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Images and Info on this secret base.


UFO's in the USA

Edwards Air Force Base; Muroc Dry Lake Bed, California

Disks tested in the presence of Astronauts and Presidents?

President Eisenhower
On the evening of February 20, 1954, President Eisenhower was spirited over to Edwards Air Force Base whilst visiting Palm Springs for what was reputedly a demonstration of a disk the Air Force was test flying.

The disk was 100 feet in diameter and had been seen by some officers sitting on a runway. It was allegedly housed in Hangar 27.

A former pilot who claimed to have been present while Eisenhower was at Muroc added to the stories by saying that humanoid aliens landed in several craft of varying shapes and appearances. He said that they communicated with the President, informing him of their desire to commence an education program for the people of the earth.

Gordon Cooper
, one of the famous Mercury 7 astronauts, had a UFO experience at Edwards Air Force Base on May 2 1957.

He later said of the incident; "I had a crew that was filming an installation of a precision landing system out on the dry lake bed, and they were there with movies and stills and they filmed the whole installation, and they came running to me that this UFO, this little 'saucer' had come down right over them, put down three landing gear, and landed about fifty yards from them, and as they proceeded to go over and get a better shot of it, it lifted up, put the gear in, and disappeared at a rapid rate of speed....I had to look up the regulations on who I was to call to report this, which I did, and they ordered me to immediately have the film developed, but put it in a pouch and send it to them by the commanding General's plane to Washington, which I did. And that was the last that I ever heard of the film."

Cooper was surprisingly selected as a Mercury astronaut only two years after reporting the UFO.

October 7 1965: Lunar Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell has recounted all-night monitoring of the Edwards base by up to 12 UFOs. During the event the high tech luminous disks invaded secure air space and came down low over the runways at Edwards AFB. Tower operator Sgt. Chuck Sorrels spotted them and notified the Air Defense Command.

A decision was made to launch F-106 fighter interceptors.

Mitchell, the 6th person to walk on the moon said, "The night it happened I investigated it myself and this was a real event." 

Sam Sherman's audio documentary tape called The Edwards Air Force Base Encounter, uses the actual voice recordings provided by the Air Force. Sgt. Sorrels is heard on the original tapes and in a new segment where he verifies the event as it is heard on the archival recordings. The cost of the tape is $14.95 each plus $2.00 for shipping -- total $16.95 -- you can send either a personal check or money order to: Independent International Films, Box 565, Dept.  GF, Old Bridge, New Jersey 08857.

The 1965 Edwards AFB UFO incident click for streaming video

Edwards Air Force Base acts as magnet to flying objects by Jim Marrs.