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November 3, 2002: Rumours of underground tunnels and military facilities in Australia 

June 17, 2002: Australians pioneer teleportation

May 27, 2002: Aussies help Mars mission

April 29, 2002: Phone call spies busy - Big Brother alive in Australia

A\pril 14, 2002: Space countdown for Woomera

April 2, 2002: Australia used for secret tests of UK ballistic missile

March 26, 2002: Three silver spheres seen over Melbourne

February 17, 2002: Australian Dish finds star

October 31, 2001: Twenty crop circles have appeared on the property of farmer Don White at his property in Victoria, Australia

December 30, 2001: UFO landing evidence in southern Victoria?


January 10, 2002: Aussie scientists help develop Mars probe robots.

January 11, 2002: Nuke leak at Australian uranium mine

December 31, 2001: Documents reveal 1950's Oz nerve gas tests.

Belconnen: A Secret NATO Base in Australia?

The Kelly Cahill Encounter.
Cahill's encounter occurred in 1993 when she was driving past a strip of grassy land in Melbourne.


North West Cape

Peter Khoury Bill Chalker and alien DNA.

The Guyra Dam Splashdown


Pine Gap

Tully, Queensland

Victoria's NCSA and the mysterious John Friedrich

The Sale Air Force Base and UFO's

Victoria, Australia. Encounter concentration flap 1999

The Westall High School Encounter - April 1966

The Woomera test range

Guyra UFO crash?

December 30, 2001: UFO landing evidence in southern Victoria?

December 18, 2001: Protestors raid Australian nuclear reactor - Lucas Heights.

December 4, 2001. US experts to check Australian UFO film.

November 1, 2001. UFO's spotted over Brisbane

October 31, 2001: Twenty crop circles have appeared on the property of farmer Don White at his property in Victoria, Australia.

October 30, 2001. Faster than sound: scramjet testing in Australia.

October 4, 2001: An Australian woman claimed to have been abducted by a UFO from the Northern Queensland town of Gundiah. The woman appeared 2 or 3 hours later in the town of Mackay 700km away.

July 21, 2001: A triangular UFO was seen and filmed over Melbourne

Belconnen: A Secret NATO Base in Australia?


North West Cape


Pine Gap

Victoria's NCSA and the mysterious John Friedrich


September 12, 2002: Satellite for Oz

An Australian satellite will be blasted into space form Japan later this year.

The experimental Fed-Sat is the first satellite built in Australia for 30 years and will be launched from Japan's Tanegashima Space Centre.

The $20 million scientific research micro-satellite was developed by the Co-operative Research Centre for Satellite Systems in Canberra and was designed to carry advanced communication, space science, navigation and computing payloads.

It will be launched, possibly in November, into low orbit, about 800km above the Earth.

A launch agreement was signed yesterday by CSIRO chief executive Dr Geoff Garrett. Mysteries of the moon.

Herald Sun - Melbourne
September 12, 2002


April 19, 2002: Five orange UFOs  sighted in Albury, N.S.W.

At 9:15 p.m., Fred W. was at his home in Albury, New South Wales, Australia when he spotted a strange glow in the northwestern sky.

"I saw five bright orange lights, spaced well apart and moving towards the southeast," Fred reported, "They could have been balloons as they were slow and bright orange. After about 15 minutes, three disappeared from view, leaving two that disappeared shortly thereafter. I'd estimate their height (altitude) at two to three thousand feet (600 to 900 meters) I thought it might be ballons in a formation, but at night and so many? Also, I could find no indication of balloons on my (radio) scanner."

Albury, N.S.W. is on the Victoria state line about 250 kilometers (150 miles) southwest of Canberra, the capital of Australia. (Email Form Report)

From: UFO Round Up

The island continent of Australia has had more than its fair share of well documented UFO cases.

