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Dr Carol Rosin was the first female corporate manager of Fairchild Industries and was spokesperson for NASA rocket scientist Werner Von Braun in his later years.

She has testified before Congress on many occasions about space-based weapons.

Von Braun revealed to Dr Rosin a plan to justify weapons in space, based on hoaxing first, a Russian threat, then a terrorist threat, an asteroid threat, then finally an extraterrestrial threat.

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US seconds away from nuclear obliteration in 1983!

July 23, 2002: Is the US government ready to open up its military secrets?

Bush reveals shadow state

January 23, 2002: Massachusetts Senator talks new energy

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UFO's in the USA - The Presidents, Politicians, UFO's and Space.

Space, the Pentagon believes, is the ultimate military "high ground" - the tower from which it can pour burning oil.

Therefore, America's goal there should be "Full Spectrum Dominance".

In 2000, the air force developed its Strategic Master Plan for space, which states the US goal bluntly:
"To maintain space superiority, we must have the ability to control the 'high ground' of space. 

To do so, we must be able to operate freely in space, deny the use of space to our adversaries, protect ourselves from attack, in and through space and develop and deploy a NMD (normal missile defence) capability.

NMD is the $8.3 billion missile shield that President George W. Bush and his Secretary for Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, have championed. According to Strategic Master Plan, NMD is but part of a triad of technologies - along with improved space surveillance and anti-missile weaponry - that, the air force hopes, will lead to total "space control."

George Friedman, an intelligence consultant, and the author of 'The Future war', calls the national missile defence plan a Trojan Horse for the real issue, the coming weaponisation of space.

Planners envisage a high-tech arsenal that will take full advantage of the military potential of space, ranging from the near term poosible to the long-term notional: kinetic energy rods, micro-wave guns, space based lasers, pyrotecnic electro-magnetic pulses, holographic decoys, robo-bugs, suppression clouds, 360-degree helmet-mounted displays, cluster satellites, oxygen suckers, micro satellites, destructo swarmbots, to name a few. (From: Killers from outer space. By Jack Hitt. Good Weekend Magazine, The Melbourne Age, September 29, 2001)

Although it is quite feasible that even the President of the USA does not have access to highly classified UFO information, many of the Presidents have shown a direct interest in UFO's or have actually seen one.

President George W. Bush

In May 2001, Bush re-initiated Ronald Reagan's SDI Missile Shield  (NMD-National Missile Defense System) to "protect the US, it's friends and allies from new and emerging threats". This came shortly after the China-US P2 Surveillance Plane incident in April which led to the highly secret spy plane and its crew being impounded in Chinese territory.

Bush declared nuclear peace could no longer be guaranteed by mutually assured destruction. -"the grim premise that we can seek those who seek to destroy us." In June the system was apparently tested successfully with a dummy missile obliterated by the fire power of the SDI system.

This 'Cold War Relic' was revitalized by the President while he criticized the Anti Ballistic Missile Treaty as being, yes, 'a relic of the Cold War.' 

In UFO circles, many see Bush, through his father and former President, as being privy to much information on the UFO security threat. Was Bush stepping up the earths defences against these threats? And as he takes weaponry into space on such a grand scale, will those who possibly inhabit other planets be impressed by such a hostile act?

On December 17, 2001, it was reported that the Navy cancelled part of a planned missile defence program days after the U.S withdrew from the Anti Ballistic Missile Treaty.

The program was cancelled "due to poor performance and projected future costs and schedules", prompting criticism that President Bush had withdrawn from the treaty needlessly and hastily.

President Bill Clinton

According to a  source in contact with the CIA's UFO Desk within the Directorate for Science and Technology, Clinton had made several pilot videos of proposed alternative public announcements about UFOs and ET presence/visitation.

It has been widely reported that President Clinton was not satisfied with the UFO briefings he had received from the CIA. This was because the CIA information conflicted with data Science Adviser Jack Gibbons had independently acquired.

In 1993, Laurance Rockefeller, an interested follower of the UFO phenomenon, assisted by his 'point man' on UFO matters, Cdr Scott Jones, Ph.D., USN-ONI (Ret.), a former career intelligence officer, began a campaign, dubbed the "White House Initiative", to get the current administration to reveal to the public promptly, yet responsibly, what the government knows about UFOs and ET visitation.

