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January 27, 2002: A history of strange happenings in Tully, Queensland

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Tully Queensland.

At 9.00pm on January 19, 1966, farmer George Pedley witnessed an object which emitted a hissing sound like air escaping from a tyre. It was a fast spinning disk, measuring some 30 feet across, and Pedley watched in amazement as it slowly rose from a clearing.

The disk ascended at an angle of 45 degrees and moved over trees disappearing to the south west. Cattle and other animals in surrounding paddocks and were sent into a frenzy. A huge rounded area of swamp grass was discovered where the disk had landed. It was a watery area and the image of a flying saucers underside had become imprinted by way of floating and squashed reeds. The reeds displayed a clock wise, vortex formation and at a diameter of thirty feet it formed a swimming pool with the floor being flattened and perfectly smooth.

January 27, 2002: A history of strange happenings in Tully, Queensland