These have included the discovery of a mysterious UFO landing nest at Tully North Queensland in the 1950's, a similar nest and cavern near Guyra, New South Wales in December 1999, the 1998/99 flap of sightings in Victoria and the disappearance of Frederick Valentich.

There has also been UFO footage filmed in Victoria as recently as July 2001. This was aired on national television.

One of Australia's earliest UFO reports was in 1909 when Rev B. Couzens, chaplain to Port Melbourne, reported an airship over the Dandenong Ranges, about 60km south-east of Melbourne.

The Melbourne Argus (now the Herald-Sun) published a story which quoted the Reverend as saying that he saw two beautiful revolving lights.

They whirled like the propellers of ships, slowed down, dipped, then rose again.

The objects colours changed from white to red, and then to blue like revolving beacons with three coloured sides.

They were beating a zig-zagging course against the wind and usually about half a mile (800m) in the air.

Couzens watched the lights for about two hours.
Click for more information on the southern state of Victoria.

It has been reported that the Royal Australian Air Force keeps it's most highly classified reports and an extensive collection of UFO video films at The East Sale Air Force Base.

Pilot, Frederick Valentich attended a course on UFO's at the Sale base shortly before his 1978 disappearance.

UFO records submitted through the Department of Aviation by non-military air traffic are held at the Bureau of Air Safety Investigation, in Melbourne.

Some Australian UFO files are not held with the others.

This list includes all incidents prior to 1955, which may have been officially destroyed, as well as several incidents in 1973/74, during a documented UFO 'flap' period in Australia.

Also missing are government files relating to the encounter at the North West Cape US Naval Communications Station, near Exmouth Gulf in Western Australia, wherein a full nuclear alert was issued on 25 October, 1973.

Two US Navy personnel saw a UFO hovering near the station. It was a large, black UFO sighted around 8km out to sea. One of the witnesses, a Lieutenant Commander, said; "After about 20 to 25 seconds the craft accelerated at unbelievable speed and disappeared to the north."

A UFO also hovered over the former British nuclear test site at Maralinga, South Australia, for fifteen minutes after several nuclear tests in September and October of 1957.

Nearly all RAAF files are held at the Department of Defence' Russel Offices in Canberra. The RAAF have three categories of UFO files;

1. Unidentified Flying Objects - Reports of Sightings.

2. UFO - Enquires from members of the public/organisations.

3. Investigation of flying saucers - Policy.

ASIO (Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation) and DSTI (Directorate of Scientific and Technological Intelligence).

Officially it is the RAAF who are responsible for investigating UFO matters but departments like ASIO and the DSTI also actively monitor the situation.

In 1968 an ASIO scientist even made an official proposal for a special team to be commissioned to investigate UFO incidents around Australia.

There does not seem to be any record of a response so one can only wonder whether or not the 'rapid intervention team' was ever formed.

The DSTI, which is a branch of Australia's Joint Intelligence Organisation, rely on the Directorate of Air Force Intelligence (DAFI) to make initial investigations which they follow up if necessary.

Thus DAFI would hold the majority of UFO files.

The RAAF also make their UFO investigations in conjunction with DAFI . 

SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence).

Australia has it's own SETI operation which is based at the Faculty of Informatics, Science and Technology, at the Campbelltown campus of the University of Western Sydney Macarthur.

The centre's current SETI project is called Southern SERENDIP, and they use CSIRO's 64-metre radio telescope at Parkes, NSW.

Southern SERENDIP was first connected to the Parkes Radio Telescope on 20 March, 1998, with the ability to scan eight million channels per second.

This has now been upgraded to scans of 58 million channels per 1.7 seconds. Obviously the centre handles huge amounts of data and millions of slight radio signals so the equipment only registers radio signals in outer space that are at least twelve times the average of the closest 8,000 or so other signals.

Pine Gap
Another notable Australian UFO related mystery is the purpose of the SIGNIT Satellite gathering station at
Pine Gap, near Alice Springs.

The government insists it is simply a 'defence space research facility' but much evidence points to this station being much more than that.