Rockefeller and Jones met with Clinton White House Science Adviser Dr John Gibbons in March 1993 and presented a "Matrix of UFO Belief" analysis monograph. A follow-up visit by Mr Rockefeller took place with Dr Gibbons at the White House on 4th February 1994. Thereafter, it is reliably reported that President Clinton gave initial agreement to the White House Initiative. Subsequently, White House Science Adviser Gibbons was tasked to find out everything about UFOs.

A recent Freedom of Information Act request directed to Dr Gibbons yielded a cache of UFO-related correspondence between Dr Gibbons and Laurance Rockefeller, Dr Scott Jones, US Air Force officials, former French Government UFO investigations office (GEPAN) official Dr Jacques Vallee, and former Defense Secretary Melvin Laird. Defense Secretary Laird is the official who also authored a letter to incoming Clinton Administration Defense Secretary Les Aspin, offering to brief him about UFO matters. Dr Jacques Vallee, in April 1995, briefed White House Science Adviser Gibbons on his knowledge of the UFO phenomenon.

On the weekend of 19th-20th August 1995, Laurance Rockefeller had President Clinton as his guest at his Wyoming ranch in the Grand Tetons. The New York Daily News reported that Rockefeller has been pressing the Clinton Administration to open the government's UFO files. The News has obtained correspondence from Laurance Rockefeller to White House Science Adviser Dr John Gibbons, in which Rockefeller stated that the government must put an end to over 40 years' denial of UFOs. Mr Rockefeller recently funded a study on UFO activity, which involved the help of three former astronauts.

The result of Rockefeller's study was the UFO Briefing Document. It was prepared under the supervision of his associate Marie Gailbraith, the cases assembled by researchers Don Berliner and Antoni Huneeus.

Copies of the report were sent to prominent politicians, world leaders and scientists in 1996. Rockefeller and his group waited expectantly for a response but it was virtually ignored by those who received it. The results were so negative that those who put it together now refuse to be interviewed about the subject.

Presidential Candidate Bob Dole.
During the week of 17th September 1995, Dole disparaged President Clinton's economic policy (that more than two per cent economic growth is impossible without inflation) by commenting, "That's like the Air Force saying UFOs are impossible."

Presidential Candidate Ross Perot.
During his presidential campaign in 1992, made lots of back-channel UFO inquiries.

President George Herbert Walker Bush.
Bush is a former CIA Director and was reportedly a member of Majestic. He was one of the few Presidents privy to the supremely classified information which the Top Secret group had on hand. In a television interview, Bob Lazar, a proclaimed UFO engineer in Area 51's S-4 at Groom Lake in Nevada said, Bush was very knowledgeable of the studies of flying saucers at S-4.

Bush was the head of the CIA when President Jimmy Carter was denied further information on UFO activity. Although Carter was the President, Bush found that he did not have sufficient clearance to access such information.

Given his security service background, it is not surprising that some conspirologists believe that the then-Vice-President Bush was the force behind a conspiracy to assassinate Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1982, in an attempt to place himself in the White House.

In 1976, a Senate committee headed by Frank Church proposed revealing size of the country's black budget -- intelligence spending that, in contradiction to the Constitution, is kept secret even from the Hill. According to journalist Tim Weiner, George H.W. Bush argued that the revelation would be a disaster and would compromise the agency beyond repair. By a one vote margin the matter is referred to the Senate. It never reached the floor.

President Ronald Wilson Reagan.
Reagan very interested in UFO's having sighted them on two occasions.

The first was in 1974 while the then Governor of California was in a plane over Bakersfield. A large flying light appeared behind the plane, elongating and suddenly taking off at a 45 degree angle. The UFO then streaked away at an amazing speed. Reagan ordered the pilot to follow the object but in his words, 'it all of a sudden went straight up into the heavens'. He then began a prolonged and in depth interest in the phenomena.

