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November 6, 2001: Twenty crop circles have appeared on the property of farmer Don White at his property in Victoria, Australia

August 30, 2002: Crop circles appear in Tasmania

Melbourne talk radio station 3AW reported that, over the last week, mysterious circles had appeared in Bruce Hemley's paddocks.

The farmer from Glenorchy, Tasmania has been accused of making the rings secretly at night while others say his farm is a landing site for UFO's

Mr Hemley believes the circles are "caused by a fungus."

"It must be something in the ground," he said.

Aliens landed on my farm

, December 30, 20

A VICTORIAN farmer believes his property may have been visited by aliens after finding a mysterious outline in his back paddock.

John Gleeson discovered the U-shaped mark on the border of his Yambuk farm last week.
The mark has two parallel lines of withered grass that meet in a horseshoe shape, with lush grass untouched in the middle.

After thinking at first that it might have resulted from hand spraying, he reported his discovery to the Victorian UFO Research Society.

Mr Gleeson said the shape might have been made by a UFO hovering over his property, or possibly landing on it.

The shape was too perfect to be man-made, he thought.

"Normally with boom spraying, the nettles would be withered to non-existence," he said. "But when we found it the grass had died and the nettles had not. It is usually the other way around."

UFO Research Society investigator Jason Groves told Mr Gleeson the shape was like another recently found in Mildura.

The society will send an investigator to Mr Gleeson's farm, near Warrnambool, to examine the mark.

Mr Gleeson said that while he believed it was possible there was extraterrestrial life, he was a no-nonsense farmer.

"I found it a few days before I reported it and I agonised over it," he said.

"I thought, 'this will cause publicity if I open my trap'.

"I would like to think I have some ideas that these things do exist, and there are a lot of sightings, which mean there may be some substance."

Mr Gleeson's son, Greg, is undecided.

"I really don't know whether it is real or not real. It has happened. The grass is dead as a maggot," he said.

"It is something I have never seen before. My old man carries on a bit about it. We thought it needed to be reported to the experts. I won't make a big fuss of it."

Greg Gleeson, who also lives on the property, said neighbours did not support the UFO theory.

"They laugh and think it's a joke," he said. "I don't think it's funny; not when it is your land. I don't know if anyone is playing a joke."

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