Pine Gap is one of the largest ground satellite stations in the world with massive capabilities and is operated by, and under the jurisdiction of the US.

The site is essentially US soil. There is a drill-hole 8000m deep that contains a massive antenna capable of sending electronic charges outward into the ocean to recharge submarines.

Since 1969 there have been twice weekly flights to the US to deliver the thousands of reels of SIGNIT satellite data gathered at Pine Gap.

Special UFO Bureau.
In 1952, officers of the Department of Civil Aviation sought to establish a special bureau to collect and collate the facts on UFOs. The Government Cabinet directly issued instructions that the subject was a Security Service matter. All the Security Service spokesman said was that the Government were currently involved in some matters that required the aid of scientists from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). In 1963, Senator J. L. Cavanagh asked for the Federal Government's dossier on UFOs to be made public. His request was refused by the Minister for Air at the time.

But there were many other influential people who believed that there was a cover-up in operation. Dr. Harry Messel, Professor of Physics at Sydney University, made the following report in 1965; "The facts about saucers were long tracked down and results have long been known in top secret defence circles of more countries than one." Also, in September 1952, the Civilian Saucer Investigation published an article about alien artefacts. But the current Government UFO Policy documents are simply not available for public access. 
In Australia our government has deemed that only 3-4% of sightings could be possibly associated with possible aliens from other worlds. Even so, at the rate of well over a hundred UFO related cases per year, that still adds up to at least three or four real alien crafts per year dropping in. Yet nobody seems to be panicking.
The Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO)
The DSTO is part of Australia's Department of Defence and operates the primary defence research facility in Australia. The organisation's main role is to give professional advice to Australian Defence Forces on science and technology that is best suited to Australia's defence needs. The DSTO has a staff level of  2600, and an annual non-classified operating budget of around $235 million. The organisation has two major laboratories headquartered in Melbourne and in Salisbury, South Australia. DSTO also has outposted staff in various parts of Australia, and representatives in London, Washington and Bankok.

In 1995 DSTO invited the US to test anti-missile equipment at South Australia's Woomera rocket range and another test is scheduled soon.
There have also been allegations that DSTO is directly involved in the UFO situation. There was a report by a mechanic who had worked at the facility on a number of craft with unfamiliar mechanical systems. Most were strangely-shaped and one was round.

He was verbally told that some of these were UFOs and that alien bodies had been recovered from them. This same officer then informed him that there were several different species of alien, but two of them were externally like human beings though with different internal structures.

Another story, by a well known journalist involves a television camera crew which was allowed into the Edinburgh branch of DSTO to make part of a corporate video for the RAAF, and they entered an off-limits building by mistake. They saw a saucer-shaped aircraft, and were about to examine it when military personnel noticed them and ushered them away, insisting that they not disclose what they had seen. 

Bass Strait
One place in Australia that has seen its fair share of UFO activity is Bass Strait. First the SS Amelia J. and then a search aircraft disappeared here in 1920, at the same time that strange lights were  reported in the skies above.

There were many unexplained reports of unidentifiable aircraft here especially during the early to mid 1900s. It is interesting to note that during World War 2, a total of seventeen aircraft vanished without a trace over Bass Strait yet there was never any enemy fighting anywhere close to the area.

A Paranormal File, by John Pinkney, delves into the past and reports on the disappearance of two passenger planes which vanished over Bass Strait in the 1930's.

On October 19, 1934, almost precisely forty-four years before the disappearance of Valentich, a mail plane named Miss Hobart, which was carrying ten people from Launceston to Melbourne disappeared over Bass Strait.

The aircraft was one of the most powerful in the Australian skies and experts have said that even if two of the planes four engines failed, it would still be able to maintain altitude with a full load. Even if three engines failed, it was said that such a plane could safely land. Four engines failing at once is almost impossible.

Miss Hobart was 13 kilometres from Wilsons Promontory when its last radio transmissions were received.

