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March 27, 2002: Rocket lifts Chinese closer to space goal


















June 21, 2002: Argentinean cattle mutilations investigated

Melbourne's Herald Sun newspaper reported that Argentina was sending its own "X-Files" scientists to probe the strange deaths of farm animals.

The animals were found dissected, mutilated and drained of blood on remote Pampa plains.

At least 70 animals have been killed recently, some with their genitals and tongues pulled out with surgical precision. and surrounded by charred grass, with no signs of bloodstains.

Frightened farmers in the far-flung plains of Argentina were quick to highlight that the meat of the animals had been untouched in a land where hunger is widespread and cattle theft is growing.

Some inhabitants in La Pampa province say they saw bright lights in the night sky near one site of mutilations.

"The way  the entrails were removed through a burn-like incision in the cow is very strange," said Felipe, a farmer near the capital, Santa Rosa.

May 9, 2002: Argentina: Fireball lights up skies over Embarcacion

An comet-like UFO was seen in the early morning over Embarcacion, Argentina.

"It's like a comet: its forward section is dark but a "tail" of fire some 100 meters long could be seen," reported Pablo Ruiz at 7:20am. to FM Manantial. "It's moving from north to south," he added, transmitting det;ails on the sighting for over five minutes and interviewing a number of eyewitnesses.

The broadcast caused unrest among many, who abandoned their homes to see the phenomenon for themselves. The story reached the public through the "Linea Directa" program hosted by journalist Martin Matamoros from 7 to 8 a.m.

"I was doing errands on my bike when I saw "that thing", said lottery vendor Adolfo Delgado. "It flew very high in the air and its enormous fiery tail was plainly visible. I reported it to the police, who came out for a look. Students from the 'Juan Carlos Davalos' school were also looking and said that it must be an airliner in flames, but it made no noise whatsoever, " noted Delgado.

Journalist Matamoros observed that "the event reminds me of a similar one in 1993. People saw, as they did today, a fireball crossing the sky toward Lot 75, where there is native settlement. Many reported that something had fallen in the vicinity, so we organized a search. We found nothing, but there were two large circles, some 6 meters in diameter, within which everything was burned. A similar fate had befallen the local tree boughs. The prints resembled something that might have been made by two giant red-hot washers."

May 1, 2002: Cigar-shaped UFO spotted along Route 33, Cachi, Argentina

Three motorcyclists from Cachi, who were driving along National Hwy 33, informed El Tribuno that they had witnessed "a fantastic sight."

"We saw an enormous cigar-shaped unidentified flying object (UFO) measuring some 100 meters in length," one of the men said.

Martin Oliver, Ruben Chihan and Antonio Rodo, young motorcyclists well known throughout the area, claimed that their experience occurred as they headed back from the capital.

"We were finishing the Tin Tin stretch when we saw a strange light from the east, in the vicinity of Payogasta. We stopped our riding and watched it."

"The object appeared as an enormous cylinder measuring some 100 metres in length, shining like a mirror in the setting sun. It was shaped like a giant cigar and flew slowly some 200 metres from the ground. We couldn't believe it but it was real. It made no noise whatsoever and appeared to be made of a material similar to polished steel, " the cyclists reported. "Suddenly, it stopped and remained suspended in mid-air. A few seconds later, it began flying at an astonishing speed and lost itself in space.

Source: El Tribuno Digital (Argentina)

April 18, 2002: UFO filmed over Argentina

At 8:30am, Argentinian ufologist Ricardo E. d'Angelo "filmed an 'intense sphere of bright light as it slowly floated by' in the town of Glaucoart in Argentina.

"D'Angelo and one other man witnessed the phenomenon. 'The intense sphere floated for some 10 minutes," D'Angelo reported, "'Two people observed the whole phenomenon, and we took video of the sphere, which remained motionless.'"

D'Angelo added that the UFO "generated great flashes of light of all colors, then began to slowly fly across the city, heading south. Heavy air traffic was also present over the city at that time." (Many thanks to Louise A. Lowry for forwarding this report.)

From: UFO Round Up