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March 3, 2002: Two more UFO cases reported in India

On Sunday, March 3, 2002, at 7:20 p.m., Aninda Duta and his wife "were driving from Bidhan Nagar to the airport in Calcutta. While driving, my wife's attention was grabbed by a bright white light, fairly low on the horizon in front of us and to our right. Looking in the direction she was pointing, I observed an extremely bright light."

"It was a perfectly clear night, and the clock on the dashboard of my car informed it was precisely 7:20 p.m. The light was clearly the brightest object in the sky by a factor of many magnitudes (say, a factor of 20 percent brighter than the brightest star that was visible--A.D.) Initially, I assumed it was the landing lights of an aircraft, but, as I continued to drive, I expected the light to diminish as my reference (position in relation to) the aircraft continued to change. I also expected to see the usual red and green blinking (navigational) lights on the wing tips. But the remarkable thing is that the intensity did not change, nor could you see the intermittent red and green lights usually associated with aircraft."

"I also thought that the object was a helicopter, as it seemed to be just hanging motionless in the air. But with the car windows down, neither one of us could hear any aircraft engine sound. However, given the relative position of the light to us, I would have definitely expected to hear some engine and rotor noise," which would have been the case had the light been attached to a real helicopter.

Nine days later, on Tuesday, March 12, 2002, at 7 p.m., software engineer Roger Sequeira, 31, had a strange encounter in Goa state, about 300 kilometers (180 miles) south of Mumbai (Bombay).

"First, let me tell you that until March 12th, I was a total disbeliever in aliens," Roger reported, "However, on the 12th, in Verna, Goa, on the eve of my departure for Mumbai, I was taking a stroll on a deserted road. It was twilight, and there were no other humans in sight and just some goats grazing in a field."

"It was then that I saw an amber glow in front of me. I looked up to see what was causing it and noticed a peculiar cylindrical object hovering above. I cannot say exactly how large it was because I was too confused to take in the details. As I stood in the glow, I felt a rather strange sensation, as if my skin was peeling. However, it caused me no bodily harm. Then the object rose higher and moved out of sight."

"I consulted my watch to note the time and it said 7:03 p.m. However, upon returning home, I noticed that my watch was still showing 7:03 p.m. I am now in Mumbai and tried taking two family members into confidence. But they only laughed at me and called my thoughts irrational." (Many thanks to Louise A. Lowry of World of the Strange for these reports.)

From: www.ufoinfo.com

May 2, 2002: UFO sighted over Noida, India.

At 7:24pm, Monica Bose from an industrial town Noida in the state of Uttar Pradesh in north eastern India, saw a yellow light in the eastern sky.

Monica originally thought the light to be a star but it glowed then became a little dull and suddenly became 2 small red lights.

The witness then suspected it may have been a plane but instead of going straight it began to hop and picked up speed before completely disappearing.

"A plane can never go at such a speed", Monica commented.

October 2,1994: UFO sighting in New Delhi

Disgusted at having not joined the group of amateur astronomers that left Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi for sky-viewing on the outskirts of Delhi, Ashwini Kumar Lal, a government advisor was dejectedly looking at the night sky around 8-30pm.

Standing on the balcony of his house in the Gole Market locality of Delhi, Ashwini then happened to observe six dimly-lit yellow red star-like objects swiftly moving across the north-eastern skies of Delhi.

The objects were hexagonal and were at a location somewhere between 40 and 45 degrees from the horizon.

They did not produce any sound, and disappeared from the sight in less than a minute.

Ashwini was confused but excited and reported the sighting a local daily with a view to learning reader's reaction.

He wrote that to his surprise, he did receive a reply from scientist, Prof. K.S. Vashistha referring to the sighting of a similar UFO October 10, 1994 in Agra (India).

The news of sighting UFO in Delhi sky was a big national news in the national press.

Reported in the following newspapers
1. The Sunday Times of India. October 30,1994. Captioned "Hexagonal UFO sighted over Delhi".
2. The Telegraph (Calcutta) October 27,1994. Captioned "Skywatcher claims UFO sighting". 

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