On October 22, 1934, Melbourne's Age newspaper reported that the crew of a cargo boat observed two right lights in the sky which shone like a flare before disappearing.

The vessels course was diverted both times the objects were encountered.

Another of these was witnessed as recently as February 2001. Passengers on a rebuilt sailing ship saw an extremely bright gold coloured ball over Corio Bay, which runs into the Strait.

Those on board the 'One and All' watched in awe as what appeared to be the search light of a helicopter approached the pleasure boat. The sun-like orb then disappeared into the clear twilight sky.

On October 2, 1935, a second airliner, the Loina, was lost over Bass Strait. With three passengers and two crew aboard, the plane had left Melbourne's Essendon Airport for Western Junction, Tasmania, at 8.15 a.m.

At 9.15, the captain radioed that his height was a thousand feet and that he was approaching Flinders Island. The aircraft was almost within gliding distance of the aerodrome. That was the last contact he made.

Searchers found wreckage that mystified them. They retrieved, from south-west of Settlement Point, three twisted chairs and a petrol tank so astonishingly telescoped that it suggested the plane had nose dived at a colossal rate, shattering to splinters on impact.

Particularly puzzling to the investigation tam was a charred patch found on a fragment of flooring (10cm in diameter). Shreds of carpet adhered to the fragment- and grooved marks, suggested that someone had tried to stamp out an intensely localised fire. The Air Accident Committee's interim report says; 'The charred portion of floor is so small that the Committee does not consider the fire could have disturbed the pilot enough to cause him to lose control.'

Despite intensive air and sea searches, the rest of the aircraft and its human cargo were never to be found.

There are also many incidents concerning WWII pilots who reported UFOs pacing them, even showing off with incredible maneuvers, before zooming off out of sight at speeds up to five times faster than that of our fighter planes capabilities at the time.

(Above Top Secret)
During the summer of 1942, an RAAF pilot was flying patrol off the Tasman Peninsula. At 5:50 p.m. an unidentified object described as "a singular airfoil of glistening bronze color," about 150 feet in length and 50 feet in diameter, with a dome on top that reflected sunlight. The UFO flew alongside the plane for a few minutes, the suddenly turned away at "a hell of a pace." It made another turn then dived straight into the ocean, throwing up "a regular whirlpool of waves."

(Above Top Secret)
At around 2:30 a.m., a Beaufort bomber flying at 4,500 feet over Bass Starit was joined by an unidentified object, described as a "dark shadow" with a flickering light and flame coming out of the rear. The object appeared to be only 100 - 150 feet away, and stayed with the plane for 18 - 20 minutes, during which time both radio and direction-finding instruments failed. Eventually the object shot off at about 235 mph.

In 1969, on Christmas eve, a Fuji light plane disappeared while flying from King Island to Moorabin airport.

The most famous and dramatic disappearing act though was performed by Frederick Valentich in his Cessna 182, the Delta Sierra Juliet, in 1978. Valentich, a civilian pilot, had flown the 69 minute journey from Moorabbin, Victoria, to King Island, Bass Strait, many times.  

See the official transcript between him and the Melbourne Flight Service Unit as he flew then disappeared off the radar over Bass Strait. He reported being tailed by a strange craft before his transmission was abruptly cut off.

Flight to New Guinea 1965

There have also been several famous sightings by commercial pilots from private airlines. On a flight from Brisbane to New Guinea in 1965, a UFO paced the Ansett-ANA DC-6b aircraft for approximately fifteen minutes.

It was seen by the pilots and crew and was described as oblate in shape with exhaust gases. Some of the flight crew actually hurt themselves in the cockpit as they panicked on seeing the flying object.

The pilots took photos of the object which were immediately confiscated, even the camera, on returning to Australia. As per normal officials denied anything unusual had occurred though the pilot Captain John Barker had this to say; "I had always scoffed at these reports, but I saw it.