March 30, 1982: An attempt is made on Reagan's life. Given his security service background, it is not surprising that some conspirologists believe that the then-Vice-President Bush was the force behind a conspiracy to assassinate Ronald Reagan in an attempt to place himself in the White House.

The official version of the events on March 30, 1982 is that Ronald Reagan was walking to his limousine when John Hinckley Jr surged forward and opened fire with a pistol. A bullet allegedly ricocheted off the limousine and injured Reagan, but failed to kill him. However, more than one witness - including CNN anchorwoman Judy Woodruff - reported that at least one shot came from a Secret Service agent who was stationed on the overhang behind Reagan's limousine.

As one beneficiary of Reagan's death would have been Bush, conspiracy buffs have made him (or forces controlling him) the prime suspect in the Reagan shooting.

Reagan, when President placed hypothetical questions to the Russians in 1987 with President Gorbachev and, foreign minister Edvard Schervardnadze assuring him that the Soviets would unite in the event of an alien threat. Describing private discussions with General Secretary Gorbachev, he stated:
".....when you stop to think that we're all God's children, wherever we may live in the world, I couldn't help but say to him, just think how easy this task and mine might be in these meetings that we held if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from a planet outside this universe. We'd forget all the local differences and we would find once and for all that we are all human beings on this earth all together. 

In an address to the United Nations in 1987:
"In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize a common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences world-wide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world."

President Jimmy Carter.
Carter spotted a disk along with 20 witnesses while he was the Governor of Georgia in 1969.

During his 1976 election campaign, Carter has been quoted as saying: "If I become President, I'll make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public, and the scientists. I am convinced that UFO's exist because I've seen one...."

On November 27, 1977, Carter asked NASA to establish a panel of inquiry to investigate UFO's. Dave Williamson, NASA's assistant for special projects, answered on December 25 that NASA was "not anxious" to get into the controversy because "it's not wise to do research on something that is not a measurable phenomenon. There is no measurable UFO evidence such as a piece of metal, flesh or cloth. We don't even have any radio signals. A photograph is not a measurement. But he added that a group of technical experts he headed would recommend by the end of the year what NASA's response should be to the White House request.

On December 28, 1977, NASA refused to reopen investigation of UFO's. NASA administrator Robert Frosch, in a letter to President Carter's science advisor Dr. Frank Press, rejected a White House request to investigate UFO's saying that such an inquiry would be "wasteful and probably unproductive." Dr. Press said: he accepted NASA's conclusions and did not plan to pursue the matter further. NASA said: that it stood ready to analyze any "bona fide physical evidence from credible sources," but such evidence has never been found.

During the week of 17th September 1995, former President Jimmy Carter was asked a question about UFOs and he answered by relating how the Director of Central Intelligence had used a psychic to locate precisely a downed secret US plane. This was a veiled reference to intelligence agencies' use of psychics to study UFOs and extraterrestrials.

Presidential candidate, Senator Barry Goldwater.
Formerly a Major - General in the US Air Force Reserve. In the late 1960's, Senator and presidential candidate, Barry Goldwater, asked long-time friend General Curtis Le May about the rumored storage of retrieved UFO artifacts at the Wright-Patterson AFB.

Goldwater was surprised when, for the first time he could remember, his friend became angry and agitated telling him never to ask such questions again. Goldwater is also quoted as saying, "I've never seen a UFO, but when air force pilots tell me they see something come up on their wing that wasn't a plane, I have to believe them.

In a letter to a colleague written in 1979, Goldwater wrote. "It is true I was denied access to a facility at Wright Patterson. Because I never got in. I can't tell you what was inside. We both know about the rumours. Apart from that, let me make my position clear. I do not believe that we are the only planet of some two billion that exist that has life on it. I have never seen what I would call a UFO, but I have intelligent friends who have, so I can sort of argue either way."

Richard Nixon

1973: According to Beverley McKittrick, comedian and UFO enthusiast Jackie Gleason's second wife, her husband came home one night, visibly shaken. He told her that he had just returned from a visit to Homestead AFB, Florida, where, thanks to his friend President Nixon, who arranged the trip, he was shown a top secret repository where the bodies of aliens where stored. The visit was conducted under extremely tight security. More on Jackie Gleason and other celeb's!

