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Dr Carol Rosin was the first female corporate manager of Fairchild Industries and was spokesperson for NASA rocket scientist Werner Von Braun in his later years.

She has testified before Congress on many occasions about space-based weapons.

Von Braun revealed to Dr Rosin a plan to justify weapons in space, based on hoaxing first, a Russian threat, then a terrorist threat, an asteroid threat, then finally an extraterrestrial threat.

( Rosin was also present at meetings in the 1970's when the scenario for the Gulf War of the 1990's was planned.)

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Government conspiracies have been coming to light since the Freedom of Information Act under Harry Truman's presidency, with most occurring in the USA . The most famous theories are discussed below.

Shambahla, Hurricane Andrew, One World Government, The JFK assassination, The Lockerbie air crash, The Okalahoma bombing, The Beatles mysteries, The deaths of Marilyn Munro and Dorothy Kilgallen, The Reagan assassination attempt, TWA 800, The September 11 terrorist attacks

Shambhala (Shangri-La)

Shambhala is Sanskrit for place of peace and tranquility. "Though its true location has never been found, Shambhala is recognized and honored by at least eight major religions and is regarded by most esoteric traditions as the true center of the planet.

It is said to be inhabited by adepts from every race and culture who form an inner circle that secretly guides human evolution."

In his book Shambhala, Oasis of Light, Andrew Tomas wrote that this remarkable "secret kingdom" existed both above and below ground in somewhere in central Asia, either in or close to Afghanistan, "with a network of tunnels hundreds of miles long. 

Cars of strange design flash along their length, and they are illumined by a brilliant artificial light which affords growth to the grains and vegetables and long life without disease to the people."

In her book Shambhala, Victoria LePage "says that many marvels are supposed to have been seen in this underground world: museums, libraries, stores of jewels and technological inventions thousands of years ahead of their time. 

And, according to ancient Chinese lore, the aircraft and space vehicles of the Immortals of Shambhala journey among the stars."

LePage thought Mount Belukha (left) was the mythical Mount Meru of ancient Indian lore. She wrote, "Within the magic ring of myth, the cosmic mountain is pre-eminent, both for its universality and its spiritual resonance. 

It has figured in the mythology of every race on earth and has been revered even in lands where there are no mountains. It is always pictured as the Axis Mundi and as bearing the habitats of sages, saints or gods upon its sides."

The Hindu Kurma Purana identifies Afghanistan as Sweta-divepa, the White Island which sits in a now-vanished inland sea, "the paradiasical homeland of mahayogis possessed of supreme wisdom and learning."

In his book The Children of Mu, Col. James Churchward revealed that his guru, an aged Hindu rishi, told him that the ancient tunnels of Afghanistan were dug back in 20,000 B.C. by the now-extinct Uighur Empire. Some of these tunnels lead directly to Shambhala.

According to Pashtun legend, there are three "secret entrances" to the Uighur tunnels hidden in the region. The hardest-to-find of these is somewhere in the valley of Shah-e-Monjan, located 200 kilometers (120 miles) northeast of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

A second "entry cave" is near Qala Panja, a mountain village at a high altitude of 3,660 meters (12,000 feet), about 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Kunduz. This area received its first visit from Europeans when the British explorers, Percival Lord and Dr. John Wood, passed through on February 19, 1838 on their expedition up the Oxus River, now the Gilgin River.

Across the border in Pakistan is the most well-known "entry cave," located near the mysterious ruins of Mahor Gahr in Kashmir. The ruins border Mansar Lake and may be the actual site of a scene from the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

In one chapter, the hero Anjuna launched a fiery missile that hit the ground at Mansar. The same missile exploded out of the ground at Surinsar, about 35 kilometers (21 miles) away. The present Mansar and Surinsar lakes were formed in the craters of the two explosions. Each lake is four kilometers (two-and-a-half miles) in circumference.


There is the possibility that Osama Bin Laden and his fellow fugitive and son-in-law, Mohammed Mullah Omar, might be hiding out in Shambhala.

Did Osama and his son-in-law take refuge in Shambhala after fleeing Kandahar?

Unfortunately for interested pilgrims, there are no signposts helpfully pointing out the caves. Like they say in Qala Panja, "You don't find the Shambhalans. They find you."

Hurricane Andrew

Andrew struck on August 24, 1992. It is the largest natural disaster ever to occur in the United States. While we'll never know the true death toll (the official toll is anything between 15 and 59 people), but the true figure could be in the many thousands. 

In April 2001, the Nexus Magazine editor wrote, "I couldn't help but wonder about the coincidental Florida link in the recent US election. You see, the uncounted thousands of dead were from South Dade County - part of the same area of Florida where the outcome of the US election was decided. Interestingly, I have seen claims that thousands of people were trucked into the Dade County area to vote for Bush."

At the time Hurricane Andrew struck, South Dade was inhabited by a large population of Mexican immigrants. The US Department of Immigration was fully aware of their presence but quietly turned its back on the situation knowing full well that the South Dade farmers couldn't harvest their crops without the help of the Mexican illegals. The heavily populated migrant camps were situated at the edge of the Florida Everglades. The people who lived there vanished without a trace during that fateful night.

On the night in August 1992, the hurricane unexpectedly slammed into South Dade, packing 214+ mph winds which quickly escalated to 350+ mph. Most of the 414,151 residents living in the danger zone were asleep when the outer wall struck. Thousands of them lost their lives, for no-one in South Dade had been evacuated or even advised to evacuate. Instead residents had been repeatedly informed by local news media that South Dade should expect to experience "50 mph winds."

By 11.00am the following morning, 8,230 mobile homes along with 9,140 apartments had vanished off the face of the Earth. The horror of what locals saw has been likened to Hiroshima. Entire families perished in ways too horrible to describe.

The US Government evacuated Homestead Air Force Base just before Andrew struck yet never released information to the civilians if South Dade.

K.T Frankovich, a survivor of the tragedy, wrote that there was a last minute and frantic alert to Dade County residents just before the storm hit.
"We interrupt this program to bring you an emergency alert from the National Emergency Centre. This is an emergency alert! The outer winds of Hurricane Andrew have just reached the Florida coast. Hurricane Andrew has shifted five degrees south. It is expected to strike South Dade within minutes! All residents should take immediate cover....All reidents are advised to stay put.....do not leave the area.

The winds hit homes like an atomic bomb. Frankovich recalls that the "screeching winds quickly transformed into the piercing, monotone hum of a jet-engine, sounding as if it had sucked us inside. It was so deafening, all other noises ceased to exist."