We all saw it. It was under intelligent control, and it was certainly no known aircraft."

Flight from Perth to Adelaide 1968

In 1968 during a flight between Perth and Adelaide the pilots witnessed a formation of UFOs including a main ship which split into two and connected with the other ships in the formation before joining back together.

Their eight-seat Piper Navajo lost communication to ground control which was restored after the UFOs had departed.

In their statements the pilots ruled out explanation by balloons or tricks of light; "We conclude that the UFOs were in fact aircraft with the solidity of aircraft, except perhaps for the fact of the ability of the larger UFO to split and change shape slightly."

Guyra Saucer Crash?
On the outskirts of Guyra, about 236 miles (377 kilometers) north of Sydney, Australia, flattened reeds of approximately 15 metres long by six metres wide apparently caused by an object plunging into the Guyra Water Supply Dam were discovered by an employee carrying out maintenance tasks.

The incident took place sometime after dark the previous day, December 7, 1999. Witnesses reported the object skipped across the (reservoir's) surface and left a gouge of flattened reeds and mud measuring 15 metres (50 feet) by 8 metres (24 feet). Media people were being turned away from the site by the hazardous material officers.

Francis Chichester
In an interesting report from the Tasman Sea, between New Zealand and Australia, adventurer Francis Chichester recalled witnessing a UFO in the 1930's. It was then that he made the world's first solo long-distance sea plane flight. He later won the first solo sailing race across the Atlantic in 1960.

These were both considered some of the toughest journeys ever undertaken.

In his book, The Lonely Sea and the Sky published in 1964, Chichester tells of horrendous weather on a leg of his sea-plane flight which took him west-ward from New Zealand to Australia in 1932.

With Sydney the intended landing site, Chichester's plane was rocked by winds which rapidly pushed him off-course to the extent that he was fearful of missing Tasmania, thousands of kilometres south of Sydney. He headed toward and Australia in near zero visibility, using the oceans surface and the crests of feathering waves as a guide to his altitude.

Chichester righted his position finding a break in the weather. He noticed spouts of water being sucked toward the sky in the isolated storms from which he was quickly escaping. As the weather cleared and Chichester's confidence was restored he made one of the most spectacular observations of his many and exciting journeys. He noticed dazzling lights ahead and thirty degrees west and filed a UFO report several years before they were commonplace.

"There were bright flashes in several places like the glint of a heliograph. I saw a grey-white air-ship coming towards me," Chichester wrote. "It seemed impossible, but I could have sworn that it was an air-ship, moving towards me like an oblong pearl. Except for a cloud or two, there was nothing else in the sky. I looked around, sometimes catching a flash or glint, and turning again to look at the air-ship I found that it had disappeared. I screwed up my eyes unable to believe them, and twisted the sea-plane this way and that, thinking that the airship must be hidden by a blind spot. 

Dazzling flashes continued in four or five different places, but I still could not pick out any planes. Then, out of some clouds, to my front I saw another, or the same, air-ship approaching. I watched it intently, determined not to look away for a fraction of a second. It grew closer until it was perhaps a mile away. Then it vanished. Then it reappeared close to where it had vanished. It drew closer, and I could see the dull gleam of a light on its nose and back. It came on, but instead of increasing in size, it diminished as it approached. When it came quite near, the air-ship became its own ghost - one second I could see through it and the next it vanished. I turned to the flashes and they too had vanished. All this was many years before any spoke of flying UFO's. Whatever it was I saw, it seems very much like what people have come to call flying saucers."

Olivia Newton- John
The Australian singer and actress encountered a UFO in 1964. "A friend and I had driven out of Melbourne to attend a car rally," she says in John Pinkney's Paranormal Files. "We were on a deserted road with no other vehicles in sight. Suddenly, I had the weird sensation that something was nearby. It was a prickling feeling, rather like static electricity. I looked around and couldn't see anything - then something I can't explain made me look up into the cloudless sky."

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