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Sale Air Force Base, Victoria - Australia

Local Gippsland News - Oct 2002

Sale is a small town on the south-east coast of Victoria. Located at East Sale is a secure RAAF base said to have been used by NASA for its initial U2 Spy Plane flights and for the testing of other unexplained U.S. aircraft.

Some have also claimed that the Sale air base was the repository of secret UFO information.

Over the last few years the area between Sale and Melbourne really has been a hot-bed of UFO sightings, do they come from the base?

The story of Frederick Valentich is possibly the most famous of Australian UFO encounters. The young pilot and his Cessna disappeared over Bass Strait in October 1978. 

He was on his way to King Island, between the Australian mainland and Tasmania, when he told air traffic controllers in Melbourne that he was being buzzed by a UFO. Valentich said that the craft had four bright lights and was about 1000 feet above him. 

His last words to controller Steve Robey were: "My intentions are ah to go to King Island ah Melbourne that strange aircraft is hovering on top of me again....it's hovering and it is not an aircraft."

There had been many UFO sightings in the area.

Green lights had been seen over the strait and just twenty minutes before Valentich's disappearance another witness, Ray Manifold, had taken a picture of something odd. (See Valentich page)

These sightings ended after objects were filmed by a TV news crew in December 1978 and January 1979. 
More on the footage

It has been claimed by Frederick's father, the late Guido Valentich that son Frederick had attended a special course relating to UFO's at Sale Air Base shortly before his disappearance.

He was so concerned about what he had seen and been told at Sale that he emotionally told his parents that "should they take me I should be O.K. so don't worry, they will probably put me back."

Valentich was flying over Bass Strait, the stretch of water separating Tasmania from the Australian mainland which is renowned as a sea of extreme danger and has claimed many aircraft and vessels over the years (more below). This same mass of water laps the shores near Sale.
From www.chez.com Timothy Good's Alien Liaison and Nick Pope's Open Skies, Closed Minds

There were many unexplained reports of unidentifiable aircraft in Bass Strait especially during the early to mid 1900s. The narrow channel between Australia and New Zealand has been likened more to the infamous Devil's Triangle off Bermuda.

It is also interesting to note that during World War 2, a total of seventeen aircraft vanished without a trace over Bass Strait yet there was never any enemy fighting anywhere close to the area.
(Open Skies, Closed Minds)

There are also many incidents concerning WWII pilots who reported UFOs pacing them, even showing off with incredible maneuvers, before zooming off out of sight at speeds up to five times faster than that of our fighter planes capabilities at the time.

In 1944, a Beaufort bomber flying over Bass Strait was joined by a UFO that flew alongside, some 150 feet away, for 18 minutes before quickly leaving. It was described by the pilot as a dark object with a flickering light/flame coming from the rear.
Click here for more on the many mysterious happenings over Bass Strait.

Sale, and the surrounding area's, both over the oceans and over heavily populated land tracts toward the city of Melbourne, have seen plenty UFO activity and investigation. 

The number of UFO sightings in the area over the past ten years in particular is enormous.
(More from our Victorian Page)

Some recent sightings from Sale and surrounding areas are tabled below.

Many of the sightings during Victoria's UFO flap of 1999 were also in the Gippsland area and in the stretch of land between Sale and the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

NSCA West Sale

The controversial National Safety Council of Australia established an office at West Sale in the 1970's. The following is from a web-site by Joe Vialls.

The NSCA headquarters were moved to a large expanse of land adjacent to the Sale Air Base, from plush offices in St. Kilda Road, Melbourne. 

These offices were very close to the U.S. Consul General's office in Albert Road, which was then the principal CIA Station in Australia. 

The head of the NSCA, John Friedrich established a small airforce at Sale in the mid 1980's.

The operations of the organisation, and Friedrich himself were very mysterious.

It was held by many that he was sent to Australia to oversee the construction and implementation of the Omega mast before he was secreted back to Germany, or even killed because of what he knew.