The hurricanes intensity, similar to that of an F5 tornado, lasted a marathon six-and-a-half-hours!

Mind-boggling injuries were suffered by many thousands of residents. Shards of glass from smashed windows had caused severe cuts, Frankovich had a broken jaw and eight teeth knocked out. Grown men are said to have been lying in the fetal position, moaning and groaning as they rocked themselves. Frankovich also saw the severed hand of a young child, two dead teenagers and a decapitated baby girl after he crawled out of the debris that was once his home.

Within 24 hours of Andrew hitting, Frankovich and eleven of his friends and several pets, broke out in big raw, oozing sores which itched and burned at the same time. They suffered horrible headaches and made so nauseous that they were dry reaching. Frankovich also said that their stomachs were cramped badly from sudden onsets off diahhorea. These symptoms reportedly lasted for over three months and in a very short tie each one of the pets died from cancer.

US military forces were on the scene soon after the hurricane ended, but they were apparently not there to help survivors. Members of the National Guard, the Army, FEMA, metro police and other  groups removed dead bodies and body parts as quickly as possible during the first ten days after the storm. For those  ten days the residents of South Dade were roped off from the outside world by US military forces. There were no medical supplies, no food, and for most, no shelter. The survivors waited for rescue teams to arrive but that just never happened.

It has been said that Thermo-King trucks, packed wall-to-wall with body bags, ended up being stored at Card Sound Navy Base located in an area just above the Florida Keys.

A man who describes himself as a Chief Petty Officer who worked for the military during the South Dade clean up has said that he was quoted a figure of "5,280 something" as being the actual toll. He also said that many bodies were disposed of in makeshift crematoriums established by FEMA and the National Guard.

When the hurricane survivors tried to get help from those collecting the dead bodies, they were met with little sympathy from those in the many police and government service vehicles that rolled into the area.

When one woman asked for help, an officer sighed heavily. He turned his head away and gazed out the windscreen. "Sir please I need your help", the woman begged again. The officer took his time about reaching over to turn off the engine. With another sigh, he slowly opened the door and climbed out. He then proceeded to close the door and stood there with his legs spread astride.

"Lady, do me a favor," he answered. "Find yourself a piece of paper and a pencil. Write down your name and social security number next to the telephone number of your nearest living relative. Tuck the piece of paper in your pocket so tomorrow, when I find your body, I'll know who to contact." 

One frightening incident caused by Hurricane Andrew and apparently covered up by the media was the one hunred million dollars worth of damage done to the Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant.

A stack at the plant suffered a 200 foot crack and had to be demolished. When it was built in the 1960's, the main structures at Turkey point were designed to withstand winds of 235mph. The winds there during Andrew were officially clocked at 164mph.

Another interesting fact is that only hours after the hurricane hade left Dade County, the Division of Tourism posted an ad in USA Today reading: Florida....we're open for business. Most people have short memories and we're kinda banking on that.

The Okalahoma bombing, One World Government, The JFK assassination, The Lockerbie air crash, The Beatles mysteries, The deaths of Marilyn Munro and Dorothy Kilgallen, The Reagan assassination attempt, TWA 800, Shambahla, The September 11 terrorist attacks

The deaths of Marilyn Munro and Dorothy Kilgallen

For years Marilyn Munro was romantically linked to both John F. and Robert Kennedy.

In 1994, Los Angeles private investigator Milo Spiraglio, who wrote three books about Munro's controversial death, obtained a poorly reproduced copy of what appeared to be a CIA report dated August 3, 1962 - just two days after the actress died of a reported overdose.

The report stated that, through a phone tap, agents had listened in on a conversation between renowned reporter and sharp-witted T.V personality, Dorothy Kilgallen and a close friend in Hollywood. 

The friend talked about a break-up between Munro and the Kennedy's and said the actress was attending parties hosted by Hollywood's "inner circle" where she was threatening to hold a press conference and reveal "secrets" she had learned from both John and Robert Kennedy.

According to the report, these secrets included her knowledge of "bases" in Cuba - perhaps a reference to the Soviet missile sites that led to the crisis a few months later - and Kennedy's plan to kill Fidel Castro.

But the first listed "secret" was a "visit by the President at a secret air base for the purpose of inspecting things from outer space." Kilgallen did not seem shocked by this statement.  

In fact, according to the CIA report, she replied that she might know the source of such a visit - a crash in New Mexico in the late 1940's. She stated that in the mid-1950's, she had learned from a British government official about a secret effort to identify the origin of the crashed space-craft and dead bodies.

In a story Dorothy published in 1955, she stated, "I can report British scientists and airmen, after examining the wreckage of one mysterious flying ship, are convinced that these strange objects are not optical illusions, but are actually flying saucers which originate on another planet. 

The source source of my story is a British official of cabinet rank who prefers to remain unidentified." "We believe, on the basis of our inquiries thus far, that the saucers were staffed by small men - probably about four feet tall, my informant told me." Dorothy added.

"It's frightening but there is no denying the flying saucers come from another planet. This official quoted scientists as saying a flying ship of this type could nit possibly have been constructed on Earth.  

The British government, I learned, is withholding an official report on the 'flying saucer' examination at the time, possibly because it does not wish to frighten the public. In the United States, all kinds of explanations have been advanced. But no responsible official of the U,S Air Force has yet intimated the mysterious flying ships actually vaulted from outer space."

Kilgallen covered the assassination of JFK, the year after Munro's death, in earnest. She attended Jack Ruby's trial in 1964 and became convinced that there was more to the story than anyone had anticipated.  

She interviewed Ruby in which was the only unsupervised interview he conducted. Kilgallen was apparently very excited by what she had discovered. The famous journalist then returned to New York and wrote a column linking Ruby to T.D Tippet, the policeman shot shortly after Kennedy.

She had discovered the crux of the matter, Ruby and Tippit were pals. Both of them, members of an underworldly police athletic league and a right-wing organization. She had learned of a meeting three weeks before the assassination at Ruby's "Carousel", the Dallas underworld's merry-go-round where the "Big D" mobsters wheeled around.

Present at the meeting were Ruby, Officer J.D. Tippit, Bernard Weismann, who had placed the "JFK-Wanted for Treason" newspaper ad in Dallas newspapers on November 22nd, 1963 and, she would later learn, a fourth party.

