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Thanks to Xander Mahony of alien-ufos.com for his recent e-mail.

Alien-UFOs.com is devoted to the study of the existence UFOs (UFOlogy) and extraterrestrial life as well as any contact they have had with the US government and military. Designed and maintained by online UFO researcher Xander Mahony. Alien-UFOs.com includes UFO photographs and pictures, original text files relating to UFOs, conspiracy theories including how NASA faked the moon landing (Apollo Hoax), The X Files, extraterrestrials (EBEs), aliens, flying saucers, paranormal activity, a list of UFO, government and military links and a forum for discussing UFOs.

Note: This site replaces Korni's UFOs (http://kornisufos.tripod.com), I moved the site from tripod to a domain name and commercial hosting so there are no bandwidth limits or banner adds and the site is now on reliable, secure UNIX servers. Most of the content is the same, I just changed the design to make the site more attractive and easier to use. Please update your links and bookmarks, webmasters look at my link to this site information page for further instructions on updating links.

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