Of particular interest is the belief that the NSCA was closely involved with the UFO problem and had all the equipment necessary to effect retrievals on land and from the great ocean depths."

"Perhaps the most important services NSCA provided was firstly security back up to all the American secret bases in Australia including the new Omega bases in Victoria and Tasmania, and secondly provide deep sea submarine rescue facilities for the American nuclear submarine force constantly patrolling the Southern Ocean. "

A complete airport was built in West Sale opposite the R.A.A.F. base situated in East Sale.

No cost was spared and an elaborate base which included the largest hyperbaric (decompression) facilities in Australia and an indoor horse riding arena was built in record time.

Any amount of money was made instantly available by the government and banks. All that was required was Friedrich's signature.

Together with the development of the base came what can only be described as a private airforce involving dozens of fixed wing aircraft, both propeller and pure jet, and dozens of helicopters.

In fact Friedrich's private helicopter, a Bell 212, had previously been owned by Idi Amin!

Apart from that there was a marine section which purchased a number of the latest deep sea recovery vehicles at enormous cost.

It seemed that everything that was required by the new look organisation was provided immediately with no regard at all to the costs involved.

The NSCA obtained--contracts from all the military services to take care of their search and rescue requirements and from the Bass Strait off shore oil rigs to attend to any emergency that may arise.

Facilities were set up at Sale to provide specialised training to many public authorities and to train special service personnel employed by the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and their backers, the CIA.
(More on John Fredrich and the NSCA)

(For more on John Friedrich and the NSCA get your hands on The Fraud or Iago, both great reading.)

Some interesting points about the area relate to the presence of a power mast in nearby Darriman.

Omega is an extremely accurate, strategic navigation system emitting a very strong electromagnetic field.

Photograph above taken on August 3, 2000. Looking toward Sale Air Force Base and the Omega Power Mast in Darriman. Are proton, or particle, beams being tested at these installations?

Theory by Joe Vialls: abovetopsecret.com

The introduction of Omega to Australia took the US government 13 years to complete. 

Problems with Green groups all over the world and several of the planned openings such as Norway and New Zealand were either stalled or scrapped.

In in the early seventies two things happened.

1. The Australian Government set up an inquiry into the control of Omega under the initial guidance of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Gough Whitlam, QC, MP.

2. In turn this sudden use of a dreaded committee, likely to cause extreme delays simply because it was a committee, alarmed the Omega Group to the point where it later decided to send a no-person project engineer to Australia to examine the feasibility of building an "inverted" Omega station if all else failed.

That no-person was an engineer using a passport in the name of John Friedrich.

Over the years that followed Friedrich visited several potential sites across outback Australia, earmarking three for future development, but then in 1977 confidential advice was received that the official Omega station to be sited at Darriman in Victoria would definitely get the green light.

Friedrich was then quietly infiltrated into a little known organization called The National Safety Council of Australia (Victorian Division), as its engineer for emergency services.

It should be noted that one of the declared primary requirements for the Omega site was "high soil conductivity" - the ability of the ground to transmit electromagnetic fields for long distances.

East Gippsland soil is highly conductive all the way to Melbourne and beyond. 

In 1999 a radio expert living more than 100 km from the transmitter detected an "earth" electrical potential so strong he was able to listen to Omega's ground-wave pulses by plugging his high impedance headphones directly into the dirt of his back garden."

The Victorian transmitter was the last of eight worldwide stations to begin transmitting during late 1982. 

US strategy was to deceive the Australian government and people alike with disinformation aimed at proving the Omega system was not accurate enough to be used as an aid to nuclear ballistic missile submarines.

The 450 metre tall Omega mast at Darriman, Victoria, is perhaps the largest US top secret military project hidden in the open, carefully disguised as a vaguely inaccurate navigation transmitter dedicated to the worthy cause of maritime emergency services.

Omega is an extremely accurate, strategic navigation system emitting an electromagnetic field so powerful it could pose a health threat to Australian citizens in Victoria and beyond.