When Dorothy returned to New York, she told friends that she had discovered that Ruby and the slain Officer J.D. Tippit had been friends. They had been seen together in Ruby's Carousel Club at a meeting 2 weeks before the assassination in the company of Bernard Weissman. 

Studying the Warren Commission Report, Killgallen deduced that the meeting had also been reported to Chief Justice Warren AND that the identity of "the fourth man",which she had been unable to ascertain, had been reported to Warren as "a rich Texas oil man", as Earl Warren described him in the official transcript.

She told a friend and autobiogrpher that she had discovered something that was going to break the whole JFK assassination mystery wide open. She told the same story to her next door neighbor, her hairdresser, her agent, her publisher, and the producer and host of "Nightlife".

Kilgallen had spoken about a very mysterious and sinister player in the JFK assassination to whom she gave the code name "ferret man". From the description of the individual, it is clear that "ferret man" was none other than David Ferrie, another known associate of Jack Ruby involved in gun running, the Marcello mob and other anti-Castro operations from Florida to Texas. At one time, Ruby and Ferrie were co-owners of an airplane.

Nightlife's producer, Nick Vanoff, pleaded with her not to broach the subject on the air. She had arrived at the studio with a folder full of pertinent and explosive notes documents. She kept the folder closed throughout the interview. Vanoff, asked her agent, Bob Bach, to send her "a dozen long-stemmed roses."

She also discovered about 100 discrepancies with the Warren Commission's report and said that she was going to blow the case wide open. Kilgallen was then examined by the FBI and put under great pressure not to persevere with her investigation into the Presidential assassination. Her phone was tapped as were the phones of her friends to see where a leak may have come from.

Dorothy was found dead of an apparent drug overdose in her bed on November 8, 1965 before she could publish her findings. After her body was removed it appeared her notes had been as well. All of the data Dorothy had gathered on the JFK assassination and the Warren Report were lost.

The coroner made a complete study of the chemicals in Dorothy's system. He found a lethal concoction of several different pills which looked particularly like a deadly assassins brew. Apart from thre medical examination report, there was absolutely no inquiry into her death.

A book lay open next to Kilgallen's body but the spectacles she required to read were on the other side of the room, a long way out of her reach.

Kilgallen was married to actor Dick Colmar but he was aid to have had a "roving eye." Dorothy kept close company with rock star Johnny Ray and at the time of her death she was apparently involved with a man whose identity was not known to any of her friends at the time of her death. He was a "newspaper man from Ohio."

It was theorised that Kilgallen's husband could have procured Dorothy's documents but hopes of following this lead ended with his suicide in 1971.

Kilgallen was a noted party-thrower, her bashes in 1954 attracting the A-list of New York's social set including ex-Beatle George Harrison. Harrison died in late 2001and the peculiar circumstances of his passing are discussed elsewhere on this page.

(From: Conspiracy Theories. By David Southwell and Sean Twist, Alien Liaison by Timothy Good and Alien Agenda by Jim Marrs.)

Click here for a video preview
Woolsey, Monroe, and much, much more. Why a CIA Director was found floating face down in the Potomac River
Broadcast Quality Video - Dr. Greer's Oct. 1st 1999 UCSB lecture

Hurricane Andrew, One World Government, The JFK assassination, The Lockerbie air crash, The Okalahoma bombing, The deaths of Marilyn Munro and Dorothy Kilgallen, The Reagan assassination attempt, TWA 800, Shambahla, The September 11 terrorist attacks

One World Government.

Seen as the proposed imposition of world-wide rule by a single, United Nations type organisation. This would probably include an un-elected panel of elite international businessmen and politicians. (From: Conspiracy Theories. By David Southwell and Sean Twist. Published by Carlton Books Ltd, 1999).

In November 2001, US Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, said that he was considering the creation of a "Global Command", to fight the war on terroism.

The JFK assassination.

November 11, 1963. Many theories surrounding this one indeed.

One thing that swings it in the favor of the conspiracy theorists is the impossibility of the "single bullet theory" accepted by the Warren Commission. It claimed that one shot Oswald took from the sixth floor window entered Kennedy's back, yet rose and flew out of his neck, altering its trajectory to cause the seven wounds found in Kennedy and Governor Connally, in the seat ahead of the President's.

JFK's brain was stolen from the National archives many years ago making it hard to disprove the theory. Some suspect that the Skull and Bones association had stolen the brain.

This clandestine society based at Yale University is said to use the body parts of famous people such as JFK and the Apache warrior Geronimo in secret rituals. George W. Bush, his father George Bush Snr, and his grandfather Prescott are all believed to have been Skull and Bones members.

The CIA, the right-wing and the 'Texas oil barons' are frequently referred to as being suspects in the conspiracy. The Bush family have firm links to all of these groups further implicating them in the rumor-mill.

Kennedy was about to disband the CIA due to its corruption, its inability to oust Castro from Cuba, and its general hostility to him since the Bay of Pigs debacle. 

During the summer of 1963, Bill Holden, a staffer on Air Force One asked President Kennedy what he thought about UFO's. Kennedy replied by saying "I'd like to tell the public about the alien situation, but my hands are tied." It is alleged that in self-defence and to stop their secrets becoming public knowledge, the CIA plotted to kill Kennedy and frame a former double-agent, Oswald, as the killer.

The right-wing and Military Industrial Complex have been accused of planning Kennedy's death and placing Vice-President Johnson in the White House. Kennedy had plans to pull out of Vietnam angering those who thrive on war. Four days after Kennedy's death, Johnson sent more troops to Vietnam, completely ignoring Kennedy's recommendations.

The Freemasons and MJ-12, the top secret Defense Committee overseeing America's negotiations with extra-terrestrials, have also been implicated. Interestingly, the Bush family has been linked to these organisations as well.

An internal FBI memo on November 22 stated that "reputable businessman George H. W. Bush reported hearsay that a certain Young Republican has been talking of killing the President when he comes to Houston."

According to a 1988 story in The Nation, a memo from J. Edgar Hoover states that "Mr. George Bush of the CIA" had been briefed on November 23rd, 1963 about the reaction of anti-Castro Cuban exiles in Miami to the assassination of President Kennedy. George says it ain't him, admits he was in Texas but can't remember where. 

Since he had been the supervisor for the secret Cuban teams, headed by former Cuban police commander Felix Rodriguez, since 1960, it is likely Bush was also in Dallas in 1963. Several of the Cubans he was supervising as dirty-tricks teams for Nixon, were photographed in the Zagruder film.

