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Victoria's NCSA and the mysterious John Friedrich

The Sale Air Force Base and UFO's

Frederick Valentich

The Westall High School Encounter - Melb April 1966

December 30, 2001: UFO landing evidence in southern Victoria?

December 4, 2001. US experts to check Melbourne UFO film.

July 21, 2001: A triangular UFO was seen and filmed over Melbourne

Peter Khoury Bill Chalker and alien DNA

Victoria - Australia

June 27, 2002: Mystery lights fill Grampians sky

Almost nightly for the past year in the Grampians mountain range, south-western Victoria, locals have watched in awe as the mysterious lights pulse and hover.

They report that up to 30 lights - mostly white, but some red or yellow - float through the uninhabited valley and silently congregate above the plains.

The Woomera testing range in South Australia is a short distance by air from the Grampians. It has been speculated that Woomera is Australia's own Area 51.

Australian UFO researchers have sent video footage of the phenomenon to overseas experts.

They have invited a Norwegian UFO expert, who observed similar lights in his own country for three years without finding an answer, to visit the remote valley.

It is also hoped NASA scientist Richard Haines will come and view what is described as the most consistent series on unexplained sightings in Australia.

The Herald Sun this week visited the valley and photographed a display of several lights.

A photographer and a reporter were fascinated by lights that moved across the skies and hovered above a treeline for about two hours.

Mark Dunn said that "at one stage, a small red light flew towards a larger companion and disappeared. We left the Grampians with no understanding of what we had seen."

Cynics will point to weather balloons, fire-flies, stars, atmospheric anomalies or hoaxes.

But those are impossible explanations, according to veteran UFO researcher Paul Norman, regarded by UFO enthusiasts as a methodical investigator of strange events.

The weather bureau doesn't use weather balloons in the area and the lights are too low to be stars.

Mr Norman said they were too big and too bright to radiate from animals or insects.

And atmospheric anomalies or hoaxes are not high on the list because nightly sightings have been reported for a year - regardless of weather conditions or the season.

If they are hoaxes, those responsible are persistent.

Mr Norman says the only similar activity to the Grampians mystery is in Norway, where Professor Erling Strand heads Hessdalen UFO project.

For more than three-years Professor Strand, defence experts and scientists observed lights in the skies above Hessdalen but failed to find the cause.

The lights in the Grampians - also claimed as an area for sightings of black panthers and and the extinct thylacine, or "Tasmanian Tiger" - appear to glow and then pulse in concert.

Herald Sun
June 27, 2002

May 17, 2002: Australian UFO seen by two police officers

"'We've just seen a UFO!" was the radio call received by the Mildura, (Victoria state, Australia) Police Station during the early morning hours.

"'At 5.00am, Mildura divisional can crew members Kate and Greg were patrolling Apex Park when their jaws dropped at the sight of a very bright lit-up UFO hovering on the N.S.W. (New South Wales) side of the river,' a police spokesperson said."

"It appeared that the UFO spotted them at the same time as it shot off in the direction of Gol Gol."

"'They attempted to give chase, but it had gone in the blink of an eye,' the spokesperson said."

"'One of the officers commented over the air, 'We've just seen a UFO!' and received the reply, 'We've just boiled the kettle; you had better come in for a cup of tea and a lie-down.'"

"The spokesperson said one of the officers had seen a similar sighting in the same area several months ago."

"'Her first sighting was the source of much mirth and mess room humor among her colleagues,' he said."

"Victoria UFO Research Society's Mildura representative Allan Wilson said sightings around water were frequent occurrences."

"'I have not had any reports about this particular sighting, but I can tell you that UFO sightings around bodies of water are extremely common,' Mr. Wilson said."

"'I have heard of many stories similar to this one.'"

"'One call I had was in regard to a man who lived on a property with a large water tank. He reported seeing a blue haze hovering above his tank one night. When he went to investigate, the tank--which had been full--was completely empty. There was no evidence of water having been spilt anywhere, It had just vanished,' he said."