The  apparent deception that Omega was simply too inaccurate for use by US forces was pivotal in allowing the Victorian station to start transmitting. The US declared Omega was accurate only to one or two kilometres.

For important US military aircraft, submarines and fighting ships, a receiver was provided, initially with three frequencies and then with up to five. The addition of the second frequency reduced the error to once every 38 kilometres, the third frequency to once every 115 kilometres, the fourth frequency to once every 350 kilometres and the fifth to once every 1050 kilometres.

Equipped with special five-frequency receivers, US military aircraft, submarines and fighting ships can therefore plot their positions with a theoretical accuracy of one metre.

For the US government, the only remaining task was reinforcing public opinion that Omega really was a bit of a $50 million overkill entirely unsuited for strategic use. The answer was simple: hide the facility in the open, pat visitors indulgently on the head and hand out bumper stickers.

Such techniques, normally referred to as "reverse security", have been common in Europe for years, where population density is so high that most installations cannot be surrounded night and day by packs of ravenous killer dogs and guards armed with submachine guns.

Radio signals from position-fixing satellites cannot penetrate the surface of the water, so ballistic missile submarines in particular need to surface in order to receive signals. By comparison, the Omega signals penetrate not only water but also sea ice to at least 15 metres, making the very risky business of surfacing completely unnecessary.

Perhaps more importantly, during a thermonuclear war all transistorised circuits in the navigation satellites would be burned out by electromagnetic pulses emitted by thermonuclear weapons exploding in the stratosphere, rendering the satellites utterly useless. The very low frequency (VLF) transmissions of Omega would be almost completely unaffected by the holocaust and a retaliatory strike from the Southern Ocean using US Trident D5 missiles with a range of more than 7000 nautical miles could easily be achieved. Thus Australia would be dragged unwillingly into a northern hemisphere superpower thermonuclear war.

As a critical command, control and communications (C3) facility for the US nuclear ballistic submarine fleet, the Omega station in Victoria is undoubtedly targeted by at least two Russian multi-megaton warheads riding on independently launched missiles.

High Power

The power input to the Omega station is shown in a 1978 Australian document as consisting of two 450 kW transformers drawing power from a dedicated substation fed by the national grid, backed up by a huge 750 kW stand-by generator driven by a V12 diesel.

The Omega station transmits in two modes at the same time: the first a weak 10,000 watt sky-wave signal from the top of the mast, and the second an incredibly powerful ground-wave the US government forgot to mention which pumps another 500,000 watts out through the earth, via giant buried copper aerials radiating out around the base of the mast every 10 degrees for a distance of 1100 feet each.

At the entrance to the user-friendly transmitter site in East Gippsland a large sign flanked by pretty gardens declares: "Australian Maritime Safety Authority Welcomes Visitors to the Omega Navigation Facility." But if a visitor tries to stray beyond the building to take closer pictures of the huge aerial, the response is: "Sorry, it's too hot out there" - a direct reference to radio frequency burns that would be suffered by anyone unwise enough to trample across hidden copper earth aerials pumping out half a million watts.

There is a very real danger to the people of Victoria from the massive ground-wave travelling through that state's highly conductive soil. Dr Robert Becker, MD, an expert of great renown in the specialised field of electromagnetic pollution and twice a Nobel Prize nominee, has published alarming information about increased incidence of cancer, cataracts, developmental defects, genetic effects and mental illness due to powerful electromagnetic fields emitted by low frequency transmitters, allied equipment and systems.

Becker, in his book Cross Currents, made the following general observation: "All abnormal, man-made electromagnetic fields, regardless of their frequencies, produce the same biological effects. These effects ... deviate from normal functions and are actually or potentially harmful."

By Joe Vialls: abovetopsecret.com

Some sightings from between Sale and Melbourne (1972 -2001)

July 30, 2001: Narre Warren - Outer Eastern Suburb of Melbourne.

Three bright, orange balls were witnessed over Narre Warren in Melbourne's outer south-east. After two of the balls disappeared, one remained and hovered for about ten minutes. The same witness reported objects over the area on July 8 and 1.
(Source: Australian Ufologist Vol. 5 No. 6)

July 28, 2001 Pakenham - Far outer Eastern Suburb of Melbourne.