The "higher authorities", intelligence agencies decided the people "needed not to know" that there were real "spooks", real phantoms of a national opera lurking under their hoods and sheets. C.D. Jackson, upon seeing the uncut Zapruder film stated: "The American people must never see this film." They still haven't.

It has been claimed that the Warren Commission Report, railroaded Oswald, with its strong box of secrets sealed till the year 2039.

(From: Conspiracy Theories. By David Southwell and Sean Twist. Published by Carlton Books Ltd, 1999)

Hurricane Andrew, One World Government, The JFK assassination, The Lockerbie air crash, The Okalahoma bombing, The Beatles mysteries, The deaths of Marilyn Munro and Dorothy Kilgallen, The Reagan assassination attempt, Shambahla, TWA 800, The September 11 terrorist attacks

The Reagan assassination attempt.

Ronald Regan became President in early 1980. He promised the dawning of a new a fruitful era for America. His promise looked solid with the release of the American hostages from Irag in early 1982 but Reagan's Presidency nearly came to a premature end only a few weeks later.

The official version of the events on March 30, 1982 is that Ronald Reagan was walking to his limousine when John Hinckley Jr surged forward and opened fire with a pistol. A bullet allegedly ricocheted off the limousine and injured Reagan, but failed to kill him. However, more than one witness - including CNN anchorwoman Judy Woodruff - reported that at least one shot came from a Secret Service agent who was stationed on the overhang behind Reagan's limousine.

When watching the video it is hard to imagine how Hinckley would have got to within such a short distance from Reagan with so many edgy police and security people in the area near his limo. It is also difficult to see how the bullet would have hit the President who didn't appear shot until he was bundled into the car.

Given his security service background, it is not surprising that some conspirologists believe that the then-Vice-President Bush was the force behind a conspiracy to assassinate Reagan in an attempt to place himself in the White House. As one beneficiary of Reagan's death would have been Bush, conspiracy buffs have made him (or forces controlling him) the prime suspect in the Reagan shooting.

Mysteriously, the Bush and Hinkley families were very old friends as both had made their fortunes in the Texas oil boom. The families shared many connections including the possibility that George Bush Snr's son Neil, was supposed to have had dinner with John Hinkley's brother Scott, the evening that John attempted to shoot Ronald Reagan.

The Presidents shooter said that he was avenging the death of John Lennon in December 1980. Prior to that day, Hinckley studied Mark David Chapman, John Lennon's assassin. Like Chapman, Hinckley brought along a copy of The Catcher in the Rye; he also kept a diary and wrote letters meant to be found later.

(From: Conspiracy Theories. By David Sothwell and Sean Twist. Published by Carlton Books Ltd, 1999)

Author and security guard to the stars, Gavin de Becker told CNN in a July 2000 report on John Hinckley's unsuccessful bail application (mandatory after 20 years jail in the US), that in his case, "the wrongness of the act was part of the appeal." That hardly fits into an insanity defense, which is based in large part on the contention that the individual cannot distinguish between right and wrong.

In 1981, President Reagan appointed Gavin de Becker to a post in Washington D.C. De Becker features as the man who was allegedly at the scene of former Beatle, George Harrison's death in late 2001.
Scroll down for more information on this interesting character.

The shooting of John Lennon.

On December 8, 1980 the rock star and peace activist, was gunned down in outside the Dakota building in New York City. A man called to Lennon as he approached the building. The lone assassin then stood in "combat stance" and emptied a magazine load of bullets into the former Beatle.

Lennon was seen as a political activist, outwardly condemning the Vietnam war at protests in England. It is interesting to note that Lennon was recognized by Fidel Castro as a revolutionary hero and that in mid 2001, the Cuban leader commissioned the creation of a statue in his honour.

The man convicted of his killing was loner Mark David Chapman. Chapman had worked for defence companies with close links to the CIA. (From: Conspiracy Theories. By David Southwell and Sean Twist. Published by Carlton Books Ltd, 1999).

When a search of Chapman's New York Apartment was made, police found he had laid everything out so they could be seen on entering the room. Among his belongings was a bible with the name Lennon penned after the page heading of St. John.

Mark Chapman was born in Fort Worth, Texas in August 1955. His family moved to Georgia when he was five. Family tensions led to him becoming a withdrawn and solitary child. It was a time of the Civil Rights riots in the South.

Chapman apparently gained a reputation as a bully at school and as he grew up he became a Christian and got into the 'Jesus movement' by the eleventh grade.

He did not receive adequate high school results to attend college, he worked at YMCA summer camps proving such a success that in 1975 he was sent ro a camp in Lebanon. His stay there ended as political tensions and dangers grew with the outbreak of the civil war.

On returning home he worked at Fort Chaffey in Arkansas re-settling Vietnamese refugees.

Chapman then attempted to make a return to his studies but seemingly failed to cope and could not gain full time employment with the YMCA. This lead to a bout of depression.

Back in Atlanta, he did a pistol course and became an excellent marksman. Chapman then became a security guard.

In late 1976, Chapman unexplainably threw in his job and by January 1977, he was in Hawaii. His intention was apparently to live the high-life until his money ran out and then to kill himself.

He called a suicide hot line and spent some time at a rehab clinc where he was employed.

He became married in 1979 and brought an apartment but apparently became severely depressed.

He took another job as a security guard and started to read and became obsessed with a hatred toward John Lennon. He saw him as a phony. A man who claimed to be a working-class revolutionary but who chose to live the lavish life-style of a rock star.

On October 23, 1979 he signed himself out from his Waikiki apartment under Lennon's name.

On October 29 he made a secret visit to New York and only called his wife to tell her once he arrived. He then spent much times outside the Dakota building where Lennon, and other stars live, and asking questions about his movements. Chapman then moved into a luxurious apartment building half a block away.

Chapman left New York after having trouble purchasing bullets in New York. He returned to Georgia and purchased a small amount of soft-nosed ammunition before flying back to New York.

He returned to Hawaii in November before flying to New York again early the following month.

Chapman moved into another apartment near the Dakota building an read Catcher in the rye while he waited for an opportunity to kiil Lennon. He spent several hours waiting and received an autograph when Lennon initially left the building. When Lennon returned, Chapman shot him five times. As he was taken away Chapman said that he had "killed the catcher in the Rye."

On June 8, 1981, Chapman, who had been expected to claim insanity, plead guilty saying that God had told him to undertake the killing. He was found guilty and received twenty years for murder.