Mildura, Vic. is about 300 kilometers (180 miles) northwest of Melbourne, the state capital. (See the Sunraysia Daily for May 18, 2002, "Police sighting of UFO." Many thanks to VUFORS for this newspaper article.)

From: www.ufoinfo.com

May 22, 2002: Melbourne radiation maps unveiled

Householders in Melbourne, Australia will be able to check mobile phone tower radiation levels in their streets and homes with new mapping technology.

Shaded street maps and drawings showing electromagnetic energy emission readings will be supplied to communities concerned about the impact of mobile base stations in their neighborhood.

Telstra yesterday unveiled the world-first software at the Mobile Networks and Environment Conference in London. (Herald Sun. May 22)  

March 26, 2002: Three silver spheres seen over Melbourne

On Tuesday, March 26, 2002, at 10:12 a.m., a young woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, claims that she "saw three objects, circular, bright silver white, flying over eastern Melbourne and St. Kilda" in Australia's state of Victoria.

"The first one appeared and 'darted' up in a curve," she reported, "As this occurred, a second silver object shot down in an arc leading upward from the horizon. The third object appeared in the same way but arced downward. All three objects were at least 20 miles (32 kilometers) away, by my estimate of the cloud banks they were moving through. I am very interested to know if there were any other reports at this time in this area." (Many thanks to John Hayes for forwarding this report.)

Victoria, the state in the south eastern corner of Australia, has been the scene of UFO sightings and experiences for many years.

Some of these have been well-documented and taken their place in UFO folklore. A famous encounter and disappearance took place off the coast of southern Victoria in 1978. Click here for more information on the alleged abduction of Frederick Valentich. Victoria was the seen of many sightings in 1999. Click here or scroll down for a table of many sightings which were mainly concentrated around the middle of the year.

Victoria's hot spots seem to be the areas closest to Bass Strait, a stretch of water separating the Australian mainland from the island state of Tasmania.

These areas include the states capital city, Melbourne, and suburbs such as Ferntree Gully and Wantirna, which lie between the city and the RAAF base in the coastal township of Sale. The chapter on the Sale Base highlights many reports of unexplained occurrences in the area, some centred around the activities of the NSCA and the establishment of the Omega Power Mast.

It was over Bass Strait that pilot Fredrick Valentich disappeared in August 1978. He had attended a course at the Sale Base which had concentrated on UFO's shortly before his disappearance.

One of Australia's earliest UFO reports was in 1909 when Rev B. Couzens, chaplain to Port Melbourne, reported an airship over the Dandenong Ranges, about 60km south-east of Melbourne.

The Melbourne Argus (now the Herald-Sun) published a story which quoted the Reverend as saying that he saw two beautiful revolving lights.

They whirled like the propellers of ships, slowed down, dipped, then rose again.

The objects colours changed from white to red, and then to blue like revolving beacons with three coloured sides.

They were beating a zig-zagging course against the wind and usually about half a mile (800m) in the air. Couzens watched the lights for about two hours.

Victoria's capital city of Melbourne has been in the spotlight in recent times.
(UFO's in Melbourne's east.)
The reports tabled below along with the filmed footage of 2001 and the reports discussed on the 1999 'flap' page show that these craft really do have a penchant for places east, and south-east of the city. Nearly every report comes from an area between the city and the coastal town of Sale to the east.

One popular UFO theory is that the objects use the earth's electrical and magnetic forces in order to power their propulsion units.

Soil in Sale and the surrounding Gippsland area is highly conductive all the way to Melbourne and beyond. 

In 1998 a radio expert living more than 100 km from the Omega transmitter in Darriman, near Sale, detected an "earth" electrical potential so strong he was able to listen to ground-wave pulses by plugging his high impedance headphones directly into the dirt of his back garden.


