edward Cabanasag and the aforementioned Penniston. They encountered a strange glowing object, metallic in appearance, triangular in shape, two to three metres across the base and two metres high.

The object lit up the forest with a white light. It had a pulsating blue light on its top and a bank of blue lights underneath. It was hovering, or on its legs.

In later interviews Burroughs recalled that time seemed to be running in slow-motion and that he had little control over his body. Cabansag earlier reported witnessing a triangular craft spoken of by Penniston but he later changed his story saying that the time of the encounter is a 'blank' in his mind.

Penniston was the most experienced of the trio having served for seven years and recovered many crashed aircraft. On retiring in 1993 he had received 27 medals. He had got within twenty metres of the craft taking many photographs The photographs were handed in to the USAF and the men never saw them again.

He said in an interview that the air surrounding it was electrifying with tingling in his skin and hair. He also had a sense of moving in slow-motion.

Penniston did not recall noticing any seams or openings as he had neared the object. He slid his hand over the warm surface. Suddenly there was a flash of light and Penniston along with Burroughs were thrown to the ground. 'the craft then rose a flew slowly away in a careful line through some trees. The craft maneuvered and disappeared. Animals in a nearby paddock went into a frenzy. The patrolmen said that they could hear what sounded like a woman screaming.

The next day there was a considerable amount of landing evidence in the report area. These included ground indentations and high radiation readings at the alleged landing sight. The levels of radiation peaked in the indentations. A nearby tree had considerably high readings down one side toward the depressions.

That evening there were many more 'lights in the sky' reports in the Suffolk area.

After retiring Penniston admitted to years of nightmares about his experience and agreed controlled regressive hypnosis. Two sessions were monitored by a psychologist and video taped. When he undertook his second, Penniston gave chilling accounts of alien messages that they were collecting sperm from humans to take back to a planet located in our future.

He spoke of a world of darkness and pollution faced major problems of survival, particularly reproduction. He went on to explain that the visitors were here to target specific individuals of both sexes to remove sperm and take them back to the future.

Colonel Halt became directly involved in the UFO incidents when he led a second patrol into the forest two nights later. He made an audio tape recording describing live the puzzling events of that night. While the entire tape runs for about twenty minutes, it covers a span of over three hours. The tape describes their efforts to carry on radiation readings in the area of the previous encounter. As the night goes on, the voices become increasingly excited as strange lights again appeared above the forest.

Col Halt has recalled that the group were observing the craft from about 200m away. "It looked like the sun winking at you. It was moving from side to side and when we put on night vision goggles it looked like it had a hollow centre, a dark centre," Halt said. "It was a bit like the pupil of an eye looking at you, winking. And the flash of light - through the goggles - almost burnt our eyes.

Halt said that the object moved about and pulsed, appearing to throw off glowing particles. It then broke into five different objects and then disappeared.

On the Unsolved Mysteries program in 1991, Col Halt described the object: "We could see it very clearly.......I noticed other beams of light coming down from the same object falling on different places on the base. My boos was standing in his front yard and he could see it the beams of light falling down, and the people in the weapons storage area and other places on the base also reported the lights.

August 13, 1956
The Rendalsham encounter was not the first time that UFO sightings had been reported by the British Military. On the night of August 13, 1956, radar operators at two military bases in the east of England (Brentwaters, again, and RAF Lakenheath) repeatedly tracked single and multiple objects that displayed high speed as well as rapid changes of speed and direction.

The bases began tracking the objects at about 9.30pm. About two hours later, the RAF launched a deHalviland Venom jet interceptor from RAF Waterbach. The pilot saw a bright light and managed to lock it on to his radar. Just as he was making a report to base, the light disappeared.

The craft re-appeared and began what seemed a friendly chase. The British pilot could not get in front of the object which continued to perform maneuvers at his planes tail. Another interceptor was launched to render assistance with the pilot saying that the object was :"the clearest thing I've ever seen on radar."

The second pilot also suddenly lost the object and the bewildered airmen returned to base.

The 1969 report by the Air Force-funded study at the University of Colorado under Dr. Edward Condon concluded:
'In summary, this is the most puzzling and unusual case in the radar-visual files. The apparent rational, intelligent behaviour of the UFO suggests a mechanical device of unknown origin as the most probable explanation of the sighting. However, in the view of the inevitable fallibility of witnesses, more conventional explanations of this report cannot be entirely ruled out. (From: UFO Briefing Document by Don Berlner)


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