But was Chapman working alone? Lennon's son, Sean Lennon, says no. "Anybody who thinks that Mark Chapman was just some crazy guy who killed my dad for his personal interests, is insane. Or very naive. Or hasn't thought about it clearly. It was in the best interests of the United States to have my dad killed. Definitely," he said.

And why should a conspiracy come as a surprise? Lennon, a radical revolutionist, had just started recording again and a new president, Ronald Reagan,15381882 had just taken office.

Fenton Bresler suggests in his book Who Killed John Lennon that Mark Chapman had been brainwashed to serve as a "Manchurian Candidate" to kill the prolific counter-culture leader.

But David Pryke suggests that the "lone nut" theory may not be so nutty after all. On his web site he explores the synchronicity between the lives of Chapman, Lennon, Todd Rundgren, and Holden Caulfield and how they may have led Chapman to murder.

12.7.00 (From NewsHawk Magazine)

NewsHawk has previously published several articles which made note of the fact that Chapman was without ANY doubt a CIA-trained MK-ULTRA style mind-controlled, "Manchurian Candidate" assassin.

We made note of the fact that in the course of being interviewed by Playboy magazine in 1980, Lennon made comments on certain subjects (many of which were not included in the published interview) which undoubtedly caught the attention of the CIA, as well as that of its former director, then vice-president-elect GEORGE BUSH.

In speaking with Playboy, Lennon referred a number of times to his knowledge of the fact that certain drugs -- such as LSD as well as more toxic hard drugs like heroin and cocaine -- had been spread throughout society as a whole and in particular the counterculture, for the express purpose of trying to bring about social chaos and a general breakdown in society.

He ALSO indicated his awareness that the Beatles themselves had literally been subjected to mind experimentation with respect to certain drugs they were induced to use; and further conveyed that he knew the Beatles and the entire "Beatlemania" phenomenon were to SOME extent at least just another aspect of some VERY wide-scale, globalist "social engineering and experimentation.

The Beatles were part of the mass experimentation that contemporary society was being subjected to by the CIA, Britain's MI6 and the associated "Tavistock Institute."

More than most of the other boys in the band, John Lennon had become increasingly aware of the extent of corruption, co-opting and infiltration of the counterculture -- most CERTAINLY including the rock music scene -- by these same covert government intelligence elements.

In short; John Lennon blew the lid off a lot of heavy stuff, even if somewhat obliquely, and even though the final published version was heavily edited.

Believe me, CIA personnel know how to read between the lines. You can bet George Bush knew how to as well.

It was quite clear Lennon had become aware of the extent to which the Beatles, their music and the entire Beatlemania phenomenon was to at LEAST some degree a manipulated, contrived global social event, along with the simultaneous deliberate introduction of virtually unlimited quantities of certain mind-altering drugs into society.

And, here's are a few very CLEAR indications that there is DEFINITELY a CIA/Bush connection to the John Lennon assassination.

A little over three months after Lennon was murdered, newly-inaugurated President Ronald Reagan was shot and nearly killed by John Hinckley, in New York City, again.

Hinckley's father, a Denver resident, is a CLOSE personal friend of George Bush, Sr. and some other members of the Bush Empire "inner circle," including sons Neil, Jeb and George W.

For several weeks before attempting to assassinate Reagan, Hinckley prowled the streets of New York.

HINCKLEY followed as exactly as he possibly could EVERY SINGLE MOVE that Mark David CHAPMAN had made, in the days before CHAPMAN murdered John Lennon.

Even MORE bizarre: at the time of their respective arrests following both shooting incidents, John Hinckley AND Mark David Chapman were each carrying on their person a paperback copy of the J.D. Salinger novel, "CATCHER IN THE RYE." (AS did the MK-Ultra mind-controlled assassin "Jerry" played by Mel Gibson in the surprisingly revealing movie "Conspiracy Theory".)

J.D. Salinger, certainly a gifted author, had SUBSTANTIAL and enduring ties to the U.S. intelligence community; in particular, the CIA. Was the book originally intended to be a mind-control programming tool? It's hard to say, but not inconceivable.

SO: Hinckley traced Chapman's footsteps, as it were, in an incredibly eerie AND incredibly REVEALING, scripted tableau; which culminated, as it did with Chapman, in mind-controlled Manchurian Candidate assassin Hinckley shooting his prey on the New York City streets.

Which indeed, brings up yet a FURTHER point.

Hinckley FIRST CAME to New York WELL BEFORE his attempt to assassinate Reagan, in order to prepare himself for his assigned role by imitating Chapman's moves and actions of a few months before.

SO: HOW did Hinckley KNOW, several weeks BEFORE-hand, that Reagan was going to be at the place in New York City were Hinckley would shoot him, AND the DAY and TIME Reagan would be there??

SOMEBODY on the "INSIDE," who knew Reagan's schedule some time in advance, positioned Hinckley in New York well before the date of the attempted assassination of Reagan.

Somebody like George BUSH, Sr., maybe? Trying to get a jump on taking over as President? Or, or maybe just sending ol' Ronnie a VERY strong, clear message about who the "boss" really was...

Sir Paul McCartney.

For several weeks in the autumn of 1969 a "Paul is dead" rumour swept the Western world. There were many who believed the Beatles had kept his death a secret, replaced him with a double, and laced their albums with dozens of clues about what had really happened.

Paul's alleged death was strenuously denied by the band but fans reportedly discovered messages which confirmed their suspicions.

The Abbey Road cover showed all four Beatles on a zebra crossing with McCartney walking out of step; the number-plate of the Volkswagen in the background was 28IF ­ the age McCartney would have been if he had lived. Another theory was that the albums cover, showing the band at the Abbey Road crossing, had Paul as the only one without shoes, a direct reference to the dead. The rest of the band were apparently dressed to represent an undertaker, a grave-digger and a priest.

Another belief was that a selection of tracks could be played backwards, some deciphering the cluttered noise as saying things such as, "wake me up dead man." It was also rumoured that at the end of the song "Strawberry Fields Forever", if the recording was played at a certain speed, Lennon could be heard singing "I buried Paul".

Theorists held that Paul was replaced with Terry Nichol, the winner of a look-a-like contest. They believe that the output of Wings and McCartney's solo endeavors were testament to a replacement.

The George Harrison situation discussed below prompts memories of the confusion after the death of Paul's wife, Linda McCartney, when there was a similar challenge to the death certificate by authorities in California. They originally became suspicious because of the lack of a death certificate in Santa Barbara, which is where the family said she had died; the local coroner's office even raised questions of assisted suicide.

