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1952- UFO's over Washington DC,




Peter Khoury Bill Chalker and alien DNA

Famous Sightings, Witnesses and Disappearances.

The Barnaul Airport closure, Siberia - 2001
Pilots of planes trying to land and about to take off from the Barnaul airport reported seeing a UFO.
The lighted object stayed for an hour-and-a-half before disappearing as suddenly as it had arrived. The airport in southern Siberia was shut down for an hour and a half when an unidentified flying object (UFO) was detected hovering above its runway. More

December 27, 1980, Rendelsham Forest UK. One of the only two UFO encounters to receive official recognition from the Government and the Military. 
On at least two evenings, personnel bore close witness to an object near Brentwaters Air Force base in Rendelsham Forest. There was a similar encounter at the base in 1956. More

It was at Roswell New Mexico on July 3, 1947 that farmer Mac Brazel reported a flying saucer had crashed on his property.

Within in two days of his finding, the army had been called in and Commander Haut stated that a disk had been retrieved. This was reported in many news services. 
The Army proudly told the world how they had captured one of the reported 'flying saucers, but the official statement was swiftly retracted. More

The Kelly Cahill Encounter.
August 7,1993: Kelly Cahill's encounter occurred when she was driving with her now ex- husband past a strip of grassy land in the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia.
A mysterious glowing light caught their attention, and closer inspection revealed an enormous saucer bigger than a three-storey apartment building in the middle of a paddock.
Two other vehicles pulled up behind Kelly and her spouse, but she was the first one brave enough to leave the car... Suddenly, from nowhere, a dark entity with massive red eyes appeared, and Kelly, without her glasses, could make out several more in the distance. More

The Linda Napolitano abduction. Manhattan, 1989.
Napolitano claims to have been abducted in November 1989 from a high-rise Manhattan apartment block. A number of people, including two policemen, saw a woman float out of an apartment window towards a hovering UFO. More


Fred Valentich, a young pilot, disappeared off the coast of Victoria, south-eastern Australia in August 1978. Shortly before losing contact with air traffic control, Valentich reported a strange, metallic object hovering him which emitted an eerie green glow. The disappearance took place in the midst of many sightings and disappearances in the area. More

Early on the morning of 31 December 1978, Melbourne television journalist Quentin Fogarty was traveling with a film crew on an Argosy freight aircraft off the New Zealand coast.  

They noticed bright objects in the sky and filmed them.

After months of research, American scientists agreed that a light source captured on the film could not be explained by explained by conventional means. NICAP, the organisation which over a period of twenty-two years had investigated 20,000 reported UFO sightings, for the very first time endorsed the film as showing a genuine flying object. More

Edwards Air Force Base
Located at Muroc Dry Lake Bed in California, Edwards AFB has been the seen of several UFO encounters.
These have involved such notable members of the community as Presidents and Astronauts.


Trans-En-Provence, France- January 1981
A disc landed in a farmhouse yard in Trans-En-Provence. It left massive markings. A UFO research team and agricultural agencies showed grass in the area had been exposed to what appeared to be very high levels of nuclear radiation.

Bill Chalker and DNA evidence.
July 23, 1992:
An abduction case from Australia resulted in what may be the world's first DNA test of abduction-related biological material. The intriguing results raise many questions about the physical nature of abduction and also illustrate the need for more intensive scientific research on this worldwide mystery.

Peter showed UFO researcher Bill Chalker that he had recovered an unusual strand of hair from the encounter.

Chalker, over the next several years, assembled a group of scientists and forensic investigators willing to work on UFO-related cases. Full Story

Kenneth Arnold is said to have coined the phrase 'flying saucers'. The farmer, piloting a small aircraft over New Mexico in 1947, used the term to describe objects which he'd observed sharing his air space. More

The Phoenix Lights

By Prashant Solomon, the webmaster and editor of www.ufoindia.org

Perhaps of all UFO sightings, the incidents that occurred on March 13, 1997, in Phoenix, Arizona, stand out as the most credible. This is one of the rare cases, possibly the only case, where credible footage of the UFO sighting was not only available, but was also broadcast on CNN, the world's leading news network. MORE

George Adamski 1955
Click here
for images which were part of an 8mm film taken by Adamski on February 26, 1955 at Silver Springs, Maryland. Although warped and warping throughout the footage, an optical expert calculated the disk as being 27 feet in diameter.

Betty and Barney Hill
The first abductees?

Travis Walton - Nov 1975

Lonnie Zamora - April 1964
Near Socorro, New Mexico, policeman Lonnie Zamora and another officer had been chasing a car when they saw the peculiar sight in the sky. It was at this moment that the officers heard a roar and saw a flame in the sky to the south-west, some distance away. The men thought there had been an explosion and sped toward the UFO.

Gulf Breeze - 1988
Gulf Breeze, Florida. A massive flap of sightings results in many photographs. Ed Walters took a great many photo's from one of the worlds most famous series of concentrated encounters.

The Varginha incident -1995
On the morning of January 20, 1995, between seven and eight a.m., the Fire Department's phone rang in Varginha, Brazil. It was a citizen reporting that a strange creature had been seen in an area of Varginha known as Jardim Andere. A short time later, there was another call, reporting the same thing. Then another, and another. Men of the fire department, which in Brazil is part of the military, were sent out, and by following directions from civilians, they were able to reach the area.

The Trinadade Island UFO. January 16 1958
The photo's on this page were taken by the Brazilian Navy near Trinadade Island in the South Atlantic Ocean.
Professional civilian photographer Almiro Baruana from the Brazilian Navy training  ship Almirante Saldanha had been preparing to take pictures of the launch of the ship, shot several images of a very active object in front of the entire crew of 48 who watched the disk in awe. The negatives from the camera were observed immediately after the encounter by several of the sailors including the ships captain. They claim the object appeared on these and rule out any hoax.


Between 1989 and 1990,  over 2500 witnesses reported seeing enormous, usually triangular shaped craft over Belgium. Reports were made by pilots and policemen and were confirmed by radar at Glons and Semmerzake.

Over three consecutive weekends UFO's buzzed the capitals monuments, most notably the
White House. Fighters were sent out to monitor the objects which were picked up on all radars.

The Astronauts
Many of the men and women blasted into space by both NASA and the Soviet Union have reported seeing objects.
They have encountered them whilst in space and while on the ground, especially in the vicinity of air bases. Many astronauts are coming forward to report their experiences and some have even partaken in Steven Greer's Disclosure Project. Click for our page on the astronauts.