An object was filmed over the outer eastern suburb of Pakenham. On December 4, 2001, a news report said that this film was to be sent to the US for analysis.
(Click for full story)

July 14, 2001: Narre Warren - Outer Eastern Suburb of Melbourne.

3 bright, orange balls were witnessed over Narre Warren. The witness was alerted by a neighbour who had also observed them. The witness only observed the balls for a minute since they disappeared. The same witness reported objects over the area on July 8 and 30.
(Source: Australian Ufologist Vol. 5 No. 6)

July 8, 2001: Narre Warren - Outer Eastern Suburb of Melbourne.

Three bright, orange balls were witnessed over Narre Warren. The lights were observed for over five minutes. The same witness reported objects over the area on July 14 and 30.
(Source: Australian Ufologist Vol. 5 No. 6)

June 26, 2001: Ferntree Gully - Outer east of Melbourne.

A fireball type object was seen by the crew of an Ambulance traveling South along Burwood highway. They thought it was a meteor in flight except for the fact that it continued to fly horizontally to the ground. It appeared to be heading towards Upper Ferntree Gully. The object was seen to travel from Montrose towards Belgrave...but then it reversed...slowed down..and then went up..until it was out of sight. The witness described that it lost the burning appearance...and resembled a streetlight when it went up. This same object was seen by two staff of the nursing home where the ambulance was visiting.

June 21, 2001: Ferntree Gully - Outer east of Melbourne.

At about 10.00pm, a triangular UFO was seen and filmed over Melbourne, in the state of Victoria, Australia. Peter McKenzie of Ferntree Gully, in Melbourne's south eastern suburbs, and his wife watched the object for over five minutes and filmed it's strange flight patterns.

June 16, 2001: Three sightings in outer eastern Melbourne.

 Melbourne's Herald-Sun newspaper had reported that a dark gray disk was reported in the skies over Wantirna, Lilydale and Knox in Melbourne's east between 9.30 and 9.50pm. The National Space Centre recorded 24 calls reporting the objects presence. Ross Dowe from the Centre for UFO Research, said reports stated that the disk had a dome on its underside. There were also several flashing lights around the circumference.
(Source: Herald Sun)

June 1, 2001: Near Lake Glenmaggie, Gippsland.

A couple driving home early evening saw a very bright light shining down from the sky near Sandy Point Road. Stopping the car to investigate, they saw a disc above the road, which quickly sped away. These people are neighbors at our holiday house by the lake.

May 2001: Alexandra, north-eastern Victoria.

A man saw a strange object pass right overhead. It was in the bright afternoon sun and the object made no noise at all. It "resembled a cuttlefish and was white, or silver, in colour. It was reasonably low in altitude and traveled from overhead to 15k away in 3 to 4 seconds!

April 20, 2001: Narre Warre - Outer Eastern Suburb of Melbourne.

A young woman named Silvana saw an object she described as, 'way too big to be a plane. It was a bright light moving very quickly and looked like a 'giant prism in a star shape.' It was lower than a plane and gliding with no noise.
(Source: Australian Ufologist. Vol 4 #5, 2002)

June 16, 1999: Sale

A witness calling himself ET reported three spherical objects, a large white one and two smaller ones flying towards the horizon to the north east.

The comments of the observer were, "This was an unexpected experience that I have not encountered before. It was a surprise and at first I thought it looked like a falling star, but the size and brightness of the light discounted this.

It was beautiful. I did not mention it to anyone until someone mentioned it then realised it was on the same day and at the same time so I shared my sighting. My concern is that I wish to remain anonymous".

