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April 4, 2002: Astronomers spot large unknown object in Japan

Syuzo Isobe, president of Japan's Space Vigilance Association, released an announcement stating that "a large unknown object had been detected in the upper regions of the sky over the Pacific Ocean south of Japan. The object, which was 50 meters (165 feet) in length, was found to be in a stationary position at an estimated altitude of 36,000 kilometers (21,600 miles), and would appear to be an artifact constructed by an intelligent species.'

"Toshi Nakagawa of the UFO Investigation Organization of Japan announced that his group would further investigate this incident." (See the Tokyo newspaper Asahi Shinbun for April 5, 2002. "Arigato" a Daniel Munoz para esa noticia.)

From: UFO Round Up

Japanese tourist Ryo Terumoto, photographing the sacred Mount Gnung-Agun, captured a silvery metallic lens shaped flying object in the distance just below the left peak of the mountain range (left). Later analysis showed the image to be of a real object a considerable distance from the camera.

Early on November 17, 1986, a Japanese airlines cargo flight with a crew of three was made aware of a UFO in its vicinity by an air traffic controller. A radio message to the pilot of the Paris bound aircraft, Captain Kenju Terauchi, informed him he was not alone in the local skies. The Anchorage air traffic dept. informed him that heavy military radar had detected a presence. The transmission was as follows: 'JAL 1628 Heavy. Military radar advises they are picking up intermittent primary behind you in trail. In trail, I say again'.

According to the captain and his two assistants, said that the UFO's had been trailing them as they watched their position on the planes radar. Captain Terauchi said that the crew observed the radar blips for half an hour and said that the object appeared to be twice the size of an aircraft carrier. He said that there were several objects moving quickly and stopping suddenly. At one time the light from the object was so bright that it lit the plane's cockpit and Captain Terauchi said that he could fell the heat on his face.

General Kanshi Ishikawa, Chief of Staff of Japan's Air Self-Defence Force; Commander of the 2nd Air Wing, Chintose Air Base, said in 1967, "Much evidence tells us UFO's have been tracked by radar; so, UFO's are real and they may come from outer space.....UFO photographs and various materials show scientifically that there are more advanced people piloting the saucers and mother ships. (Interview published in UFO News, vol 6, number 1, 1974.)

Below: A UFO photographed at 4,000 feet by Shinichi Takeda of Fujisaw.

Below: A photograph taken on the Iki Isles.


Left: Mr. Yukio Ishida, 39, a company president from the vicinity of Kozakai-cho, Aichi Prefecture, was driving his car along the bank of the Toyokawa Canal, when suddenly he noticed a strange object flying in the sky beyond the opposite bank of the canal. It was then about 11:30am. He was astonished and trembling with excitement, he stopped the car and got out with his camera. He readied it and succeeded in taking 10 good photographs of the object before it flew away.

On October 10, 1975, Osamu Tsugaane snapped a picture of a golden shape that looked like a deep inverted pudding bowl over an air force base at Hya Kuri. (From: The Worlds Greatest UFO Mysteries, Roger Boar)