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Let's hope they're friendly

Quentin Fogarty

Early on the morning of 31 December 1978, Melbourne television journalist Quentin Fogarty was traveling with a film crew on an Argosy freight aircraft off the New Zealand coast. They noticed bright objects in the sky and filmed them.

After months of research, American scientists agreed that a light source captured on the film could not be explained by explained by conventional means. NICAP, the organisation which over a period of twenty-two years had investigated 20,000 reported UFO sightings, for the very first time endorsed the film as showing a genuine flying object. 

This book tells the story of the sightings, and the chain of events which threw Quentin Fogarty's world into turmoil. Let's hope they're friendly is illustrated with 20 colour stills from the film made during the flight.

The UFO was filmed while the team were flying over the Kaikoura region of New Zealand's South Island. Aviation authorities reported that the UFO was apparently tracked by radar and the Royal New Zealand Air Force put a Skyhawk jet fighter on special standby alert. The pilot of the news team's plane said he first noticed a bright white light about 20 miles ahead, and "It appeared to stay still until we got within 10 miles, then it turned with us as I changed course. It then went above us and circled and came down beneath us. It was making definite movements in relation to us."

This publication also contains much information about the disappearance of Frederick Valentich two months prior to Fogarty's experience.