/javascript" src="static/js/analytics.js"> Crop circles - Bendigo,  Australia - November 2001

August 30, 2002: Crop circles appear in Tasmania

February 17, 2002. Australian Dish finds star

December 30, 2001: UFO landing evidence in southern Victoria?

October 31, 2001: The world's latest crop circle mystery has surfaced in Australia.

Twenty of the circles have appeared on the property of farmer Don White at his property 45km north of Bendigo. The farmer described the circles as being two metres in diameter, with the grain stalks bent over in an anti-clockwise direction.
With no tracks leading to or from the circles, Mr White was confused as how these configurations had appeared. It should be noted that many of the shapes were located in close proximity to a road. The story was reported in Melbourne's Herald- Sun newspaper and on TV network news.

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