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Rendelsham Forest Encounter
December 27, 1980  Rendelsham Forest UK

January 17, 2002: Incredible UFO Video Captured by British Mother, and more about UFOs over Derbyshire, 2001-02.

A 44 year-old single mum in Britain is getting more opportunity to meet new people than she ever bargained for in any of her new year's resolutions. Planning for a New Year's Eve party, she stepped outside for a moment and found her eyes drawn to a strange shape in the sky. Eventually she called to a friend inside to bring out the video camera to get a better look. What they got was amazing footage of a UFO that has everyone from the paranormal community to NASA feverish with excitement and curiosity.

The footage shot that mid-day would have been amazing enough, except that the disk-like craft apparently decided that it liked the attention enough to come back that evening for a repeat performance. Again, the camcorder captured the event on tape. The following morning, garbage workers arrived early to pick up trash from the curb of the house and witnessed it there a third time. Unbelievably, once again the footage on tape verifies their incredible story.

This is not the only report of a UFO sighting in the area, either. There have been a total of 7 since last fall, all in the same general region of Britain. What exactly is the camera-hungry craft, and how many times will it come back for a repeat performance? Could this be the same unidentified craft captured on NASA's satellite photo near the STS-75 shuttle? Exactly who is gathering information and data on whom, here?

As in the first sighting (see story below) of this craft last fall, this UFO seems to be disc-shaped, with a "bite taken out of the edge" in one place and a donut-like hole in the center of the spacecraft. Blinking colored lights were noted flashing in patterns along the underside. In the videotape footage, it is seen both moving soundlessly and staying perfectly still, passing through clouds and with other clearly-focused objects in the foreground. All of these things indicate that the tapes are genuine and not the product of fraud or incorrect shutter settings that would compromise the resulting pictures.

Footage of the first sighting last fall (story below) was sold to the United States, where it has been studied but not ever released to the public.

The subsequent sightings recorded on tape are available for viewing on the Internet in several different sized clips that can be downloaded and viewed on your computer.

Photos of the NASA clip are also available for inspection and comparison. As for our camera-hungry craft, it appears that it's not quite finished yet. Incredibly, the same woman reported yet another sighting just days ago-her fourth with the craft. Details on that encounter are still forthcoming.

Source: Rense.com

More details, images, and video clips can be found here.

Some additional comments received by UFO TODAY:

No person can make the UFO move across in front of the moon and stop above a house. Is this merely a video camera/shutter effect from zooming out of focus? Not likely!
People have said it was a star or a light bulb they should make up there mind and one said it was Jupiter.
That's interesting, didn't know Jupiter bobbed and weave in the sky, or traversed so rapidly from one part of the sky to the other in minutes. What a planet!     

Additionally, why would the "bracket" effect (left) clip off only the bottom half of the supposedly blurred UFO and not the moon?

The two slightly different zoom levels of these clips may indeed impose some distortion, but that distortion should be uniform throughout the image.
To me it looks like it reflects the sun. 

Later when it has turned dark, the object returns. From a distance it appears as a white glowing stationary object, at times it appears to be changing shape morphing into two connected objects and then back to a single one again.

He zooms in onto the object and it clearly resemblance's the original "Derbyshire" phenomena, the "bite" missing on the one end of the disc is clearly visible, and on close look the object displays a myriad of green, blue, red colours.

At one point the object begins to move, first slowly, and later it floats through the a layer of skies and disappears. This is captured on video as well.

The next morning the woman is alerted by a team of garbage men, that has arrived early to collect garbage. They have spotted the object in the sky, and once again the object is recorded on movie, during daylight. However, this object to me looks a bit different from the one spotted the day and night before. It seems triangular shaped, and not circle round.


The photo which appeared on the front page of London's Daily Star was part of a film shot by a house wife in Derbyshire, England in October 2000.

The video tape had to be locked in a Nottingham bank because it reputedly contained footage of extra terrestrials.
The footage was recorded by a villager living in the Derbyshire village of Bonsall. They were so concerned it could fall into the wrong hands that they placed it in the, as yet, unnamed Nottingham bank for safe keeping. The locals first started seeing strange objects in the sky in September 2000.