The last statement is the main reason more sightings are not being reported. However, witnesses can rest assured that VUFORS respects these concerns and if any witness becomes known, they make it public themselves.
(Source: UFO Australian Bulletin, Victorian UFO Research Society December 1999)

June 8, 1999: - South Drouin
Wendy Wolfe, Gippsland Representative interviewed a dairy farmer who observed the object at South Drouin for four seconds. At that stage, static sparks were noted. Wendy Wolfe, VUFORS Gippsland Representative.
(Source: UFO Australian Bulletin, Victorian UFO Research Society September 1999)

08.06.99 - Tyers, Glengarry Road 1730hrs
Witness, GM, observed an oblong object with a very bright white tail, flying east to west for about 4 or 5 seconds. Witness stated that it was moving too fast to get details.
(Source: UFO Australian Bulletin, Victorian UFO Research Society December 1999)

November 26, 27, 28, 1997 - Sale

Reports of odd orange illuminations (fireballs) poured in to the sightings offices from Sale and east Victoria, on a day Victoria recorded as the hottest in 88 years for this time of the year.

About 3:00pm a large thunder cloud and accompanying storm passed across southern Victoria near Melbourne and headed towards Sale and its RAAF air base.

At 7.37pm, respondents videotaped the following: A gentleman was sitting outside having a cigarette and noticed that the gusty winds suddenly stopped. A minute or so later, a very bright orange ball of light came from the Northeast traveling beneath the clouds. This ball of light then stopped perfectly still in the sky about 4-5 kilometers away.
Some 15 seconds later, another orange fireball of light came from the east and HIT the first orange ball three times and then shot off to the Northeast.
Three to four seconds after that, the second orange ball of illumination returned and hit the first orange fireball 3-4 times AGAIN before again shooting off to the Northeast. This action was repeated 3 times and stopped when the respondent was operating the video camera.
After the second illumination disappeared, the respondent noted that the first orange illumination was still in its holding position and remained there for some time before it moved off to the east until out of sight.
The thunderclouds were still in the area but the accompanying storm activity had passed before the first orange fireball had come into view. Approximately five minutes after both fireballs had disappeared, the gusty winds returned.
Friday morning at 12.30am: A Respondent from East Gippsland (Wairewa) near 90 Mile Beach reported sighting a very large white illumination with a red light attached that was emitting an orange glow.
This illumination array arose from the Eastern horizon over the sea and headed to the Southwest over a period of about 15 minutes. The respondent reported there were thunder storms in the area at the time.
A second similar illumination appeared and followed the same course and direction.
The National UFO Hotline quickly checked NASA's shuttle and Space station Mir flight data and that showed that no spacecraft should have been seen over Australia or New Zealand on the 26, 27, 28 of Nov. 1997.

Between Sunday, July 13, and Thursday, July 17, 1997 - Gippsland

Numerous residents of Gippsland  reported "brimstone and orange" fireballs hovering near the Omega antenna array in the Bairnsdale and Lakes Entrance districts.

February 7, 1997: Bairnsdale - East Gippsland

At 9:20 p.m., a "spinning yellow fireball" zipped across the sky, heading west, over Bairnsdale, in Gippsland just above the southern coast's Ninety Mile Beach and about 200 kilometers (120 miles) east of Melbourne.

At 9:25 p.m., people in Maffra, 60 kilometers (36 miles) west of Bairnsdale, sighted "a spinning yellow fireball" heading west towards Melbourne.
(From www.sightings.com)

September 30, 1980: The Rosedale Landing

The Gippsland region took centre stage during the latter half of 1980 with a puzzling array of events that featured the disappearance of substantial bodies of water.

By far the most interesting of these and certainly one of the most interesting physical trace cases to have occurred in Australia was the UFO landing that took place on September 30th, near Rosedale.

Awakened by stock disturbances, the caretaker of a property observed the passage of an extraordinary object -- a domed object with a white top, moving at about 8 feet above the ground. 

Orange and blue lights could be made out on its surface. The UFO was apparently 28 feet in diameter and some 15 feet high. The object hovered for a short time over an open 10,000 gallon water tank. It then landed on the ground, some 50 feet from the tank.

The caretaker approached the object on a motorbike to within 30 to 50 feet. A whistling noise had been heard up until the advent of "an awful scream". A black tube appeared around the base of the UFO. There was a tremendous bang, and the object lifted up and left the landing site. 

