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March 27, 2002: Rocket lifts Chinese closer to space goal


















January 27, 2003: Falungong member missing

Australia's embassy in China was trying to contact one of its nationals who has apparently been kidnapped by Chinese agents because of her membership of the Falungong spiritual group.

Nancy Chen, 34, was abducted last week while visiting her parents in Chengdu city in the south-western part of China, Falungong said in a statement.

Her husband Herbert Lu later received confirmation that she had been taken away by members of China's National Security Bureau, the statement said.

The group, banned in China as an "evil cult", said she was being held simply because she was a Falungong practitioner.

Chen's parents have been contacted by officials from the National Security Bureau who threatened them if the husband made the incident public in Australia or on the internet, it said.

The Australian embassy here said today it had received no further information about what happened to Chen.

"We're trying to obtain information about her whereabouts and to contact her," an embassy spokesman told AFP.

China considers the Falungong, which has millions of followers in the mainland, the biggest threat to social stability since the 1989 Tiananmen democracy protests.

Since banning the group in 1999, it has jailed tens of thousands of its followers in prison, labor camps or police stations.

Source: Herald Sun, Melbourne

October 29, 2002: Satellite debris injures boy

A nine-year-old boy in northern China was injured after debris from a satellite launch rained down on his remote village in Shaanxi province, state press has reported.

The boy, named Wu, was hit on his left foot by the metal debris, part of a Chinese-made rocket which launched an earth resource satellite from the Taiyuan Launch Centre in neighbouring Shanxi province on Sunday, the Huashang Daily reported.

In all, 19 pieces fell on the boy's village of Yanghe, in Shaanxi's Danfeng county, the report said.

The debris belonged to the outer shell of the Long March IV carrier rocket which protected the satellite as it was propelled into orbit, the paper said.

After the satellite separated from the rocket, the shell was jettisoned and was expected to fall in or around Danfeng county, it said, citing space officials.

Police in the village collected the 19 pieces and are awaiting launch officials to come and collect them, the report said.

The boy was hospitalised in a local infirmary, it said, not saying how badly he was injured.

The ZY-2 satellite, the second of its type, will transmit remote sensing data and help in the exploration of geologic resources, environmental protection, urban planning and disaster prevention, the report said.

Herald Sun

June 24, 2002: Chinese "UFO launching pad" discovered

A team of Chinese scientists is to head to the far west of the country to investigate a mystery pyramid that local legend says is a launch tower left by aliens in space.

Nine scientists will probe origins of the 50-60 metre tall structure - dubbed "the ET relics" - in the western province of Qinghai this month (June).

The pyramid was three caves with triangular openings and is filled with red-hued pipes leading into the mountain and a nearby salt-water lake, a spokesman said.

Herald Sun
June 21, 2002

April 26, 2002: Space apace as China readies for Mars flight

Not content with plans to merely send a man into space possibly as early as next year, China has apparently set its sights on Mars.

Details emerged this week of a prototype Mars Explorer, the first Mars probe developed by China.

The project is due to be unveiled by the Beijing University of Aeronautics and astronautics during China Sci-Tech week in May.

The six wheeled dual-engine Mars Explorer looks like a lunar roving vehicle and is designed to traverse rough terrain.

The United States space administration NASA, plans to send its Ranger probe to Mars in early 2004.

Despite a host of Earth-Bound problems, China is pushing ahead with its expensive space program. While it lags several decades behind major space powers, it is committed to a manned flight program.

A month ago, China shot three sophisticated astro-dummies into orbit aboard the Shenzhou III rocket and brought them safely back to earth six days later.

In a rare interview this week, the head of the country's manned space program, Su Shuangning, told the China Youth Daily that training of China's first generation of astronauts was well under way.

China's first unmanned spaceflight was in late 1999. a second unmanned flight, in January last year, carried a monkey, a dog, a rabbit and some snails.