Linda, in fact, died at the family ranch in Arizona. McCartney's spokesman later admitted: "Everyone has always assumed that it was Santa Barbara, California. So, in an effort to allow the family time to get back to England in peace and in private, it was stated that she had died in Santa Barbara."

After being photographed at nearly every social event this year (2001), McCartney's run ended at a signing session for 'Blackbird Singing', his book of lyrics and poetry.

Interestingly, Paul McCartney was about to embark on flights at JFK airport on both September 11 and the day a few weeks later when another plane took off from the airport and disintegrated before plunging into New Jersey. He was actually sitting on a plane at JFK watching the smoke rise from the WTC. Weeks later, another Beatle was dead.

Not surprisingly, McCartney was moved to lend his support to the September 11 Relief Funds. He performed a stirring set to the firemen and police of New York City and unveiled his new "Freedom" tune. Some may agree that the quality (or lack of) of the song was further testament to the earlier theory.

On January 7, 2002, it was reported that McCartney was Britain's first pop billionaire. He had amassed a fortune of more than one million pounds three decades after the Beatles split.

Hurricane Andrew, One World Government, The JFK assassination, The Lockerbie air crash, The Oaklahoma bombing The Beatles mysteries, The deaths of Marilyn Munro and Dorothy Kilgallen, The Reagan assassination attempt, Shambahla, TWA 800, The September 11 terrorist attacks

The death of George Harrison.

In the midst of the initial US attack on Afghanistan and shortly after the collapse of the WTC towers in New York, George Harrison died in Los Angeles on November 29, 2001. 

He had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Harison announced in July he had received treatment in Switzerland for a tumor. He also had surgery for lung cancer in May.

The former Beatles guitarist survived a stabbing attack by a crazed fan in his luxury mansion the year before.

On December 29, 1999, he was stabbed several times in the chest by a knife-wielding intruder during a pre-dawn attack inside his sprawling estate in Henley-on-Thames, west of London.

A member of the Harrisons' staff reported the attack at 3:30am London time. 

Harrison and his wife managed to fight off Abram and, with the help of house staffers, held him until police could arrive.

The intruder had head injuries, so there was a serious struggle put up by Harrison and his wife. The man was treated at a nearby hospital and then discharged into police custody. Harrison's wife, Olivia, slightly wounded in the attack, did not require hospitalization.

Harrison suffered a collapsed lung and recovered in a London hospital. Harrison, stabbed four times, did not require surgery for his collapsed right lung, but had been fitted with a chest drain to remove fluid build-up. Doctors say Harrison was lucky to survive the attack--the knife just missed a major chest artery.

The attack came nearly 19 years after John Lennon was gunned down outside his New York apartment building by a crazed fan.

The suspect's mother told British press that her son had recently become obsessed with the Beatles, believing the band to be "witches."

The 33-year-old attacker, from the Beatles' hometown of Liverpool, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder at the 100-room, heavily guarded mansion where the Harrisons have lived for 20 years.

There was no immediate word on how the intruder got by the security and into the house.

He was identified Michael Abram, and his mother is quoted in a Liverpool newspaper as saying he "has been running in pubs shouting about the Beatles...he hates them and even believes they are witches." Lynda Abram says her son has had a history of mental-health problems.

That's eerily similar to Mark David Chapman, an obsessed fan who believed he was on a religious crusade when he killed John Lennon on December 8, 1980.

A fiercely private man, Harrison announced to the world in 1998 that he was battling throat cancer.

After Harrison's death, Ringo Starr, who many theorists hold as being the only surviving Beatle, speaking from Vancouver, Canada, said: 

"We will miss George for his sense of love, his sense of music and his sense of laughter." Several questions have been raised about the place of his death, his cremation, his remains and the background of a friend Harrison was with when he died.

When Harrison died his body was rushed to a crematorium in an un-marked cardboard box, the employees were not made aware of the dead man's identity which according to staff was very unusual. 

His body, it was said, was cremated even before the official announcement of his death was made.

Then came the mystery of the disposal of the ashes. 

Shortly after his death. it was announced that the remains of Harrison, a follower of the Hare Krishna movement, would be taken to India and sprinkled at dawn on the River Ganges at two holy sites.

But, although flight times were given and crowds and Indian spiritual leaders gathered at the appointed spot, Harrison's wife Olivia never made the trip; leaving embarrassed Indian dignitaries to speculate.

On December 16, 2001, it was reported that Harrison's death certificate had been falsified. 

The report stated that LA police were investigating  whether Harrison's family committed a crime by filing inaccurate information on his death certificate. 

Police had to decide whether a crime had been committed before undertaking a full scale probe.

Gavin de Becker
Initially, Gavin de Becker, a Hollywood security consultant and friend, claimed Harrison had died at his home but, when his death certificate was filed, a non-existent address was given. 

The District Attorney's office said it was believed that Dr Lee Rosen, who signed the certificate, had only filled in the cause of death. "Who filed the certificate will be investigated," said the spokeswoman.

Author of The Gift of Fear, which spent four months on the New York Times Bestseller List in 1997, de Becker is widely known as the security expert to the stars. His clients have included the Supreme Court and Fortune 500 executives, not to mention Oprah and Madonna. De Becker's Studio City, California, office contains an archive of more than 375,000 threats sent to public figures by fans, critics, and the mentally unstable.

De Becker has been said to be of the firm belief that "the solution to violence is the acceptance of its reality".

He served two terms on the President's Advisory Board at the U.S. Department of Justice and is a senior fellow at the University of California-Los Angeles School of Public Policy and Social Research.

It's been his job for more than 25 years to figure out which threats are likely to escalate into action.

De Becker designed the MOSAIC threat-assessment method that is used to screen threats to U.S. Supreme Court justices, members of Congress, senior officials of the CIA and the governors of 11 states. In 1997, the Justice Department cited MOSAIC as "one of the 10 leading technologies benefiting crime victims and those who serve them."

De Becker began developing MOSAIC systems used for assessing situations involving angry employees, spousal abusers, students who make threats and stalkers in 1980.

He served two years on the Governor's Advisory Board at the California Department of Mental Health. An expert on stalking crimes, he was a principal adviser on the federal research project about mentally ill people who stalk public figures.

He has advised prosecutors in several high-profile trials, including the cases against O.J. Simpson and Robert Bardo, the convicted murderer of actress Rebecca Schaeffer. 

