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Dr. J. Allen Hynek

Dr Hynek, an astronomer and Chairman of the Department of Astronomy at Northwestern University, served as a specialist on UFO's in the USAF investigation of the phenomena.

Early 1948: He became a member of military UFO study group, Project Sign while director of Ohio State University's Macmillan Observatory.

Dr Hynek was to head further Air Force studies codenamed Grudge and Bluebook until 1969.

He states that, from sources independent of his own official government investigation, it is known that UFO landings took place at Canon Air Force Base in New Mexico on May 18, 1954, at Deerwood Nike Base on September 29, 1957, and at Blaine Air Force Base on June 12, 1965

During the 1960's an Australian government employee shot some celebrated of a UFO flying over New Guinea. The film showed a vehicle hurtling at speed over Port Moresby. The man gave the film to the Australian Air Force who immediately began to deny its existence. Several years later Professor Hynek presented the public with proof the film had been swept beneath a security carpet.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, Hynek sued the US government for release of UFO files held by the Air Force. The court ordered that the files be made public. Amid the mass of evidence was the Port Moresby film, which the RAAF had secretly passed on to the US Air Force.

In the late 1960's, President Gerald Ford established a committee to study the UFO phenomena with Edward Hugh Condon, a physicist, as chairman, and Hynek as a member. Hynek noted that people were unwilling to cooperate in their studies and that information was being concealed and the group broke its ties with the Air Force, establishing a private research group.

In 1973, Hynek established the private Centre for UFO Studies at Granston, Illinois. During that year he collected 1,474 authenticated reports of UFO sightings. Hynek's centre has more than 3000 reports of markings left by disks.

Hynek established two primary criteria when studying UFO reports. His first was 'credibility'. Hynek believed that if the individual making the report were reliable and knowledgeable about the sky, the information has a good chance of being useful.

Hynek's other criteria was 'strangeness', meaning the extent to which a reported observation differs from normal airplanes, satellites, meteors etc.

In a famous statement, Dr Hynek once said: "There exists a phenomenon.....that is worthy of systematic rigorous study.....The body of data point to an aspect or domain of the natural world not yet explored by science.....When the long awaited solution to the UFO problem comes, I believe that it will prove to be not merely the next small step in the march of science but a totally unexpected quantum jump."