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Former marine and NICAP chairman.


Stanton Friedman: Canadian Nuclear Physicist  and Roswell Researcher.

"It used to be that most people believed in UFO's but most people thought most other peolpe didn't and that effected their actions. So now you can talk.....it's alright....you don't get laughed at"- Stanton Friedman.
Stanton Friedman was responsible for the original investigation of the alleged flying saucer crash at Roswell, New Mexico. Friedman and fellow Roswell researcher William Moore, contacted over 160 witnesses associated with the 1947 incident.
In a prepared statement submitted to the House Science and Astronautics Committee UFO hearings in 1968, he posed and answered a series of key questions about the UFO phenomenon:

1. To what conclusions have you come with regards to UFO's?....."I have concluded that the earth is being visited by intelligently controlled vehicles whose origin is extraterrestrial. This doesn't mean I know where they come from, why they are here of how they operate."
2. What basis do you have for these conclusions?....."Eyewitnesses and photographic and radar reports from all over the earth by competent witnesses of definite objects whose characteristics such as maneuverability, high speed, and hovering, along with definite shape, texture, and surface features, rule out terrestrial explanations."
3. Were there any differences between the unknowns and the knowns?...."A 'chi square' statistical analysis was performed comparing the unknowns in this study to all the knowns. It was shown that the probability that the unknowns came from the same population of sighting reports as the knowns, was less than 1%. This was based on apparent colour, velocity etc...Maneuverability, one of the mist distinguished characteristics of UFO's was not included in the statistical analysis."