Reported By: David and Colette J. - Melbourne Victoria, Australia - November 11, 2001 at 22:52:25
Subject: UFO Sighting - Location: Melton, Victoria, Australia - Zip Code: 3338 - Date: 11/24/01 - Time: 2.30 AM
Witnesses: 2 - Objects Shape: Light - Number of objects: 1 - Object had an Aura or Haze around it.

Event Description:
Early this morning I got up to go to the toilet and the dogs were barking, so I went into the playroom and looked outside and noticed a bright orange light in the sky.

I called out to my husband to come and have a look. It was about 2.30 am we watched it move slowly through the sky. It wasn't flashing or there were no beams of light coming from it. It was just an orange light moving fairly low and slowly across the sky. As it went over our house we opened the playroom door to see if we could hear any sounds coming from it, but it was silent.

We continued to watch it fly over, it took about 6 minutes to go out of sight. As it got further away it seemed to fade and then go bright again, as if a torch would go if the battery was going flat. Then it went out altogether. It wasn't jumping or flashing or spinning around or anything, it just moved very slowly across the sky. It wasn't up very high either.

We are just wondering if anybody else in our area had seen it at all, and what could it be?

October 2001: Benella
DURATION OF EVENT: 30 seconds - 60 seconds
DESCRIPTION OF OBJECT: Pinkish-redish orb of light. Could see no other parts, frame, wings, just light. The size of the object was about the size of a basketball held at arms length in the air. The light looked very artificial, almost fluorescent. The light was very bright but not hard to look at. The object did not make any sound. At the end of the event another object appeared. The second object was another orb, but smaller and orange in colour.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Perfectly clear sky, slightly cool

Also, interesting to note is that there is a contracted defence research and development company about 10 kilometres out of town. They make explosives, ammunition, rockets, and test new technologies and innovations. The company is ADI (Australian Defence Industries). It was formally owned by the government but is now owned by a French company (I think).

The event happened as follows:
At the time (during October) I was working in Melbourne and decided to travel to my home town where my parents live in Benalla, for the weekend. It was Friday. I arrived home, caught up with my parents and they went to bed at about 11.00 pm. I sat up and was watching TV in the family room. I had the lights turned off, so I could see outside quite clearly.

I was watching TV, when all of a sudden I caught something out of the corner of my eye. I turned and looked outside. I saw an immense orb of pinkish-reddish colour. I immediately got up and went to the glass sliding door and looked outside. My initial feeling was one of fear. I opened the door and went outside and the object suddenly moved up and down very quickly, whilst still traveling in a horizontal direction.

It was at this point that I realised what I had seen was definitely out of the ordinary. In fact, I even said to my self, "What the...oh my god". Now I was in shock.

The object, which moved very smoothly started to move away a bit quicker. It is hard to tell at what speed it moved at because it's flight motion did seem smooth (if that makes any sense). Another thing I remember was that there was no sound, and my dog was sound asleep on the doormat outside. When the object moved away I lost sight of it because the neighbours house was blocking my view.

I ran towards the front of the house where my parents bedroom is and yelled for them to come out the front of the house. They jumped out of bed and came outside and the object could be seen again, still moving away. As it travelled away it started to descend and as it did a smaller orange orb of light appeared to come out of the pinkish-redish orb and just hovered above it. Then they both descended out of view. My parents and I were all ecstatic. We don't know what we saw, whether it was some sort of aircraft, energy souce (ball lightning?), but whatever it was, was unknown to us therefore to me it was a UFO (not necessarily extra-terrestrial). The same night I called the police to see if anyone else had reported seeing anything like we had and the police said, "No", and just laughed. The next day I went to the local aerodrome and asked if anyone had reported a sighting. They also said, "No", then asked if I had been taking drugs. That kind of pissed me off, the fact that they didn't take me seriously. About a week later I phoned the UFO hotline and left my details. They have this set up where you call and give a brief description of your sighting and leave your name and contact number. They said that all investigators were busy, but one would call back. I never got that call. I hope you can find this information useful, and if you have any queries about my sighting please do not hesitate to ask, because I want some answers to this mystery.
Thanks Mr W. Williams.

