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Laurance Rockefeller

In 1993, Rockefeller, an interested follower of the UFO phenomenon, assisted by his 'point man' on UFO matters, Cdr Scott Jones, a former career intelligence officer, began a campaign, dubbed the White House Initiative. The purpose of the campaign was to get the then current administration to reveal to the public promptly, yet responsibly, what the government knows about UFOs and ET visitation.

Rockefeller and Jones met with Clinton White House Science Adviser Dr John Gibbons in March 1993 and presented a "Matrix of UFO Belief" analysis monograph. A follow-up visit by Mr Rockefeller took place with Dr Gibbons at the White House on 4th February 1994. Thereafter, it is reliably reported that President Clinton gave initial agreement to the White House Initiative. Subsequently, White House Science Adviser Gibbons was tasked to find out everything about UFOs.

A Freedom of Information Act request directed to Dr Gibbons yielded a cache of UFO-related correspondence between Dr Gibbons and Laurance Rockefeller, Dr Scott Jones, US Air Force officials, former French Government UFO investigations office (GEPAN) official Dr Jacques Vallee, and former Defense Secretary Melvin Laird. Defense Secretary Laird is the official who also authored a letter to incoming Clinton Administration Defense Secretary Les Aspin, offering to brief him about UFO matters. Dr Jacques Vallee, in April 1995, briefed White House Science Adviser Gibbons on his knowledge of the UFO phenomenon.

On the weekend of 19th-20th August 1995, Rockefeller had President Bill Clinton as his guest at his Wyoming ranch in the Grand Tetons. The New York Daily News reported that Rockefeller had been pressing the Clinton Administration to open the government's UFO files. The News had obtained correspondence from Laurance Rockefeller to Science Adviser Dr John Gibbons, in which Rockefeller stated that the government must put an end to over 40 years' denial of UFOs.

The result of Rockefeller's study was the UFO Briefing Document. It was prepared under the supervision of his associate Marie Gailbraith, the cases assembled by researchers Don Berliner and Antoni Huneeus.

In 1996 copies of the report were sent to prominent politicians, world leaders and scientists. Rockefeller and his group waited expectantly for a response but it was virtually ignored by those who received it. The results were so negative that some of those who put it together now refuse to be interviewed about the subject.

On April 8, 1996, the New York Observer published a report on the release of the Briefing, under the headline: "Rockefeller Greets Aliens. A Rich Guy's UFO Dream. The tone of the article is somewhat less negative than the headline would suggest, describing the report as a 'dramatic document.'

Dr Peter Sturrock, professor emeritus of physics at Stanford University, based his book UFO Enigma on a report that was released to the press in 1998 and was published in 1999. The report entitled, "Physical Evidence Related to UFO Reports," was originally published as the proceeding of a workshop held with the support of Laurance Rockefeller between September 29 and October 4, 1997. It was developed by Dr Sturrock and a committee of distinguished scientists. (From: UFO Briefing Document, by Don Berlner)