April 22, 2002: Four yellow UFO's sighted by thousands in Beijing

Four yellow-colored spiral UFOs made a surprise appearance over Beijing, the capital of China.

The sightings were reported in two newspapers, the Beijing Times and the Shanghai Star. According to the newspaper reports, the four UFOs were seen for just over an hour.

The objects emitted beams of bright yellow light. Chinese observers on the streets estimated that the UFOs were "very high up," an estimated 10 kilometers (6 miles) above the earth.

They hovered for a while in pairs and then departed to the south.

"Lan Songzhu, a scientist at the Xinglong observation station operated by the Astronomical Observatory of Beijing, said the observatory had received more than 10,000 reports of UFO phenomena in the past hundred years, but only five percent of these 'had no natural explanation.'"
See the newspaper China Daily for April 25, 2002.
UFO Round Up

The largest political group in China outside the Communist Party is the Falun Gong that attempts to improve a person's health through exercise, mediation, and contact with unseen extraterrestrial forces.

On February 11, 2002, several Falun Gong members were arrested by police in Teinemen Square when they attempted to unfurl a banner. The contents of the banner remained a mystery. The forcible arrests were aired on international news services.

The group has up to 70 million members, and is considered the most serious threat to communist rule since the 1989 pro-democracy protests.

Falun Gong doctrines draw on a belief in extraterrestrial forces, martial arts, Buddhism, Taoism, high moral standards, and traditional values.

This belief system results in members who are seldom sick, and so they rarely use Chinese medical facilities. 

On April 25, 1999, ten thousand Falun Gong members conducted a silent protest against government harassment outside the Beijing compound where President Jiang Zemin lives.

Additional silent protests were carried out in more than 30 Chinese cities allegedly coordinated over the Internet by sect founder Li Hongzhi, who lives in New York.

Coupled with the NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia the Communist government is extremely worried.

Thousands of Falun Gong members are being arrested and put in prison while millions of their books are being burned.  Old Chinese legends talk of fiery dragons on which the sons of Heaven rode.

Although China has asked the United Nations in recent years to join them in studying UFOs, this spreading belief in extraterrestrials terrifies the government.

The threat of a civil uprising against Communism in China is more likely than is generally realized.  China is attempting to stop further trouble by issuing an arrest order for the popular Li Hongzhi the leader of Falun Gong.

A significant sign from heaven, such as UFO sightings could set off spectacular events in China.
(From a June 1999 news story).

Chinese history, like that of many other countries, records several UFO sightings.

Shen Kua was a famous scientist and a scholar who lived at Yangzhou, beside the Yangtse river, more than 900 years ago.

He wrote of a big pearl that rose from the marshes near the town and hovered over a nearby lake.

It had a round double shell and many people had seen it open.

Inside was a silvery light the size of a fist which dazzled everyone who looked it."

The shell would then leave "as if surrounded by fire. (From: The Worlds Greatest UFO Mysteries.)

May 2001: George W Bush  re-initiated SDI to "protect the US, it's friends and allies from new and emerging threats."

This came shortly after the China-US P2 Surveillance Plane incident in April which saw relations between the countries to deteriorate. 

They had been extremely strained by the NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy during fighting in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1998.

Oct 4, 2000

China's Space Agency states that it is interested in instigating its own moon shot program. A representative said that he Communist Republic wants to participate in a international program to research the possibility of extracting resources available from the moon.

Since it's origins in the early 70's, the highlight of the Chinese program has been putting the Sheznu into orbit in November 1999. The Chinese hope to join the US and the Soviet Union as the only nations with manned space programs.

It is seen as the key to China establishing it's international status.

In July 1977, astronomer Zhang Zousheng and several colleagues at the Yunnan Observatory watched a glowing object pass overhead, from north to west.

'It was yellow at the core with a giant spiral extension', Zhang was reported as saying. 'The lengths of columns of light being given off by the object kept changing creating a misty halo effect.'