Reported By: Paul H. - Melbourne Victoria - October 12, 2001 at 00:05:43
Subject: UFO Sighting - Location: Melbourne Victoria, Australia - Zip Code: 3111 - Date: 10/11/2001 - Time: 9:52 PM
Witnesses: 1 - Objects Shape: Light - Number of objects: 1 - Object left a vapor trail
Event Description:
I was driving on October 11, 2001, when I slowed approaching the end of the Eastern Freeway (outbound). As I slowed, I saw a bright round light directly in front of me, high in the sky at approximately 70 degrees from the horizon. It was motionless for approximately 0.3 seconds when it moved at incredible speed directly East. It left a streak of light as it moved away. It disappeared within 1-2 seconds. Two minutes afterwards, I saw it again, this time heading WNW, again leaving a large streak across the sky. I was amazed to see it twice

On July 30, 2001, 3 bright, orange balls were witnessed over Narre Warren in Melbourne's outer south-east. After two of the balls disappeared, one remained and hovered for about ten minutes. The same witness reported objects over the area on July 8 and 14 (Source: Australian Ufologist Vol. 5 No. 6).

An object was filmed on July 28, 2001 in the outer eastern suburb of Pakenham. On December 4, 2001, a news report said that this film was to be sent to the US for analysis. Click for full story.

On July 14, 2001, 3 bright, orange balls were witnessed over Narre Warren. The witness was alerted by a neighbour who had also observed them. The witness only observed the balls for a minute since they disappeared. The same witness reported objects over the area on July 8 and 30 (Source: Australian Ufologist Vol. 5 No. 6).

On July 8, 2001, 3 bright, orange balls were witnessed over Narre Warren. The lights were observed for over five minutes. The same witness reported objects over the area on July 14 and 30 (Source: Australian Ufologist Vol. 5 No. 6).

On June 26, 2001, a fireball type object was seen by the crew of an Ambulance traveling South along Burwood highway. They thought it was a meteor in flight except for the fact that it continued to fly horizontally to the ground. It appeared to be heading towards Upper Ferntree Gully. The object was seen to travel from Montrose towards Belgrave...but then it reversed...slowed down..and then went up..until it was out of sight. The witness described that it lost the burning appearance...and resembled a streetlight when it went up.
This same object was seen by two staff of the nursing home where the ambulance was visiting.

On June 21, 2001, at about 10.00pm, a triangular UFO was seen and filmed over Melbourne, in the state of Victoria, Australia. Peter McKenzie of Ferntree Gully, in Melbourne's south eastern suburbs, and his wife watched the object for over five minutes and filmed it's strange flight patterns.

On June 16, 2001, Melbourne's Herald-Sun newspaper had reported that a dark gray disk was reported in the skies over Wantirna, Lilydale and Knox in Melbourne's east between 9.30 and 9.50pm. The National Space Centre recorded 24 calls reporting the objects presence. Ross Dowe from the Centre for UFO Research, said reports stated that the disk had a dome on its underside. There were also several flashing lights around the circumference.

On June 1, 2001 near Lake Glenmaggie in Gippsland, a couple driving home early evening saw a very bright light shining down from the sky near Sandy Point Road. Stopping the car to investigate, they saw a disc above the road, which quickly sped away. These people are neighbors at our holiday house by the lake.

May 2001. Alexandra, north-eastern Victoria. A man saw a strange object pass right overhead. It was in the bright afternoon sun and the object made no noise at all. It "resembled a cuttlefish and was white, or silver, in colour. It was reasonably low in altitude and traveled from overhead to 15k away in 3 to 4 seconds!

April 20, 2001: Narre Warre: In Melbourne's outer south-eastern suburbs. A young woman named Silvana saw an object she described as, 'way too big to be a plane. It was a bright light moving very quickly and looked like a 'giant prism in a star shape.'