The witness was almost knocked off his bike with a blast of hot air. At about 30 feet out from the landing site and at an altitude of 8 to 10 feet, the object fell silent. At this point debris (largely stones, cape-weed and cow dung) fell away from the base of the object. The UFO was eventually lost to view in the east.

The caretaker rode onto the landing site and confirmed a ring of "black" flattened grass, some 3O feet across.

Disorientated, the witness eventually found his way back to his house.

With daylight, the caretaker returned to the landing site and found the ring stood out clearly in the blanket of yellow flowers then in the paddock. The ring was near black or brown in colour, consisting of grass flattened in an anticlockwise manner to a width of 18 inches. Inside the ring was only green grass. 

The yellow flowers had been removed. The total diameter of the site was 28 feet. Evenly spaced within the ring were 6 "spokes" of relatively undamaged grass. 

Debris led out from the site, consistent with the material seen falling from the UFO during the night. Other extraordinary effects were reported. 10,000 gallons of water that had been in the water tank had vanished. Muddy residue in the middle of the base of the tank was built up in a cone shape to a height of about 2 feet.

If the tank had been emptied by prosaic means it would have shown signs of being emptied from the side of the tank.

The witness experienced an unusual recurring headache for 7 to 8 days. Vomiting and diarrhoea also persisted for the same period of time. For 3 days after the incident, the witness's watch refused to work when he tried to wear it. Before and after this period it worked without any problems.

Like so many high strangeness physical traces the Rosedale case would have benefited from a thorough, professional study. Our analyses were limited but not through lack of trying. The Rosedale case still stands as a compelling UFO landing event with inconclusive physical trace data, a situation that occurs with virtually all high strangeness traces cases world-wide.
Investigation by Bill Chalker and Keith Basterfield with Gary Little; VUFORS investigation. See Australian UFO Bulletin, Dec 1980; The Australian Annual Saucer Flying Review, Jun 1981, 9-10, 14, 15 ; Basterfield. K., and Chalker, B., Rosedale, Victoria - A Close Encounter, UFORAN, 2:1, Jan-Feb 1981, 17-22; Chalker, W. and Basterfield, K., The Rosedale Landing with Physical Traces, FSR.

1980's: Bundalaguah - Near Sale

A farmer from Bundalaguah said that several perfectly rounded burn marks had appeared near his damn.

When he discovered the marks, the man also noticed that the level of water in the dam had dropped a significant amount. the mans' son had reported seeing a green light flying over the property the day before.

There were similar reports linking ground scorchings with missing water in nearby Seaspray as well as Kilmany.

On July 3 1972 at 9.15p.m, a 37 year old woman from Rye, on Victoria's southern coast,  was driving home from Melbourne city when she saw lights hovering over a rail crossing as she drove from Melbourne to her coastal home in Frankston. 

Her name was withheld, so she is usually referred to as Mrs. Ryan.

It was near the Mooraduc Road rail crossing between Frankston and Dromana that Mrs. Ryan noticed the road being illuminated up by a blue light which seemed to be coming from over head.

The woman believed that the light was coming from a helicopter although she does not recall hearing any noise. She thought that the helicopter was signaling to her to pull over. She stopped the car and got out, shielding her eyes from the brightness.

The report of what she saw was astonishing. Two-disks, lip to lip, about thirty metres hovered behind her car, that same distance above the ground. The road was eight metres wide and Mrs. Ryan estimated the disks to be about four or five times wider than that and about five to six metres high. A silver-blue light radiated from the object and this lit up the road. She ran to her car and sped away.

To Mrs. Ryan's dismay, the object began to follow her car. It buzzed overhead for about twelve kilometres as the petrified witness drove toward her home at god speed. Suddenly the object moved backward, there was a streak of light, and it had vanished.

At the Rosebud Police Station Mrs. Ryan immediately reported her experience. She also called the RAAF and they sent her a form which she completed and returned.