A huge multi coloured disc was apparently spotted over the village of Carsington. There had been at least 20 apparent UFO sightings in the Bonsall area in the months before the object was filmed. Many of these involved "enormous" craft, according to witnesses. In what has become the most famous, Sharon Rowlands claimed she filmed a flying saucer for six and a half minutes. It's that video which was nestled somewhere in Nottingham.

Ms Rowlands, 44, said: "I was a complete disbeliever but this has made me think twice. The thing was huge and through the lens it looked like it was going to hit me. I just couldn't believe it."

A bidding war broke out among television companies from all over the world desperate to see the alleged UFO evidence.

A US television company then paid Sharon Rowlands  £20,000 for rights to the video. Kiviat Productions purchased the six-minute tape of what appeared to be a three-mile wide saucer.

NASA were also said to be interested in viewing the tape she made. It is reported that the space agency believed the craft was similar to one spotted by their cameras during a space-shuttle mission.

The craft resembled a 'disc covered with yellow, orange and blue lights. It had a dark centre and sent out light pulses', said a representative of the California company. They called the video one of "the top five pieces of UFO footage ever".

Robert Kiviat, of the TV company, said: "The film will shock people."

More footage was shot over Northwhich in late May, 2001. ( From BBC online) A UFO group based in northern England is unveiling what it claims is the best footage ever taken of a UFO in the UK.

The group, called the British UFO Studies Centre, says the video is the most convincing video-evidence of alien craft craft visiting earth this year. The four minutes of footage was shot near Northwich just over a week ago. The Cheshire-based Centre says that it shows a UFO spinning and rotating as it flies over Hartford. Even spookier, the Centre says that a colleague of the cameraman has a recorded conversation from the same time in which a pilot confirms there is a target in the sky and then refers to a military-style chase. The film is to be screened at Waterloo Community Centre in Runcorn along with other UFO sightings in the north west of England.

Numerous UFO Sightings in England: Between the time Ms Rowlands shot her film and the second lot of tape was taken near Northwich, villagers kept reporting seeing objects in the skies overhead. Several have been collected and tabled below.

Source: Filer's Files #9 -- 2001; February 26, 2001

LEICESTER, ENGLAND -- Andy Seaton reported that, "On the morning of January 24, 2001, I woke at 05:10 AM, sitting up and looking out through our East facing window (we sleep with curtains open). I observed what I first took to be a star, my attention was drawn by its unusual sparkling appearance akin to a fireworks sparkler. It then began to move in a very jerky fashion, not unlike the flight of a butterfly.  The general direction of movement was south to north. The morning was not yet fully light. There was only a little wispy cloud above the object.  I woke my wife (a skeptic) who, when  I showed her, had to agree it was indeed a UFO.  We continued to observe until it disappeared traveling northward.  The whole sighting lasted about five minutes.  I have had an interest in UFO's since I was a child, but this is my first definite sighting.

DERBYSHIRE DALES - On February 15, 2001, the Matlock Mercury Newspaper reported that close encounters continued in Dales as the national media picks up on the long string of UFO stories.  Last week, sightings including the videotape episode in Bonsall were reported by the Daily Mail, Channel Five and BBC News.  Now the Mercury has received word of another close encounter - the 20th sighting since the first back in September.  Paul Hannan (37) of Yeld Close, Bakewell saw a dome-shaped craft at around 8:00 PM on February 3.  "It was over Haddon," he said, "more or less on the Manchester flight path.  "I shouted to my wife, 'Look at this bright light out here!'  Mr Hannan, who saw a similar object in Bakewell during the mid-1900s said the craft was a brilliant white light in the sky.  Through the binoculars, he could see the light gradually fade. 

TANSLEY -- On February 21, 2001, a Wirksworth couple who saw a large blue light with an orange tail which shot across the night-sky. The man was going for a walk with his girlfriend on Summer Lane, at about 7:30 PM when they saw the strange light.  He said: "At first I thought it was a plane crashing - it is the funniest thing I have ever seen.  "It had a massive glowing tail at the back of it - but it went far too fast for a plane.  "My friend also saw it."

More details, images, and video clips can be found here.