It was lower than a plane and gliding with no noise.

From: Australian Ufologist. Vol 4 #5, 2002

1999  and 2000 saw concentrated reports from Victoria, again, most of these were in the states south east.


Ballarat, 11/26/2000

9:40pm location Ballarat City Central. I spotted at least 10 round to egg shape looking objects traveling North West to North East.

I was looking at the night sky though Vixen telescope Vc-200L and what l thought was a globule cluster which I just spotted, l turned my telescope towards it, l zoomed in on it using a spotting scope, riding piggy on the Vixen. What l saw was mind blowing. About ten objects moving faster than any thing I have ever seen.

Two objects were flying around the other objects, like no man made craft which l have ever seen. I got a look though my larger telescope and all l saw were bright objects, disc shape, but they were moving so quickly that l went back to the spotting scope, the area was wider and clearer. I could not see them without a scope.

The sighting only lasted an about a minute. l have seen a lot of satellites and meteors and this was none of those.

Later, l saw one object moving south to the north (with my roommate.) The object slowed, then turned slightly. It almost stopped then started up again and disappeared. That object was brighter than the other ones, you could it without a scope, it was brighter than Jupiter. You could see some trail smoke or something like smoke coming from it. A little bit later, we saw two more objects. They were seen, one for a few seconds, from the South to North moving around like a snake would move. The other one straight up bright one-second then flashing for a bit moving a little, and then it just shot straight up out of sight.

The objects of about 10 has got my mind twistong! The feeling when l first saw them, words cannot explain. They were not aircraft, not human anyway but, they were l think controlled by something. The size, l don't know if l couldn't see them with my eyes. They must have been some distance from me. The night was really clear, not one cloud in sight.

I really hope someone else saw what I did maybe in the Clunes area. They weren't birds, planes, satellites, or meteors. These objects will be in mind till l die.

October 2000. Rosebud.
A man and another witness watched a very fast light travelling across the water. The object then shot toward the shore where someone, or something, appeared to board it.

05.08.00 Approx 7.40 pm.
Witness noticed 5 bright orange lights static in sky in rough formation of the southern cross but all same size. They then became mobile but made no sound at all flying in a semi arc formation, two of the lights dropped slightly in height to others then all lights again static, the two lower lights then completely dropped out of view, other 3 then started to move again then still in sky for approx 30 sec before fading out in brightness not distance to nothing. Approx 1 minute later all 5 lights returned in first formation from nowhere, then all static in air faded out of site again Present with me were 4 adults and 6 children to witness along with after the event a neighbour I never met came to us and asked if anyone got that on film. 

03.08.2000 1715hrs. Mt Evelyn
While driving through the town of Mt Evelyn, a witness noticed a tornado shaped cloud in sky. He pointed the cloud out to his brother, a passenger in the car.

As sunset was approaching, they noticed the spectacular sunset over Mt Dandenong. The driver, a photographer, rang home to get a camera prepared to take some shots.

As he was looking toward the sky to see if could he could spot tornado shaped cloud, the man noticed what appeared to be a spherical cloud, orange in colour.

The brothers noticed at least 3 reflections from centre of "cloud". At this point they became aware that this was not in fact a cloud. Reflections and strange movements made it look like a fireball in the sky

They could see trails of fire forming and streaking downwards.

A fighter plane in the style of a F-17 sped towards site.

There were no media reports.

16.07.00 Mill Park 2156hrs
(Source: UFOLOGIST 4th Quarter 2000)
A considerable number of resident witness firstly one then later two and finally three lights over their suburban St. It the shot of with an explosion at an angle of 45 degrees. Police were called and they told witnesses that a car had exploded in the area. No such explosion had been reported.

10.07.00 Inverloch
(Source: UFOLOGIST 4th Quarter 2000)
An extremely bright, glistening light observed by two people hovering above the South-Gippsland HWY. The light approached the witnesses car and passed over it toward Wonthaggi at an alarming speed.