In addition, de Becker has testified in support of stalking laws before several state legislatures; he also wrote California's Threat Trespass Law. His work on behalf of battered women earned him the 1999 NOVA Award from the National Organization of Victim Assistance.

De Becker made educational speeches to such organizations as the National Victim Center, LAPD Threat Management Conferences, N.Y.P.D. Internal Affairs Bureau, U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Capitol Police, and the New York State Attorney General.

He has appeared as an expert on television shows including 60 Minutes, 20/20, Prime Time Live, Oprah and Larry King Live, and has been featured in Time and Newsweek magazines.

Following is a review of one of the recorded books authored by de Becker:  

"....This graphic and gut-wrenching tape stops you dead in your tracks. You listen, frozen in revulsion, as it describes horrific violence against children. 

The author believes the solution to violence is the acceptance of its reality. 

De Becker's philosophy and related rules are designed to keep our kids safe, the most important rules being parents saying "No" and meaning it and kids always being able to talk to parents.....This seems in direct contradiction to the rebellious values preached by Harrison and the Beatles in the '60's.

Gavin de Becker told CNN in a July 2000 report on John Hinckley, the man who attempted the shoot Ronald Reagan that in his case, "the wrongness of the act was part of the appeal."  

That hardly fits into an insanity defense, which is based in large part on the contention that the individual cannot distinguish between right and wrong.

The Wired.com website announced the arrival of a new Mosaic system in June, 2000.  

Gavin de Becker unveiled the new and already controversial weapon in the war against school violence: Mosaic-2000, a computer-assisted threat-assessment system is designed to profile and identify dangerous students before they become violent.

"Human beings never just snap," said de Becker, who since 1980 has developed other versions of Mosaic (no relation to the early browser software) for use by corporations, universities, and law-enforcement agencies. "Human behavior is like water coming to a boil. There are always pre-incident indicators."

Many incidents of violence in school are preventable, says de Becker, but administrators fail to see the signals that things are about to turn deadly.

"Mosaic," he insists, "asks the right questions."

The system guides school administrators through 42 queries about a particular student's behavior; de Becker compiled the instrument after consulting with behavioral scientists, school principals, psychologists, and agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. De Becker estimates that he's put $325,000 into developing the latest version of Mosaic, which will probably cost schools about $100 a month.

Kevin Dwyer, president of the National Association of School Psychologists, has seen parts of Mosaic-2000, and he isn't impressed. Dwyer says the software hasn't gone through enough field testing to prove the program's validity or consistency. "It casts the net too wide," he says.

Others worry that Mosaic-2000 will be used to judge any and all students who happen to be different in some way.

"There are some serious validity issues here, some reputation-ruining implications," says Hill Walker, a psychology professor at the University of Oregon and co-director of its Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior.

De Becker has heard the criticism, but contends that Mosaic-2000 will be a valuable tool in identifying students who pose a legitimate threat.

"I know some people will view this negatively," says de Becker. "But this is meant to provide a safer environment. Everything grows from that."

On August 9, 2000, a story appeared on the Daily-on-line web-site which was written by a TV news presenter. He related the story of an incident in which a teenager, described only by his black hair with "dyed purple tips," had opened gunfire in the cafeteria of a high school conducting summer-school classes.

Thankfully no one was hurt because the shots had been fired toward the ceiling, but my co-worker still thought the event was "fantastic."

That afternoon we had already booked Gavin de Becker, a leading expert in predicting violent behavior.

The show's senior producer was overjoyed that audiences would believe that we had managed to spontaneously book De Becker during the two-hour window between the shooting and our live taping.

The story does not mention the release of Mosaic 2000 a few weeks earlier.

Gavin de Becker spoke "wittily and well" of a perceived intimidating physical security posture held by the US in a story by Paul Bodnar, a special assistant to the under secretary for Management. 

The pre 911 story is intriguing reading as a review of the terrorist threat to US buildings.

"All of this (the threat of terrorism as it was in Feb 2000) was triggered by the deeds of fewer than 10 dangerous men who got our attention by frightening us" (ie. Fanatical Muslims led by Usama Bin Laden)", De Becker said. "What other quorum in American history, save those who wrote our constitution, could claim as much impact on our day-to-day lives?"  The full story is posted at: www.state.gov

The media's reluctance to correct mistakes is a pet peeve of De Becker.

"The tabloids often see me as interfering with their work," says De Becker, "but my reputation is all I have."

De Becker's habit is to threaten a lawsuit until he gets a correction, and a few years ago he was particularly pleased about one from the National Enquirer. He reprinted the letter from the Enquirer acknowledging its mistake in a front-page ad in the Hollywood Reporter, with the comment: "Sometimes even your lowest, most despised enemies do the right thing ... thanks for printing something true. It really surprised me."

But the press has ways of getting back at people who give it a hard time. A gossip column in Los Angeles magazine a few years ago once put skeptical quotation marks around the word "consultant" in referring to De Becker. "So I sent them a note: 'Did some "editor" make a mistake?'" he recalls. The magazine duly retracted its implication.

Back to George Harrison!

The address where Harrison died was given as 1971 Coldwater Canyon Drive, but it does not exist according to the Beverly Hills post office and the city's tax office.

The situation prompts memories of the confusion after the death of Linda McCartney, when, again, there was a challenge to the death certificate by authorities in California (See McCartney section above)..

On December 21, 2001, a report in Melbourne's Herald-Sun newspaper reported that Harrison died in a secluded home owned by Paul McCartney.

The report stated that Los Angeles news channel, UPN New 13, said Harrison's family had listed a false address on the former Beatle's death certificate.

The news report said local police had still not decided whether or not to investigate the matter.

In early July 2002, it was reported that Michael Abram, the man who attacked and almost killed Harrison in 1999, would go free.

A panel said he was fit to be released from the Liverpool psychiatric prison.

Hurricane Andrew, One World Government, The JFK assassination, The Lockerbie air crash, The Oaklahoma bombing The Beatles mysteries, The deaths of Marilyn Munro and Dorothy Kilgallen, The Reagan assassination attempt, Shambahla, TWA 800, The September 11 terrorist attacks

The Lockerbie air crash

December 22, 1988: Lockerbie, Scotland. A Pan American jumbo jet crashed into the Scottish borders town killing all 259 passengers on board to make it Britain's worst air disaster.  

As accident investigators began examining the wreckage, it emerged that US Embassies had received warning that a Pan Am flight would be a terrorist target for a bomb.