Gerald Ford.
Gerald Ford announced  on 26 March, 1966, that he would ask the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and the Science and Astronautics Committee to consider a "full blown" investigation of unidentified flying objects. Several hundred persons had reported seeing mysterious lights in Mr. Ford's home state of Michigan during the week. No Congressional leader had called for such an investigation before. Mr. Ford said he was in Michigan Thursday night and yesterday morning "and I can assure you there is interest and I suspect public concern" over the sightings. If swamp gas caused the lights, Mr. Ford said, USAF should have no hesitancy in explaining that to a committee. Gerald Ford also said that "I think we owe it to the people to establish credibility regarding UFO's and to produce the greatest possible enlightenment on the subject.

John F. Kennedy.
Bill Holden, a staffer on Air Force One once asked President Kennedy what he thought about UFO's. Kennedy replied by saying "I'd like to tell the public about the alien situation, but my hands are tied. Was he killed to stop him from providing this information?

It has also been alleged that Marilyn Munro was thought by the CIA to be privy to sensitive information that she had gleaned from the Kennedy brothers. Many believed that she was killed as a result of a threat she had made to reveal these secrets. Click here for more on JFK and Marilyn Munro.

President Eisenhower.
On the evening of February 20, 1954,
Eisenhower was apparently spirited over to Edwards Air Force Base, Muroc Dry Lake, California, whilst visiting Palm Springs for what was reputedly a demonstration of a disk which the Air Force was test flying.

The disk was 100 feet in diameter and had been seen by some officers sitting on the air bases runway. It was allegedly housed in Hangar 27.

One pilot who claims to have been present while Eisenhower was at Muroc added to the stories by saying that humanoid aliens landed in several craft of varying shapes and appearances. He said that they communicated with the President, informing him of their desire to commence an education program for the people of the earth.

Eisenhower era White House military staffer confirms during CSETI Congressional Briefing  President Eisenhower's deep concern over the loss of control of the UFO issue to the military-industrial complex.
See President Eisenhower's historic farewell address to the Nation, during which he warns of this danger.

1952 (July 19 - August 3): Over three consecutive weekends UFO's buzzed the capitals monuments, most notably the White House. Fighters were sent out to monitor the objects which were picked up on all radars. Many photographs are in circulation of a formation of disks over the White House.

Harry S. Truman
Government conspiracies have been coming to light since the Freedom of Information Act under Truman's presidency. 
Toward the end of World War 2, he commissioned General Jimmy Doolittle to report on the German Flying Fire Balls, or 'foo-fighters'. The officer reported back to Truman that the foo-fighters were real, were not German craft, and were most likely of extraterrestrial origin.

On 15 August 1945, US President Truman, gave an executive order and in March of 1946 the collection of German materials relating to their study of new technology began. The operation, known a 'Paper Clip' was to secrete German scientists into the United States to develop 'miracle weapons systems'. This group was headed by Werner Von Braun.

In mid 1947 Truman established the Majestic 12 Committee responsible for keeping track of all UFO information. The group is made up of people positioned very highly in the intelligence and defence agencies.

On April 4, 1950, Truman said at a White House Press Conference: "I can assure you that flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any power on earth.

J. Edgar Hoover.
In response to a government request to study UFO's, Hoover wrote: "I would do it, but before agreeing to do it, we must insist on full access to disks recovered. For instance, in the L.A case, the army grabbed it and would not let us have it for cursory examination. (Handwritten note to Clyde Tolson, July 15, 1947.)

One account of how astronauts were muzzled when it came to reporting UFO sightings came from ex NASA space program member Otto Binder, who accused his former employer of censoring transmissions from Apollo 11 and other missions by switching to frequencies unknown to the public. He claimed that unnamed ham radio enthusiasts monitored the Apollo 11 transmissions after the astronauts landed in the Sea of Tranquility and overheard one of them exclaim, "These babies are huge, sir....enormous...Oh, God, you wouldn't believe it! I'm telling you there are other spacecraft out there.....lined up on the far side of the craters edge...they're on the moon watching us..." CLICK HERE for more Astronaut Information!