April 22, 2000


April 8, 2000


12.01.00 Dandenong, 2200hrs
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian UFO Research Society March 2000)
Two observers were watching for satellites when they saw a round, white light which started small, like a satellite then increased in size to Moon size. It came closer then got larger and brighter. Then it turned right and got smaller like a satellite in orbit. It was in sight for about 20 seconds.

Click here for info on the Victorian encounter flap 1999


December 24, 1998


25.09.98: Berwick


August 18, 1998


02.08.98: Altona


April 4, 1998


February 23, 1998


February 23, 1998


February 17, 1998


February 13, 1998


February 9, 1998


January 4, 1998


03.01.98: Bendigo



December 31, 1997


December 31, 1997


Reports of odd orange illuminations (fireballs) poured in to the sightings offices from Sale and east Victoria, on a day Victoria recorded as the hottest in 88 years for this time of the year.

July 18, 1997


July 17, 1997


13.07.97- 17.07.97 Bairnsdale, Gippsland

Numerous residents reported "brimstone and orange" fireballs hovering near the Omega antenna array in the Bairnsdale and Lakes Entrance districts.

26.06.97: Bendigo


June 13, 1997


June 12, 1997


June 3, 1997


June 2, 1997


April 30, 1997


April 14, 1997


April 14, 1997


April 11, 1997


February 28, 1997


February 21, 1997


21.02.97: Ballarat


February 21, 1997


February 20, 1997


February 19, 1997


February 19, 1997


February 18, 1997


February 15, 1997


February 15, 1997


February 14, 1997


February 9, 1997


February 2, 1997


07.02.97 Bairnsdale, Gippsland.

At 9:20 p.m., a "spinning yellow fireball" zipped across the sky, heading west, over Bairnsdale, Vic., just above the southern coast's Ninety Mile Beach and about 200 kilometers (120 miles) east of Melbourne.

07.02.97 Maffra (60 kilometres west of Bairnsdale.)

At 9:25 p.m. Residents sighted "a spinning yellow fireball" heading west towards Melbourne.

07.02.97 Barwon Heads



20.09.96: Altona


September 20, 1996


September 20, 1996


September 20, 1996


September 20, 1996


September 20, 1996


06.07.96: Berwick


June 30, 1996


21.06.96: Carrum


21.06.96: Chelsea


June 21, 1996


June 21, 1996


June 15, 1996


May 27, 1996


May 15, 1996



The Kelly Cahill Encounter.

August 7,1993: Kelly Cahill's encounter occurred when she was driving with her now ex- husband past a strip of grassy land in the outskirts of Melbourne.

A mysterious glowing light caught their attention, and closer inspection revealed an enormous saucer bigger than a three storey apartment building in the middle of a paddock.
Two other vehicles pulled up behind Kelly and her spouse, but she was the first one brave enough to leave the car... Suddenly, from nowhere, a dark entity with massive red eyes appeared, and Kelly, without her glasses, could make out several more in the distance. Click for details.


The Gippsland region in South Eastern Victoria took centre stage during the latter half of 1980 with a puzzling array of events that featured the disappearance of substantial bodies of water. By far the most interesting of these and certainly one of the most interesting physical trace cases to have occurred in Australia was the UFO landing that took place on September 30th , near Rosedale.

Awakened by stock disturbances, the caretaker of a property observed the passage of an extraordinary object -- a domed object with a white top, moving at about 8 feet above the ground. Orange and blue lights could be made out on its surface. The UFO was apparently 28 feet in diameter and some 15 feet high. The object hovered for a short time over an open 10,000 gallon water tank. It then landed on the ground, some 50 feet from the tank. The caretaker approached the object on a motorbike to within 30 to 50 feet. A whistling noise had been heard up until the advent of "an awful scream". A black tube appeared around the base of the UFO. There was a tremendous bang, and the object lifted up and left the landing site. The witness was almost knocked off his bike with a blast of hot air. At about 30 feet out from the landing site and at an altitude of 8 to 10 feet, the object fell silent. At this point debris (largely stones, cape-weed and cow dung) fell away from the base of the object. The UFO was eventually lost to view in the east. The caretaker rode onto the landing site and confirmed a ring of "black" flattened grass, some 3O feet across.

