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Dr Peter Sturrock

Sturrock is most famous in UFO circles for his book, the UFO Enigma.

Doctor Sturrock, Professor Emeritus of physics at Stanford University, based his book on a report that was released to the press in 1998 and was published in 1999. The report entitled, "Physical Evidence Related to UFO Reports," was originally published as the proceeding of a workshop held with the support of Laurance Rockefeller between September 29 and October 4, 1997. It was developed by Dr Sturrock and a committee of distinguished scientists.

Dr Sturrock was Professor of Space Science and Physics and Deputy Director for the Centre for Space Sciences and Astrophysics at Stanford.

In a famous quote, made back in 1977, Dr Sturrock said, "The definitive resolution of the UFO enigma will not come about unless the problem is subjected to open and extensive scientific study by the normal procedures of established science. This requires a change in attitude primarily on the part of scientists and administrators of universities.

In 1987 he said, "In their public statements (but not necessarily in their private statements), scientists express a generally negative attitude towards the UFO problem, and it is interesting to try to understand this attitude. Most scientists have never had the occasion to confront evidence concerning the UFO phenomenon. To a scientist, the main source of hard information (other than his own experiments and observations) is provided by the scientific journals. With rare exceptions, scientific journalists do not publish reports of UFO observations."  (from: UFO Briefing Document, by Don Berliner)

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