The plane, flying from Heathrow to New York, broke up in mid-air so suddenly that the crew was unable to send any message and so dramatically that wreckage was scattered over large areas of Lockerbie and the surrounding country-side.

Bodies were strewn around the town and fields, often mutilated beyond recognition. Twisted frogments of metal littered streets and gardens.

Flight 103 had originated in Frankfurt and then, after a stop at London's Heathrow airport, took off 25 minutes late at 6.25p.m., it disappeared from radar screens and minutes later, what witnesses described as a fireball fell on Lockerbie.

The destruction of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie was the biggest mass murder in British history. The investigation of the disaster has indeed come into question.

On September 11, 2001, a few hours before four planes crashed in the US, it was reported in the London Mirror that a vital piece of evidence had been ignored for 12 years. A break-in was discovered at the terminal where the luggage for that flight was stored.

Senior security guard Ray Manly says it was the most serious breach in his seventeen at Heathrow. And it happened less than 18 hours before Flight 103 took off.

This should have been at the top of the investigators list. Instead Mr Manly's statement was "lost"; so too, was the padlock, which had been professionally cut.

This reeks of incompetence - or something more sinister. It certainly throws into doubt the one conviction secured at the US$50m trial in the Netherlands. (From Nexus, Dec 2001, Source: The Mirror, London, September 11, 2001)

Charles M. McKee, ostensibly a military attache for the DIA in Beirut, Matthew Gannon, CIA Deputy Station Chief in Beirut, and three others were on board Pan Am Flight 103.  

They were part of a counter-terrorist team in Beirut investigating the possible rescue of 9 American hostages in Lebanon.

The McKee team uncovered evidence that a rogue CIA unit called COREA, based in Wiesbaden, was doing business with a man called Monzer Al-Kassar, a Syrian arms dealer and drug trafficker. Al-Kassar was part of the covert network run by U.S. Lieut. Colonel Oliver North.

Outraged that the COREA unit in Wiesbaden was doing business with a Syrian who had close terrorist connections and might endanger their chances of rescuing the hostages, the McKee team decided to fly back to Virginia unannounced and expose the COREA unit's secret deal with al-Kassar.

They never got there. "For three years, I've had a feeling that if Chuck hadn't been on that plane, it wouldn't have been bombed," said Beulah McKee, 75, Charles McKee's mother, to Time Magazine. 

Four months after her son was killed for his efforts to expose the CIA, Mrs. McKee received a sympathy letter from George H. W. Bush

Mrs. McKee has never been satisfied with the government's version of events.

TWA 800

On July 17, 1996, TWA Flight 800, a Boeing 747, took off from New York's JFK airport on a flight to Paris. Eleven minutes into its flight and about ten miles from Rhode Island, the plane exploded killing everyone on board.

Searches scoured the seas for a clue as to what could have cause the explosion - an explosion which gave no warning.

Finally the FBI and the CIA, determined that flight 800 crashed because its centre wing fuel tank had exploded. The cause was put down to faulty wiring.

Many people dispute the findings. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen something arching into the sky after Flight 800, with much speculation that what they saw was surface to air missile. 

Was Flight 800 hit by a terrorist attack, or was it something far darker - such as a missile fired by the US Military?

Data taken from nearby air traffic control towers clearly show a blip appearing on radar screens. The blip then rises, and begins to follow Flight 800. It is later seen to move to the front of the plane before merging with the planes flight path.

In the eyes of conspiracy theorists, including members of the military and the airlines themselves, there was no investigation - only a cover-up.

Dr Vernon Grouse, a former board member of the Transportation Safety Board, pointed his finger at the FBI and its suspicious suppression of eyewitness testimony that what appeared to be a missile had hit the aircraft.

The airspace surrounding TWA Flight 800 was thick with military aircraft that night. Was the military practicing maneuvers from the area designated as W-105? The military 'hot-area' is located off  off the south-east coast of Rhode Island and 30 miles from where the TWA flight exploded.

The first report of the crash is believed to have come from the Pentagon which in itself is suspicious.

A photograph taken by Linda Kabot, reproduced in Paris Match, clearly shows a missile in the sky at the time Flight 800 exploded - there's a clear view of a cylindrical object with the bright light of an exhaust at one end. Her photograph was discounted by authorities on the basis that she was facing away from the explosion when she took the picture - how man missiles are flying around???

A secret base is rumored to be located near where Flight 800 went down. "Project Phoenix" is thought to be an underground, top-secret facility located at Montauk Air Force Base, which in itself is thought to be abandoned. The possibility exists that the craft could have been destroyed by a missile launched from the base.

The Navy didn't find the black box recorders for a week, claiming the locator beacons had broken. Subsequent investigation showed this not to be so, suggesting the boxes had been found earlier than reported and were tampered with so the data fitted with the military story.

(From: Conspiracy Theories. By David Sothwell and Sean Twist. Published by Carlton Books Ltd, 1999)

March 25, 2002: Co-Pilot flew into ocean in 1997 Egypt Air crash

Hurricane Andrew, One World Government, The JFK assassination, The Lockerbie air crash, The Oaklahoma bombing The Beatles mysteries, The deaths of Marilyn Munro and Dorothy Kilgallen, The Reagan assassination attempt, Shambahla, TWA 800, The September 11 terrorist attacks

The Okalahoma bombing

Phil Schneider, UFO researcher and a very brave man, recently his life due to what appeared to be a military-style execution in January 1996. In May 1995, Phil Schneider did a UFO lecture on what he had discovered. 

Seven months later he was tortured and killed by those for whom he had previously worked. (Click here for the transcripts of his lecture.)

Schneider had been outspoken on the bombing once saying the following:

"I want to further mention that with the last explosion in Oklahoma City, they are saying that it was a nitrate or fertilizer bomb that did it.

"First, they came out and said it was a 1,000 pound fertilizer bomb. Then, it was 1,500. Then 2,000 pounds. Now its 20,000. You can't put 20,000 pounds of fertilizer in a Rider Truck. Now, I've never mixed explosives, per se. I know the chemical structure and the application of construction explosives. My reputation was based on it.

I helped hollow out more than 13 deep underground military bases in the United States. I worked on the Malta project, in West Germany, in Spain and in Italy. 

I can tell you from experience that a nitrate explosion would not have hardly shattered the windows of the federal building in Oklahoma City. 

It would have killed a few people and knocked part of the facing off the building, but it would have never have done that kind of damage. I believe I have been lied to, and I am not taking it any longer, so I'm telling you that you've been lied to.