Disorientated, the witness eventually found his way back to his house. With daylight, the caretaker returned to the landing site and found the ring stood out clearly in the blanket of yellow flowers then in the paddock. The ring was near black or brown in colour, consisting of grass flattened in an anticlockwise manner to a width of 18 inches. Inside the ring was only green grass. The yellow flowers had been removed. The total diameter of the site was 28 feet. Evenly spaced within the ring were 6 "spokes" of relatively undamaged grass. Debris led out from the site, consistent with the material seen falling from the UFO during the night. Other extraordinary effects were reported. 10,000 gallons of water that had been in the water tank had vanished. Muddy residue in the middle of the base of the tank was built up in a cone shape to a height of about 2 feet. If the tank had been emptied by prosaic means it would have shown signs of being emptied from the side of the tank.

The witness experienced an unusual recurring headache for 7 to 8 days. Vomiting and diarrhoea also persisted for the same period of time. For 3 days after the incident, the witness's watch refused to work when he tried to wear it. Before and after this period it worked without any problems.

Like so many high strangeness physical traces the Rosedale case would have benefited from a thorough, professional study. Our analyses were limited but not through lack of trying. The Rosedale case still stands as a compelling UFO landing event with inconclusive physical trace data, a situation that occurs with virtually all high strangeness traces cases world-wide.

Investigation by Bill Chalker and Keith Basterfield with Gary Little; VUFORS investigation. See Australian UFO Bulletin, Dec 1980; The Australian Annual Saucer Flying Review, Jun 1981, 9-10, 14, 15 ; Basterfield. K., and Chalker, B., Rosedale, Victoria - A Close Encounter, UFORAN, 2:1, Jan-Feb 1981, 17-22; Chalker, W. and Basterfield, K., The Rosedale Landing with Physical Traces, FSR.


On July 3 1972 at 9.15p.m, a 37 year old woman from Rye, on Victoria's southern coast,  was driving home from Melbourne city when she saw lights hovering over a rail crossing as she drove from Melbourne to her coastal home in Frankston. 

Her name was withheld, so she is usually referred to as Mrs. Ryan.

It was near the Mooraduc Road rail crossing between Frankston and Dromana that Mrs. Ryan noticed the road being illuminated up by a blue light which seemed to be coming from over head.

The woman believed that the light was coming from a helicopter although she does not recall hearing any noise. She thought that the helicopter was signaling to her to pull over. She stopped the car and got out, shielding her eyes from the brightness.

The report of what she saw was astonishing. Two-disks, lip to lip, about thirty metres hovered behind her car, that same distance above the ground. The road was eight metres wide and Mrs. Ryan estimated the disks to be about four or five times wider than that and about five to six metres high. A silver-blue light radiated from the object and this lit up the road. She ran to her car and sped away.

To Mrs. Ryan's dismay, the object began to follow her car. It buzzed overhead for about twelve kilometres as the petrified witness drove toward her home at god speed. Suddenly the object moved backward, there was a streak of light, and it had vanished.

At the Rosebud Police Station Mrs. Ryan immediately reported her experience. She also called the RAAF and they sent her a form which she completed and returned.

On July 25, Mrs. Ryan had returned to Melbourne to visit her son in hospital. 

When returning home and approaching the area of her previous encounter when she allowed a man with a cow to cross in front of her. She then accelerated and passing the rail crossing she noticed that the road was once again illuminated blue.

Her car immediately stopped running and it 'glided' to a halt at the side of the road. 'All sound drained out of the air and there was an eerie silence. It was like being caught in a vacuum tube', Mrs. Ryan said.

She remained seated in her car and at this time began to receive what she believed some sort of transmission. Mrs. Ryan recalls a voice saying, 'All your tests will be negative. Tell the media, do not panic, we mean no harm'. There was then a pause with the voice saying, 'You now have control'. Mrs. Ryan said that the voice sounded like a 'recording in her head', and that the words were spoken in perfect English.

Mrs. Ryan sped off again and, as she had done after her previous encounter, gave statements to the Rosebud Police and the RAAF.

The next day (July 25 1972) Mrs. Ryan phoned three television stations and one interviewed her. She was also a guest on Radio 3AW on an open-line program. One of the talk-back callers was the wife of the man Mrs. Ryan had seen with the cow. The woman told Mrs. Ryan that her husband had indeed seen a blue light but he didn't go back to have a look. A couple also called to say that they too had seen the light.

In the ensuing months, Mrs. Ryan could have been one of the first Australians to encounter the infamous 'Men in Black'.

In about September 1972, Mrs. Ryan returned home to find two men out the front of her house. One was in a van and the other at her front door. Inexplicably, she invited the man at the door into her home. She described him as 1.6m tall with blond hair, olive-skin and noticeably piercing eyes. He spoke softly and behaved in an extremely gentlemanly manner. The man told her that he was from a group which had her under surveillance. He told Mrs. Ryan that he came from Adelaide and went on to tell her that she was a very special person. Should anything happen on Earth, he related, she and her family would be saved. He claimed that the messages she heard had been meant for him, but that, she being a person that 'they' could trust and believe, she had received them'. The man left after an hour telling Mrs. Ryan that she would be contacted again.

Mrs. Ryan believes that this contact was made on, or about 22 February 1973. She claims to have heard a voice calling her back to the scene of her encounters. She rang two UFO investigators and organised to meet them at the spot.

As she drove to the rail crossing area, Mrs. Ryan became horrified when she saw a man similar to the one who had visited her, sitting in the passenger seat of her car. Mrs. Ryan recalled that as on-coming head-lights struck her car, they appeared to shine through the man.

When she arrived at the scene the investigators were already there and the man faded from her view.

The investigators sensed her fear and one of them said that their hair stood on end when they approached Ryan's car.

After being comforted by the group, Mrs. Ryan fell into a trance like state and began recounting stories of being abducted and placed in an oval room. Mrs. Ryan experienced this again several weeks later. She also reported seeing the man again several months later when out driving with her son.


In April, 1966, witnesses said that the army set fire to a paddock adjoining Westall High school in the Melbourne suburb of Clayton. The alleged burn-off occurred hours after the school's staff and most of the student population stood watching a domed craft descend, apparently to land briefly on the grass.

The case of the Westall High lading made news internationally. the UFO was seen at morning recess by the school's science teacher, Andrew Greenwood. Round, grey, flat- based and domed, it rose up from the trees. Mr Greenwood would later describe the object as being a thin light-beam that seemed to thicken occasionally, like a disk tilting to show its under-side.

The disk disappeared from sight as it seemed to descend behind a row of pine trees. It reappeared shortly after as a fleet of small planes flew towards it.

For twenty minutes, more than 200 students and staff watched, thunderstruck as the first one plane, then five (most of them Cessna's) chased the darting object around the sky. As the aircraft approached, witnesses said that the disk "tilted on about a 45-degree angle and started to move into the distance, gradually gaining height. The planes increased their speed and began to follow it, but the object streaked away leaving the planes far behind.

Behind the trees where the disk had descended, students found a perfect circle in flattened grass. It was an area of about 25 to 30 feet in diameter.

Shortly after the incident, the area was apparently swarming with Air Force personel. a man who went to look at the apparent UFO landing evidence was turned away by military security men. He returned shortly later to find the paddock completely burned out. RAAF men were insistent to students and by-standers that they not tell anyone of what they'd seen. Students who reported the event to a TV network were punished with detention.